I am thin and currently using VitaminShoppe pro performance weight gainer 1850 and also working out ?

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My first question is: I am thin and currently using VitaminShoppe pro performance weight gainer 1850 and also working out ?

My next question is: Hello.

Im 22 an 10.6 stone and have been thinking of doing a cycle for a while now, ive got near on a years worth of training behind me an want sumthing to beef me up for summer, ive planned a cycle witch consists of a 300-400ml jab of tri test 400 for 8-10 weeks depending on how I get on with it, followed by a 2 week break then a two week pct consisting of nolvadex an chlomid (wich I already have).

What do you guys think?.

Peace out............

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Your question was: I am thin and currently using VitaminShoppe pro performance weight gainer 1850 and also working out ?

U need to sort ya diet yor protiens way off and my bets all the rest is to why not get ya diet rite train sum and then try some gear. 1 and a half chicken isnt even enuff for one meal...

Comment #1

Chuck 2 ltrs of full fat milk a day, everyday and you will gain a nice chunk of weight. Get your diet sorted before even thinking of trying steriods mate. Your diet you listed sucks. With every shake add 1 tbs of olive oil and a couple of spoon fulls of oats and a tbs of peanut butter. the rest of the food you listed is a breakfast mate nothing more. Try 5000 kcals a day n training your balls off first because if you cant manage that then you have no place with gear..

Comment #2

Elad , If my advice is of any use to you go as far as you can for as long as you can with your food, proteins, creatines etc before you move to the next levelNo one really wants to do this every one wants to get up in to the fast lane as early as possible because we all love witha passion what we do and wabt to look bigger and stronger sooner.....long term you will benifit by holding off for as long as you can set the mental challange in your head to go as far as you can for another year , of course the final decission is yours mate...

Comment #3

Unless your 'normal' dinner is a 72oz rump there is no way you are getting enough protein to build big muscle - this has been proven by the fact you have only gained 9lbs in a year..

If you are serious about building muscle then eat well, train hard, sleep well and if when you hit 13st you are still not happy then look at other supplements first, then if you feel the need you can move on to the gear..

Start training yourself to eat 5-6 meals a day and include 'decent' sized portions of protein, eg, 6 egg omlette, 2 chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with wholemeal rice, etc etc..

Think of this....a young lad of 18 who passes his driving test and wants to get into motor racing doesn't head straight into formula 1, he works his way up through the ranks first. (shix analogy I know)..

Comment #4

Hmmm telling someone they need to forcing down 5000 cals a day isnt helpful....

Delay doing youre cycle mate and take the rest of the sensible advice given.....

Comment #5

My advice wasnt simply eat 5000kcals, maybe I didnt make it clear it was, as people have mentioned since to focus on eating, because the fella isnt eating hardly anything at all. Just because I placed a number of kcals, which was an example doesnt make it a useless or unhelpful comment at all infact it's more useful than simply saying delay your first cycle, which doesnt give the lad any feedback at all. With that he may think hes on the right lines already, so in 1,5 or 15 years he could be stuck in exactly the same place, and all he can show for it is wasted time. He needs to eat a hell of alot more and pile more plates on the bar with even a half arsed program that sees him hit all the major body parts without stupid amounts of volume..

Comment #6

Again m8 just get ya diet sorted I dont suggest going mad with ya food intake aim for 250-300g protien 400-600g carbs 70-120g fat per day altinating get your carbs and fats from clean sources, you wanna be about 15-20 per cent body fat for max muscle I wouldent go any higher for your stats at the mo, hit one body part a day at the gym and hit it well, id leave the gear at the mo give ya self 6 months with suming like this and if you still dont think your hitting the mark then consider taking suming if your traning hard enuff and giving ya body what it needs to repair then you will gain quality muscle, gear doesnt make you over night and if ya diets shit and ya traning isnt up to par then what ever you gain will just fall off when you come off anyways, hit it hard and aim high every rep and every set...

Comment #7

[quote]Try 5000 kcals a day n training your balls off first because if you cant manage that then you have no place with gear/QUOTE].

I cant eat 5000 cals a day..

I have no place taking gear..

Which I dont as it goes..

But telling someone who`s 10"6 they have to eat that amount is ridiculous..

Gear or no gear thats offputting to anyone reading this who`s new to training..

You post sounded typically gungho and wildy open to misinterpretation..

Why did I give no specific advice?.

Well cos I didnt feel like wasting my time being a lone voice in a crowd when the rest of the advice given was good....

You want my opinion?.

Why hasn't his routine been mentioned in detail?.

