I have a bottle of VitaminShoppe Mega Men multivitamins that expired on 05/2007. The seal is not bro?

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My first question is: I have a bottle of VitaminShoppe Mega Men multivitamins that expired on 05/2007. The seal is not bro?.

My next question is: Without mentioning any sites etc. has anyone on here bought online and if so what are your experiences ??.

Did the stuff arrive, if not did you get your money back ??.

Was the stuff legit when it did arrive ? .

Were the prices competitive ?? (without mentioning prices).

Any help anyone ??..

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I feel this is a valid point. I take into consideration that forums need sponsors. I spoke to my source and asked him to why he does not sponsor forums as his stuff is first class and his delivery is very fast.Do you not agree it would be better to help people find genuine sources even if they dont sponsor the forum.Even if this is from a saftey point of view..

Maybe sarcasim was not the best way to put this across.For this I apologise...

Comment #1

The problem we have is two fold....

1 - by posting a thread asking about a source you are advertising to all the scammers on the net who view this board you are looking for steroids....

2 - Why do you feel that forums should help someone buy steroids?? again this leads to scammers pestering the members of the board.....

No one condemns the use of steroids and this board is here to exchange and discuss information on the subject but this and most of the other boards on the net are not a market place to help members source steroids especially UG lab steroids which are illegal to buy in the UK......

Comment #2

I see both of your points. I agree we dont need scammers hassling people on the boards. I think the board is a offers valuble advice on all aspects of BB...

Comment #3

This is a tricky debate... on the one hand.. yes it would be nice if everyone had access to good reliable and honest sources... but that service in itself is illegal and as paul says not what this board is here for..

There are some good online sources out there and as has been said board sponsors should always be okay (but cant be guaranteed as all they do is pay a fee to advertise on the board)..

Be very careful...there are lots of scammers out there and advertising that you want a source is just asking for someone to take your money in my opinion!..

Comment #4

Realistically, if you contribute to the boards a fair bit and your a decent enough guy - there shouldnt really be any need for you to be using googled web based sources IMO..

End of the day, you need to do your homework anyway and that should result in a fair bit of posting on it's own..

When I first got into these places I considered buying online but thought better of it and held off... was more than glad that I had in the end.

Even if the web supplier is legit and does send you your stuff.. first you have to be sure it's real & even then you will be paying waaaay over the odds for it...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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