I believe my weight has stalled with Medifast, Need Advice?

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I weigh myself everyday and the scale hasn't moved. Sunday is weigh in day. I've heard people talk about stalling. Is there anything special I need to do. I currently don't exercise, don't know if that make a difference I want to get down a little bit more exercising. I've been following the plan since Sunday of last week, is it too soon to see the scale move again?..

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The great thing about Medifast is that although exercise is great, it isn't absolutely necessary for the program to work,,,makes it a great program for people who can't exercise due to health/joint issues.

You have lost a fair amount of weight, and your body will take spells along the way to adjust,,,almost like it is confused as to what is going on and tries to keep the weight. Stay OP, get all your water, and maybe now incorporate at least a little walk into your day, especially if you are sendentary. Eventually your weight loss will start again. do remember though, the closer you get to goal, some slow down is to be expected. Maybe drop the daily weighing also, wait until your weighin day and do it then. Daily weighing stresses some people,,and your body may react to stress by being stubborn letting those pounds go! You are doing great,,,blessings on your Medifast journey!!..

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Thank you for the advice. I'm going to quit weighing in everyday as it is very stressful and some instances causes me to not stay OP. I'm going to hang in there and drink my water...

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This is in no way intended to offend you. I have read many of your posts where you are wanting ideas to "improve" Medifast products. I've seen many posts on the recipe board. Are you logging every single addition that you are using when making the recipes? Are you staying within your 3 condiment per day, 1 snack per day limits? Are you drinking enough pure clean water every day? Are you measuring your l&g? All of these things can slow your weight loss. While I think the recipes are great, some of them that I've seen use your daily allotment of condiments in just one recipe. That doesn't include anything else you might add in throughout the day.

I definitely agree with Schu that you should limite your weighing to once per week. I also suggest that you make sure that you log in EVERYTHING that you are eating daily. Perhaps that can shed some light as to what is going on...

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I think the problem is wieghing everyday and when I don't see the scale move I get very discourage. As for the cominments, I don't count the dry spices and I don't require a lot either as I usually cook enough for 2 to 3 days. I'm logging my food in everyday. I must admit I'm struggling right now.

Was trying to find ways to improve the taste but all and all I've come to realize that I need to realize that I need to stick with the food I like and stop trying new recipes. I was looking for veriety but this is only temporary if it give it my all.

The items I like are the PB and Fruit and Nut bar, Chicken and Wildrice soup, Chicken Noodle, and Choc. Ready to Drink Shakes. I'm home on vacation and it's been a struggle for me because I 'm bored to death but I'll get through it..

Thank you..

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Nogames - think of the Medifast food as medicine. It's designed to get you healthy. You wouldn't stop taking medicine prescribed by your doctor just because you didn't like the taste, would you? Same mindset..

(credit to a teammate for this thought)..

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Nogames, when I was on vacation it was hard for me to stay on plan. Even though there was no "junk" in the house I still wanted to snack on something while sitting down at the computer or watching TV.

I suggest you keep busy if possible. Go out into the yard and pull some weeds, mow the lawn, plant flowers. If you are busy and active you won't notice the time slowly creeping by and be thinking about your stomach.

I also set the kitchen timer to 2.5 hours and run it all day long to time my meal times...

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I definitely agree with mike. staying busy makes all the difference to me. when I get hungry and thinking of food before it is time for the next meal, I get busy with something and then my mind is not on food. it works everytime for me. I even save some errands/chores to like the post office or watering flowers in case I need something to distract me...

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I think that is my biggest problem not staying busy and thinking about food all the time. I'm going to make a effort to stay busy..

And the part about thinking of food as meds is a different way of thinking...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.