I\'m not seeing any changes in my weight with Medifast

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I know I am losing because the scale and my clothes tell me I am, but when I look in the mirror I just don't see it. I take pictures and can see it in the picture but not in the mirror, anybody else having this issue..

I am very positive about all the changes, just a bit nervous about not "seeing" them...

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I can agree. I am having issues with how I picture myself. I think I spent so long seeing myself one way, that it is hard to see anything else. Some days I can look in the mirror and I am surprised by the thinner girl looking back at me. Yet most times, when I think about or even dream about how I look, I still see the bigger me..

I dont think that this is weird, I think a lot of us have problems seeing "the true" person. Even those with the opposite issue, being underweight, envision themselves as larger than they are...

Comment #1 too! It's rare that I see skinny me BUT I have faith that I will. I have read studies directed towards bariatric patients that have said that it takes upwards of TWO years before your brain catches up with your size..

It's funny because I think it works in reverse too...In reality I am a size 12/14 but I still reach for 2x and 3x sizes when shopping at a thrift store..yet my mother who has been a size 6 all of her life and recently put on 40 lbs KNOWS she's a size 10 or 12 but still reaches for the 6's...

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I have always felt awful about my weight, no matter how I actually look. Yep, I am that nauseating type of person that even hated myself when I weighed 100 pounds. Pictures help me a little bit, especially being able to compare. But looking in the mirror, I never see any change...

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I have been struggling with this, and another issue as well..

I am 5'3" and every pound seems to show on me, so why is it that I have lost 23 pounds, but so far no one ELSE seems to be able to tell? I have lost inches also, but I am so frustrated that while I am excited to feel better, (and can see some differences,) it's obviously not noticeable enough for anyone to comment about..

In fact, I have been really quiet about my diet, but finally I told a friend that I had lost 23 pounds, and she said "Wow! Really...? I can't even tell... maybe you should wear more fitted clothes." I am not doing it for anyone else, but I am wondering when it will be noticeable. I know it has to do with how much there is to lose...but it would be nice to have some sort of affirmation from an outside source, since it's hard to see in the mirror..

Wondering if anyone else has felt this way?..

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I am the same way. I can see it better in pictures. But then sometimes, all I see is flaws. When I am looking in the mirror, I can't see it as well...

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I have the exact same problem. I know I'm thinner; I can see it in the mirror, but it doesn't feel like me. Every morning when I get up, I half expect to see my old, fat self in the mirror and if I did, I wouldn't be surprised..

I've read up on this a little it's called "body dysmorphia " (if I remember correctly). Whoever said up-thread that it can take 2 years for your mind to catch up to your body, that's what I've read as well..

I imagine this is one of the reasons it's so easy to put your weight back on quickly after you lose it. Knowing this, I hope, is going to help me be extra-vigilant over the next two years in keeping my weight off...

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I'm experiencing the same thing! I've lost 23 lbs in 3.5 months and I don't "see" it when I look in the mirror...although I've gone down 3 sizes. What's interesting is that those who see me every day (hubby, kids) don't really seem to notice (unless I specifically ask my hubby)...but folks who haven't seen me in a while (like in the last month or two) say "Whoa!!! Look at YOU! What are you DOING???". So I wouldn't feel bad about others who don't notice the weight loss, especially if they see you pretty frequently..

I also went clothes shopping the other day and tried on clothes, and still couldn't believe I'm wearing size 6 now...and it felt really strange to reach for the I wasn't really "entitled" to wear that size. I've got a few more pounds to get to my goal...which would mean I'd likely be in a 4....which is not a size I've EVER fit into before, and it has me nervous about even going into a store to look at 4s cuz I imagine that the teeny, tiny, thin, "cutie" police will come after me with alarms blaring, calling into their walkie-talkies "We've got a 12-0-4 in progress...someone who has been a lifelong 12+ size making her way to the 4s....she's armed with a credit card and should be considered extremely delusional"...

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It takes some time to get used to it. I still see myself 50 pounds lighter, though it's been 4 years since I was that weight (pre-pregnancy). I hope that's a good thing, so I can maintain the weight loss easier...

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OMG, I am dying laughing. This is exactly how I feel sometimes in a store. I was a size 22W and now I'm a size 10. When the sales lady asks if she can help me, and I ask for a size 10, I feel like I have to justify and prove that I really can wear that size. I'm sure she doesn't give a rip whether I can wear it or not as long as she gets commission, but I don't feel truly worthy. It has been 5 years for me. I do see a smaller woman in the mirror now, but I still feel unworthy of cute clothes...

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