I have started to consume the VitaminShoppe weight gainer powder shake. when will i actually see a w?

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My first question is: I have started to consume the VitaminShoppe weight gainer powder shake. when will I actually see a w?.

My next question is: What was everyones experience when they did their first ever injectable?? Were you nervous when the time come to do it?doing it right etc?.

I have done 3 cycles of T-Bol only just to introduce myself to the world of AAS, I noticed some good strength gains and muscle hardness but not so much in the gain of quality muscle. I used Nolva as PCT after as a precaution etc..

But I am seriously looking at starting my first injectable cycle of Sustanon 250. Is that good to start with......? Looking at a length of 8-10 weeks to buil d quality muscle mass..

Will have Nolva on hand during cycle and after for PCT.

I am 25 about 6ft and weigh about 12 and a half stone..

Cheers guys..

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Your question was: I have started to consume the VitaminShoppe weight gainer powder shake. when will I actually see a w?.

Is your routine based around squats/deads/bench/military press+compound back exercise?.

Were you training more than 3x a week?.

Did you add loads of little isolation exercises?..

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My routine has changed now as the last time I was on was in Jan..

I was on a 4 day a week routine, Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri and it was mostly compound exercises...

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So what do you think stopped you putting size/weight on?..

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To be honest,I think as much as I tried to prepare everything before I started theres a possibility my diet may of been slightly flawed and wasnt eating enough.

Its all a learning curve, thats why I opted for the low potency steroid as a novice user..

Hope you can understand where I am coming from there.

So thats why I am getting everything and I mean everything sorted before I start my first injectable Sustanon 250..

Would you suggest Sustanon 250 as an ideal injectable to start with?..

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To actually answer your question lol...

I was absolutely bricking it when it came to doing my first shot - took me about 20 mins just to get the bottle to pierce the skin!!.

Once thats out of the way though you sharp realise that theres nothing to it and it just becomes routine.

2 shots of sust 250 a week for 10 weeks would be a good place to start too IMO yeah...

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Yeah, the thread went a tad off topic lol.

I have no probs in ordering the Sust and needles etc but it will be shit scary the first time as not expecting what to feel or not knowing whats going to happen once the oil is injected..

Only shooting weekly takes up less time then 6-8 tabs a day on an oral cycle..

Wouldnt 500mg per week be to much for a novice user, would 250mg per week surfice?..

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It is scary I know but as long as you stick to keeping everything clean it'll be ok and it's totally one of those 'well what was all the fuss about' moments..

If you do you sust you may get a bit of pain in the injection site (because the sust contains a proportion of prop with can be a bit sore) but for me at least it's nothing I cant handle..

Absolutely no reason why you cant start off at 250 if you wish & just see how it goes.. most people tend to start at 500 (me included) but doesnt mean you have to just cos everyone else did lol..

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Yeah a bit of soreness is nothing that cant be handled. I think that once I do the first one then like you said, I would probably wonder what the fuss was all about..

Cheers for your advice bud...

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Tbol was originally developed by scientists in East Germany,and is actually Dianabol with a 4-chloro modification.The 4-chloro modification actually makes the compound resistant to the aromatase enzyme thus no water retention.Weight gain is significantly less than what is gained with D-bol making it a popular cutter but can be cycled with other compounds during a bulking cycle.The former being the reason you did'nt see much in the gain of quality muscle mass.Sus 250 will be the complete opposite so be sure to have those PCT acillaries.2ml once a week for 10 weeks would be alright IMO...

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Yeah I will have Nolva on hand during the cycle to combat Gyno if it occurs and Nolva for PCT. Would it be wise to add some Clomid in the PCT?..

Comment #10

If you've got it use it I would say,especially where Sus is concerned...

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OK so after a lot of thread reading on various items etc I have come up with this.......

Experts please tell me if this looks ok. first injectable cycle remember :-).

Havent decided yet on 8 week or 10 week cycle yet..

Sustanon 250mg per week.


Days 1 - 7 = 40mg Nolva/100mg clomid.

Days 8 - 28 = 20mg Nolva/50mg clomid.

I have read up on HCG, I am guessing that is advisable to have in here aswell. Can that be added during the sustanon period?..

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I loved it just wanted to get in the gym after lol.

Try adding deca with your sus mate..

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