I am on and guy winked at me on internet?

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My first question is: I am on and guy winked at me on internet?.

My next question is: Ok so me and my b/f have been in a committed relationship (thru for 10 mths now.  Well we both work in the same building-we don't see each other like ever there.  Well he has known a coworker of ours for a few years and she is a person with not very great morals.  She had a b/f and a husband at the same time...she left her b/f for her b/f's boss now!  Well today my b/f worked up on my usual floor that I work on and she works on.  He told me in causal conversation that her and him went out to eat after work.  He told me but I have known her for a long time and he told m that she was trying to divulge information out of him about our relationship (thru (which we both know she would cause that's her personality!!) We have discussed previously what a crazy dramatic person she is but yet he still went out to eat with just her.  We are both nurse's and so he really doesn't have any guy friend nurses to hang out with, but we had also discussed in the past that if we were to hang out with members of opposite sex it would be a mix of guys/girls going out.  Well I told him that he seem to suddenly forget about our discussion we had about this  and had about her.  I feel like I can't trust him now, that he disrespected me, and embarrassed me.  She has a big mouth and will easily tell people at work that they went out.  I am sooo mad at him!  I told him how mad I was and he did at first act like nothing was wrong with what he did and then he apologized after I hung up on him.  I feel like our trust is broken..I don't believe they are involved romantically or anything but I feel like he is doesn't care about me otherwise he would have "remembered our conversations about all this"...

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Your question was: I am on and guy winked at me on internet?.

I'd say his behavior was untrustworthy.  He says negative things  about her .. yet .. he still would want to have dinner with her?  He broke an agreement and your trust.  He got an ego boost from her attention at your expense.  A man who is only thinking of himself puts himself in those compromising positions and not someone to be trusted with your heart because he is only looking out for #1 and is not going to be thinking for two - for the relationship. .

I have had to deal with that myself.  The guy thought that buy making himself look like he was someone who women fawned over .. I'd be more inclined to be romantic with him or be seduced by him with those images .. not so .. he already "had" me .. all he did was prove to me that his mind was/is only on himself.  What kind of idiot does all of that when he knows he already has the woman?  So his story doesnt wash with me.  He should have cut it out.  All it did was make me want to reach through the screen and crush him with my bare hands..

He still puts himself in compromising positions (all about money and his ego and image there's literally no room for me in his heart and mind because it is only on HIM)   and his latest stunt put him on my s**tlist and he burned his bridges with me.   Sometimes men get turned on seeing a guy try to pick up their girl I'm not wired that way and I told him that 9 months ago .. did it sink in? NOOO.  I'd never trust him around women .. not necessarily cuz he'd sleep with them .. but he'd walk all over me to get an ego boost or a thrill by putting himself in compromising positions.  He's proven that about himself.  It's too late for him to change that image in my mind.  He kept doing it do yourself a favor colleen2008, drop him...

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Yes the trust has been broken.  I do feel hurt about what he did to me.  He did apologize to me and I do realize that he did go to get his ego stroked and to hang out...he never goes out and does anything because he really doesn't have any guy friends to hang out with.  I am not making excuses for him but this was most likely his thinking.  I am willing to move on and not just dump or get rid of's not like he cheated on me.  But I will not forget it too. ..

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I think it's good to let someone learn from their mistake and hopefully they wont repeat it again. .

However I would just be so pissed lol Because sure, people can be dense but THAT dense, I dunno.. I mean, when can any guy ever think it's appropriate to take another female out to a meal *after work* and not tell their gf first. ..

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