I AM SOO DESPERATE FOR SOME @SS I am gonna get one of those profiles on and lie to get a h

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My first question is: I AM SOO DESPERATE FOR SOME @SS I am gonna get one of those profiles on and lie to get a h.

My next question is: Hi Everyone! I have a question... I recently had dinner on a Saturday night with a guy who I met through an online dating (online dating with site. He seemed extremely nice, looked just like his picture, etc.. We spent 5 hours talking in the restaurant, and only left because they wanted to close up! He wanted to go for coffee after but I couldn't think of a place open (we met near where I live; he lives 25 minutes away), so we said our goodnight and just hugged goodbye. He immediately asked me out again and emailed me regarding that the next morning. Due to my schedule, we would have to wait a few weeks for the next date.

He also mentioned that he was working on his college yearbook (he's getting a 2nd master's degree, he's in the military) and was wondering if I could help him (I have a publications background). I agreed. However, my dilemma is that he has now said that he'd like us to go to a museum and dinner but also would appreciate me helping him with the yearbook, since he says the deadline is at the end of the month. Reading between the lines, obviously this means I would be going to his place. He said it would take a few hours.

I don't want to ruin the potential of this or make the guy feel really bad, but would you recommend I don't go? Am I just being paranoid? Is it considered normal or okay to go to a guy's place this early and not expect him to want sex or not to worry that he is a potential rapist or something!! Thanks so much for any and all input!!!..

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Your question was: I AM SOO DESPERATE FOR SOME @SS I am gonna get one of those profiles on and lie to get a h.

It could be a ploy to get some alone time with you for any reason.  You have to determine whether or not you able to handle (either yes or no)  whatever he brings to the table that night...literally. If you dont feel comfortable being alone with him then ask him to bring his work with him and you can go to a Starbucks or wherever there are tables, chairs, etc...

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Trust your instincts.  If you're uncomfortable, you just are.  Always safety first!!..

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Why not communicate how you feel - he seems like a great guy but you don't feel totally comfortable going to his house yet tho you do want to help with yearbook - maybe he can bring it to restaurant?.


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Trust your gut..and if you are having to ask if it is okay...I'd say your gut says NO...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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