"I always let HIM call ME"..still??

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So I've been out with this guy on three fun, chemistry filled dates. I like him. I know he at least is really attracted to me and likes me, I don't know at this point who's more into who really. My question is..up to this point I've let him always call me after the date using to make the next arrangements, push it forward. At this point, I'd just like to call him myself tomorrow to make our next plans. I feel reasonably confident that he wants another date, and honestly I just don't feel like waiting to hear from, him, I want to try to make it happen. Am I ruining things by calling him, will he be turned off? IF he is, should I care?..

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Your question was: "I always let HIM call ME"..still??.

If you are nervous about it, and I dont think you should be, you can can call him to tell him what a great time you had on the last date using and then work in your conversation about your next date.  Guys like to see that a woman wants to see them too, so they do look forward to the woman calling.  If he does react negatively then he might have other issues that you wouldnt want to get too close to...

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I think that if he is into you, he won't mind at all that you call him and ask him out.  The issue I've run into is, if you call, you won't know if he's NOT really interested in another date.  Most guys, I've found, are uncomfortable saying no if a woman calls or asks them out, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily interested.  But if you're ok with that ambiguity, go for it.  But I personally would give it 3-4 more dates before turning the tables..


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I agree with Sheri here. If he's interested in you, he'll probably like that you call him. But, it's still quite early on, and if you call, you won't know for sure if he would have called again. I think it's totally fine and good to call once you have a solid grasp of his interest and that might be in just several more dates. But early on, I generally want him to call me. Why? Because the kind of guy I'm interested in will take action to convey his interest in me.

So if I call him, I won't know that for sure..

But, that said, we all have to go with our intuition in the individual situation. Only you know this particular guy and this particular situation. So if it feels right to you to call him, go ahead!.




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Hah, girl I would not call.  Already a bad thing I read from your post is that you don't want to wait for him, etc  That's where females mess it up - by being impatient.  Just chill out.  He's been calling you... he'll keep doing that cause he likes you. ..

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There is nothing at all wrong with you calling him tomorrow. However sorry to sound a bit retro but it has only been 3 dates - I don't think it would hurt to wait a day or two for him to make the first move.  Maybe when you're on a date using together plans can be made for the next one - that way you won't even run into should I call or wait dilemna.


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