I find both the and the adverts most annoying. would you agree? if not what a

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My first question is: I find both the and the adverts most annoying. would you agree? if not what a.

My next question is: I met a guy at the gym. I noticed a few times that he was trying to catch my eye. So we spoke to each other a few times. he had asked me on two occasions to go somewhere after the gym. I turned him down as on both occasions I really needed to get something done before work the next morning.Then I noticed he was more reticent when I saw him at the guy so I decided to take the lead and suggested that we go for drinks that evening. It was very nice and he treated me that evening.

I offered him my phone number. he called me that night asking if I got home ok. That was Monday evening. I had gone to bed by then and mentioned it later when I saw him in the gym 2 days later. Later on that night I suggested by text message that we get together on Friday.By Tuesday next week, I saw him at the gym.

Ok, someone told me not to ask someone out by text. So a week later when I saw him at the gym, I suggested that we go tot he park on Sunday. He said he wasn't sure and he would get back to me. Never happened.Now I notice that we avoid each other at the gym. I just want to mention, at the gym, I was never one to initiate contact so I never turned any of this interaction into anything public.Where did I go wrong here?..

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Your question was: I find both the and the adverts most annoying. would you agree? if not what a.

When you want to make sure that you convey interest in a guy, but really cant go out the evening that he has asked you to go out..dont turn him down..state that you cant make it BUT that you are available another night (pick the night)..

Generally it feels less personal to be asked out by way of text messaging. Since it feels less personal the response can be less personal too..

You mentioned that he tried to kiss you.  Did you turn your head away?.


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So you turned him down twice, then you asked him out, you went out and now you've asked him out twice and he's turned you down?  Let him come to you now..


Comment #2

Not that you did anything wrong but sometimes in the early stages best to let the guy initiate.  Say hi when you see him in a friendly way to show you're fine and leave things be.


Comment #3

 I agree with Carrie and the 'Dating Doyenne'. LED HIM TAKE THE LEAD. If this just so happens to NOT work out, take this as a 'lesson learned'.

 Asking him out the first time, cued him in that you were interested. By asking twice more, I really think that could have affected the dynamics..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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