I bought a jug of Weight Gainer Gold from VitaminShoppe, but I can't for the life of me mix it well ?

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My first question is: I bought a jug of Weight Gainer Gold from VitaminShoppe, but I can't for the life of me mix it well ?

My next question is: Just wondering if anyone on here has or is using growth hormone and what there experience of it is what gains can you expect what dosage and the cost...

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I'm quite surprised you guys have used the stuff, I always thought this stuff was only used by the really huge guys if you don't mind me asking when your on it how big do your arms get and what can you bench (training weight)..

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Hgh doesn't increase strength at all. the juice you take with it might. if done correctly, you shouldn't lose any size when you come off. nothing noticable at least...

Comment #2

GH doesnt build that much muscle it helps keep the fat off when eating big but it is best used for dieting for a show...

How do you think the "really Huge guys" get huge???..

Comment #3

Gh is a phenomenal tool for building muscle imo. especially as I find gear less and less effective as I have been using it for years. yes it's superb for helping with fat loss and keeping muscle when dieting but it definately builds muscle if used correctly...

Comment #4

I'm thinking of using it with winny, prop and clen for cutting up, how much do you guys reckon I should run it at, considering it'll be my first experience of it.

If I do get some do you fancy getting some with me Garry as it's a tad on the expensive side and I know you are curious too ..


Comment #5

I have legit jintropin hgh and igf available for 200 a kit next day delievery if anyone is interested?..

Comment #6

How long should the kit normally last at normal doseages?..

Comment #7

Depends how you run it bro -.

I do 4ius mon-fri with the weekend off which is 20ius,there is 100ius a kit so doing it this way will last 5weeks...

Comment #8

How long does a first time user go on gh for 5weeks?ps 200 is a good price..

Comment #9

Although good results can be seen in about 2-3weeks imo with hgh the real effects take 2-3mths for best use..

I love it as it keeps me tight while I am bulking..

Comment #10

Opex your jin is not real if you can sell it and cover costs to post it for 200, the only way it's gen is if it's the 4iu bottles re-labelled as 10iu.

You can't but it from China for that unless you are buying over 3000 units. And I don't suppose you're doing it for nothing even if you are a nice guy...

Comment #11

Hi mate,.

I can assure you my jin is 100% legit and tested and direct from the gensci factory - I have been around for quite some time and know every fake of gen-sci. (brown/red washy coloured lids).

I buy in bulk and every kit has the yellow cap with 10iu gen-sci written on it and the 315 security seal with the fibres through it,i have sold hundreds of these kits to lots of people with great results and the usual complaining of pins and needles etc these guys know their shit also and compete..

I also sell the igf direct from gen-sci also at the same price.

True I do not make a big profit but selling it this way gets me more business as people didnt want to shell out 2000 for 10kits!.

I actually get e-mails from irrate sources telling me I am selling my kits too cheap but where I used to source the european guys where offering kits for very little profit and to compete I had to drop my prices.

So to answer your question my jintropin is 100% real and if you would like a domestic bulk deal hit me up with an e-mail - I have alot of refs who you know well as I know you from the forums and what forums you are on..

Comment #12

I thought they were a bit too cheap too but I know opex wouldnt sell fake or underdosed gear,he doesnt need to. he is one of the best sources in the uk with an untouchable rep...

Comment #13

Thanks for that mate!.

You are right though,i would not sell anything if I thought it was underdosed or fake!.

Many years ago before I was a source I was stung with fake gear off a source and was a little pissed off to say the least - that shit does'nt run with me!.

I will take pics of the kits and the seals,lids etc if you want and I can e-mail it here to someone to host as I am having trouble posting pics.

If anyone wants me too let me know..

Comment #14

Ok mate, I have taken some pics but my camera is shit but I tried my best so fire me your e-mail address please.


Comment #15

Right everone heres the pics of the jintropin from opex. go to.


Yahoo! ID: musclechatjas.

Password: musclechat.

Looks good to me.


Comment #16

Sorry jason but growth is a step to far for me dont want the health risks if I aint used it by now I aint gunna I can get what I want from the roids.

I dont get that alot of you guys are so carefull with your roid use taking every precaution and then use growth but maybe my knowledge on the subject is a bit outdated as all the research I did into it was in the late 80's early 90's...

Comment #17

Opex, what exacly do you get in the 200 kit??.


Comment #18

Hi mate,.

10 Vials of hgh 10ius per vial and 10 x 1ml amps of sterilised water to mix the hgh..

Oh and a small stone to scratch the water amps to allow them to break easier along with the gen sci leaflet..

100ius per kit..

Comment #19

Sorry bro!! If you think 200 is too cheap for Growth, then you are obviously not looking in the right places and your getting ripped off!!! Opex is offering legit Growth at a very good price. As his rep suggests it will be excellent quality!! Ive seen some crazy prices for Growth being offered by rip off merchants. Just because Opex is not a rip off merchant, doesn't mean is Growth is fake...

Comment #20

What is the difference beween the different makes of hgh ?

Comment #21

You get Pharma grade HGH which is the best stuff but very expensive or you get Generic stuff from China brands like Jin and Ansomone to name but 2 these 2 are probably the most popular chinese brands at the moment on the market and depending on which forum you are on depends on what feed back you get on both as you have to remember that people have hidden agendas and will promote what they are selling! If I had an endless supply of money I would use the Pharma grade stuff all the time but as I don't I have used both the Jin and the Ansomone both giving me the approximately same results but I now stick with the ansomone as they are slightly cheaper and as yet no fakes have turned up on the market...

Comment #22

Why dont you set up a website with some pictures...

Comment #23

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