Why hasn't it been reiterated that he should be focusing on deads squats and the big presses?.

And that he should be hitting pb`s before he even thinks about doing a cycle?.

All this talk of diet will have him doing ANOTHER protein thread cos his new anally balanced diet isnt giving him the progress he needs....

Maybe I should emphasise he needs masses and masses of rest to grow if hes a skinny dude like I was?.

You`re right maybe I should stay away from dumbass threads that get repeated infinitely.

(no offence elad altho reading a few posts would answer youre questions )..

Comment #8

I was a doubter of cals advice of less training more rest. It's taken me nearly 2 years to try less volume and all I can say is i've made more progress in 4 weeks training 3 times a week than I did in 18 months training 5-6times. If you are have difficulty putting on weight then try some low volume high intensity compound stuff. More can be less in the bodybuilding game. Whats your bodyfat like because i'm only 5'6" and at 12 stone would be 4% bodyfat so you have got to be majorly lean?..

Comment #9

Thanks dude, jolly nice of you to say so.

Good to see youre still at it...

Comment #10

Fair play maybe it was alittle gunghoe but at the same time there was little advice given when I posted and without even seeing if his training was sound the simple matter that little training experience and the fact he could list he food intake in a simple line of text showed he obviously doesnt have much research behind him to see what it takes to get bigger. I shouldnt have given a spercific kcal but at the same time thid is what I did when I finaly decided to take it seriously going from 8stone 6lb to 13stone in just over 3 months and staying lean and keeping off gear. Its also whats working for my training partner who has gone from a sloppy 13stone to 14stone 10lb in a month. please dont take this as me being up my own arse or getting on the defensive at all. it just seemed to be alittle offensive to be singled out as all I did was sum up what was later posted after my comment..

Comment #11

Im 5'6 and i'm 12st 5, I started 3 years ago just over 10 stone..

Eating 5000 cals ( not crazycal but calories ) will just make you fat..

You went from 8 st to 13 st in 3 months. How ?????..

Comment #12

Plus I train 2 x per week. Sometimes 3..

Comment #13

Not disputing youre gains cos I reckon if youre that underweight it's possible, but do you have any before n after pics?.

Years ago I was elad and for years trained badly...ate as much as I could till I was sick..lived off mrps to top up cals,necked every prohormone out there with no pct then probly took even more..altho never got shutdown..and when I couldnt man up and lift more weight or force down more food I plateaued badly and basically got nowhere fast....

For me and imo the vast majority of trainers I think basic single factor training cycling youre calories along with your poundages is the way to go,and when youre in pb territory it's time to neck some gear if thats the way you wanna go....

I got fcuking good results like this from a couple of mingy lil dbol cycles lol.

Youre 5000 cals comment put me back right there as if I was reading like a newbie would...

I`ll be honest I saw you`d made 2 posts and thought you would never be seen again hence, no explanation...

Glad youre sticking around dude..

Comment #14

I do but they are proper photos il try and scan them. I under ate for years to keep light for kickboxing and the habbit stuck until I finaly realise how ill I looked. Im planning to do the same again, which Il be tracking in a log on this site with photos, videos, diet and training log. Its as many people say the basics work, sticking to the main lifts and focusing on calories instead of micro-nutritional breakdown and worrying about the little shit..

Never tried prohormones or anything like that, Iv never really bothered with anything apart from weight gainers. Though I have just put an order in for some m-drol(superdrol clone) so Il be trying that as soon as it arives..

Aye Il be sticking around seems so far that their is plenty to learn of people on this site...

Comment #15

Matey-dont just take it cos it's arrived,take it when youre hitting pb`s..

If you dont you`ll be relying on the drugs for growth and results will suffer accordingly...

Comment #16

Dont do a cycle at such a pathetic BW...10.6 stone. Ummm no juice for you..

Dont mean to offend but thats such a dumb idea.

Eat more food..

3000cals or more of clean stuff..

Ramp up the protein to 1.5grams per lb of BW.

Eat a shit ton of complex carbs.

Eat your whole eggs and drink your whey..

Dont go more than 3 hrs without a meal..

Train for 45mins 4 times a week..

If you need any help on diet and training ill be more than happy to help..

Just send me a PM..

You could easily get 20lbs of muscle in a year with a good training and diet.

Uve got a long way to go b4 steroids are the answer..


Comment #17

Besides your only 22 you got so much test running throw your body ''as is'' imo.

I think 25 would be better age at starting simple cycle... but you really need to work on your diet. steroids would be a wast of time and money if diet isn't in check and that's the truth..

Comment #18

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