I applied for a job at VitaminShoppe, how long does it take for a call back? this will be my first j?

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My first question is: I applied for a job at VitaminShoppe, how long does it take for a call back? this will be my first j?.

My next question is: Hi I just thought I'd tell you about a site I placed an order from called reflexukltd it seemed ok but, and i'm sure it isn't anything new but they don't return my email the usual I'm just posting this to warn others..

But as anyone else used this site or other rip off sites, and how did they fight back. this site states it's uk based? and gave bank details. with name...

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Your question was: I applied for a job at VitaminShoppe, how long does it take for a call back? this will be my first j?.

Ye sorry go on youtube type in somthing like dianabol uk, for example, it will give you the usual bodybuilding videos, look for.

REFLEX UK LTD since 2001 they offer a price list which looks good the site looks respectable it all goes down hill from there, along with your hard earned money...

Comment #1

Think ive been ripped by these people,ordered some t3 still waitin after 2 weeks..

Mailed them many times to no avail..

Comment #2

Ive seen this more and more on youtube, sometimes it's not even steroid related, I was browsing some ronnie coleman vids the other day and it popped up with an address. Scammers mate, scum of the earth scammers, stay away from them. Ive got a few mates who are into some...well....lets say.... computer technology related persuits, if you dont have any luck in he next week or so PM me, it's about time someone did somthing to teach these f*ckers a lesson...

Comment #3

Hi Mate.

And sorry to hear of you being ripped off. The shame of that company using a reputable name as Reflex too to front their scam..


Comment #4

Yea this guy looks like a scammer, wish I would have seen this post last week. This guy was fast to respond to questions but as soon as I wired him money he has ignored my emails...

Comment #5

Yep a right pr***.wish I could get me hands on him..

Comment #6

This guy has said he is the real deal and has sent me out some goods ive payed a small price (the postege and a small fee) not a great amount well lets see if it turns up if I does ill let you know then try them if it's real let you know to any one have any tips to tel if there real, I know d-bol is very hard any littel trick with naps.

Also this guy prices are pretty good if hes the real deal the chhepest I see naps for on inter net is close over a ton I actually hope the guy is real..

Comment #7

Why would you even chance it based on the other posts in this thread?..

Comment #8

Fair com mate ive emailed him he assures me. he come up with a explnation why and the last site I used were legit and pepole told me m******** were not and it turned out to be cool and also went on trading site hit it off there aswell..

I aint payed to much for it to be exsact f*c* all so if it turns up great if it dont well I aint lost and the quest for dirt cheep naps go'es on..

Comment #9

Well let us know if it turn up -because it seems he has ripped alot of people off..

Comment #10

Have you got any more stats please exscuse me I am playing the devils advocoate (exscuse my spelling I have the disabilty of dyslexia).

He may well be but I choose to find thigs out for my self also free samples..

And could rip me off when I place a big order if any one would help by telling me some decent sites and avoid this happing I would be a greatfull man.

Its strange he is all over face b**k like a rash this guy I wounder if he is real no bad comments yet we will have to see..

Comment #11

Cheep oxymetholone sites would always be the best for me..

Comment #12

I'm in a couple of steroid groups/fanpages on Facebook and these guys spam a fair bit on there. I've left warning messages on the groups I'm in. The prices are a joke anyway..

Always get a site checked by a MOD before buying from it...

Comment #13

He sent me 2 tabs of d-bol am I the only person who has recived from reflex do I take em or frame them..

Comment #14

Shall I treasure them keep them in a picture frame you know what I did not even pay a bean..

Comment #15

Paddy, I'm not fully understanding your posts I don't think. Are you implying that because he sent you a sample that he is in fact legit? Or are your posts sarcastic and therefore implying the opposite?.

Sending a legitimate sample is common practice for a scammer. In fact, the fact he sent you a sample would make me worry even more as most legitimate sources wouldn't do this. They would rely on their own reputation. If you're willing to place a substantial order for the benefit of the people on this forum then fair play to you mate, but even if your order did come through I still wouldn't trust this guy. Everything about it stinks, spamming all over the show, reports of orders not turning up etc, that's enough bad news for me...

Comment #16

He sound slike a scammer to me.

He will send you a legit sample so you order loads and when he gets your money thatl be it you will get nothing..

Comment #17

The fact that this guy is blatantly spamming everywhere does not make him sound like a reliable source..

Comment #18

I've come across this fella. lives in milton keynes so he does.....

Comment #19

I have just involved the police about this guy. The website looks genuine enough and the guy is obviously knowledgeable but, like so many others, I paid my money and have not heard from him since. Let the police handle him now. Hopefully he'll get his come uppance!..

Comment #20

What did you tell the police? You bought some steroids off him and he didn't send them?..

Comment #21

This guy is such a rip off hope he gets all he deserves!!!..

Comment #22

Lol, telling the police isnt gunna get anything done. as they are illegal in the uk mate!..

Comment #23

There not illegal in the uk if you have a small amount( personnel use), but it is illegal to sell steroids,..

Comment #24

Search thru t nation. there's a thread all about him. home address too!..

Comment #25

If you know his address, please tell me. The police will want to talk to him aswell...

Comment #26

Seen this advertised on a greg vallentino vid on youtube!.

Actually I seen him on a lot..

Comment #27

How do you know he lives in Milton Keynes?.

Incidentally, I told the police I was trying to buy weight loss products. It doesn't matter though because he is scamming people and he's been doing it for years. He has to be stopped, one way or another!..

Comment #28

Best of luck with the police.

Cant see them gettin involved for a weight loss supplement especially as all he really has to do is say he posted it and blame royal mail..

If you say it's steroids they might have acted but you allready told them weight loss.

Small claims if your that serious is the only way I can see you gettin anythin back at all.

That or angry mob justice.

Plus nobody likes a grass I personally cant see you gettin another source now either as as soon as a parcel is late or not arrive they worry you call the police.

Just my 2 pence worth..

Comment #29

I think the police will get involved if you have contaced em, it's there job.

Best thing to do is make a thread on all the popular forums sayin whos been ripped of by him and get as many as you can to contact the police then they will act, I keep getting emails from him sayin 50% sent him a kind reply and he aint been in touch since lol,.

Anyone else looking for a source just keep searching the web you will find one, it took me a long time but I found one in the end,that does next day delivery, alot of site have scammer list on. if you come across a possible site search the name of the site on goole and add scam next to the name and you will prob find out..

Comment #30

I'm not expecting to get my money back, just get that b*****d stopped. The police have been very helpful. The're already checking out the Milton Keynes address. (I found it by looking at t nation's website). Also, there is a good site called They will tell you who's legit and who's not..

Thanks for all your advice so far guys!..

Comment #31

The guy sent me more 50 infact there they were legit but I have not orderd infact your right guys to keep sending samples is fishy we got quite chatty he seemed alright to talk to but only flies are attracted to shit thanks guys I really are quite greatful for your advice and the thing are about the police I say they are here to protect us and it feels nice to know if I'm in danger ill dial 999 or report some one who rips it off is that really grassing or self presivation ill leave that with you guys..

Comment #32

I think I'm glad that I found this threat. I was about to place an order with this company / guy, but definitely having 2nd thoughts now...

Comment #33

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