Hypothyroid on Medifast diet?

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I am on day 4 of MF. I also have hypothyroid...I have recently gained 25 pounds over the last few months due to flucuations with thyroid levels...needless to say I am very frustrated and thus I am here and on board with the Medifast program. For those of you who have hypothyroid and have been successful on the Medifast program...has your thyroid issues gotten in the way of your weight loss on the program at any point... I guess perhaps you would have to compare yourself to others who aren't hypothyroid. I am very nervous... I really do believe I have a positive attitude needed to succeed on the program...however, given how my thyroid works and the weight gains of the past that have really makes me feel out of control as if my thyroid is in control and not me!!! Any feedback from fellow hypothyroid folks would be appreciated..

Thanks so much!!!.

All my best......


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You didn't say if you are on thyroid meds. I had thyroid cancer, am on thyroid meds (thyroid removed...gained a lot of weight). Anyway, I have lost, only probably slower than some on this plan. This is one of the few plans that has worked for me! I think it will work for you - take heart! If you aren't on meds maybe you could consult your doctor and see if he/she recommends meds. I think it does help with the weight issues. Good luck!..

Comment #1

I have it. My meds are way out of control at the present time..

But before this stupid thing started to act out (mean thyroid) I was doing fine.

Soy can interfere with the meds so I drink either cold or hot drinks or the eggs in the morning after my pill.

I try to wait until later for the products with soy in them..

You can find the guide here:.


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Yes, I also suffer from hypothyroidism. It is only day 3 for me. I had thyroid ablation due to Graves Disease. I am on Armour thyroid daily. I also have gained weight since I had my thyroid ablated. I am not sure how fast the weight will come off, I know we should do our labs faithfully in case our medical provider needs to adjust the meds.

If you get any info re thyroid please pass it my way. Good Luck!..

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Oh...Meds...thanks for asking...yes!! I am on meds. (synthroid) The Docs have been adjusting my meds over the last several months trying to get them "right" as my thyroid levels keep flexing. I have been on thyroid medicine for about 5-6 years now.

About 5-6 years ago my thyroid "went on the fritz" and we played get the level right for almost a year, and it has been fine/stable until just this past January/February and now it is "on the fritz" again. Very frustrating!!..

Comment #4

I can relate to the frustrated thing. I am also on synthroid. Sometimes if I miss it I feel tired or messed up. However, I really like Medifast and it's true it is working for me! Hang in there - positive thoughts and wishes go out to you - and hopes for getting the medication regulated so you feel good! HUGS!..

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I am hypothyroid as well and even though I cannot speak on the weight loss (just started!) a similar fluctuation happened with me while my endocrinologist tried to adjust my meds. You didn't mention the cause of your hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis runs in my family (which is my cause, of course) and my endocrinologist told me that as your antibodies attack the thyroid, it can/will inflame and temporarily increase hormone output. Depending on how often you check your thyroid, your dose may fluctuate quite a bit. Mine wasn't stable until had no thyroid left! It took about 5 years after I was diagnosed. I don't officially know when I became hypothyroid so I really can't blame my weight gain on it, especially as my eating habits are atrocious. Keep up your positive thinking, stick to your plan, and the weight will come off!..

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I'm a hypo and on synthroid too. My hair fell out bad due to not right medication adjustment.. I'ts finally growing back. Medifast is the only plan that's really worked for me too. I had fast loss at first and now it's slowed down some, but then again I have been off plan for a little while... Stick to the plan and I'm sure you will see wonderful results.

Good luck on your weightloss journey : ) we are all friends here..

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Thank you for everyones responses and continued support..

I have a question about the timing of when I should be taking my synthroid and eating my soy based meals so that they do not interfere with each other. I certianly do not want there to be any interference. I always take my meds, including my synthroid, right before I go to bed at night and I have been having my last Medifast right before bed as well.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am not yet used to searching he boards yet as a please bear with me....

Thanks so much!!!! Thanks for all your friendly replies!!!..

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Yes I am hypothyroid. I had Graves Disease in 1991 - had radiation iodine and am now hypothyroid. I have been on Medifast going into week 5. I have lost almost 20 lbs. The last two weeks I have been very very very tired. I have tried to get with MD but he says I need to wait 3 months before he will do labs again...I told him, NO WAY ! I"M TIRED AND I WANT TO BE CHECKED.

I don't know how often I will need to be checked, but as a nurse, I can tell you this much is true....if you are feeling out of whack...go get your levels checked. You are the one paying the bill, and remind MD if you have to. I do believe this program will work. However, after reading some of the other posts on this subject, I will soon be ordering the "cold drinks" and more eggs so that I will have those as choices instead of soy products in the am. They say that soy gets in the way of utilizing all of your thyroid medication and some people have advised to wait a few hours after taking meds before a soy shake, etc, others use "cold - non-soy products" in the am around med time and seem to be doing okay..

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HiI am hypothyroid due to radioactive iodine treatment for Graves Disease. I am in my 3rd week on Medifast and I also am an RN. I'm on a pretty high dose of Synthroid ( 175 mcg ). I'm tired due to diabetes and obesity but no more than usual. Actually I feel better since losing some weight and hope to feel even better the more I lose. I take my meds first thing in the AM and then eat oatmeal or a shake.

If I have symptoms relating to my hypothyroidmy doctor will order lab workhe doesn't make me see him first. I guess I'm lucky in that respect...

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I have hypo-T and Medifast is the only thing that worked to help me lose the 50 pounds I had gained after 6+ years of trying everything. There are a few other threads about Hypo-T also - you may want to do a search...

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Question...I went to have lab work done last week.....only thing I know for sure is I have some water in my inner ear...causing some meds for that...Now instead of a call to tell me everything is ok..I just got an order in the mail to go have a CT scan of my brain????Is this normal to have this test?I have to call the doc's office..little scary...I saw another doc in the office..not the reg one I use...So I am calling them to find out why?I know one of the things he wanted to check was for this very thing...I am tired...cold...body temp is 97..very low blood pressure...The meds he gave me perked me up...oh yeah...dry skin..even with drinking 80 or more ozs of water...What do you all think?..Later prez(Patty)..

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Hi Sharon,.

Welcome to MF. I am hypothyroid and my weight loss varies. Sometimes it's faster and sometimes slowereven when my intake is stable and "on plan" and my exercise is stable too.

Prez, I'm sorry to hear that you need to have the test. As far a the thyroid stuff goes, the symptoms you list could be from low thyroid. I imagine there are other things they could be from toothat's the extent of my medical knowledge. I hope you keep us posted when you find out why this test..


Comment #13


Those are the symptoms I had too from low thyroid (only I didn't know at the time I had thyroid cancer and it wasn't working at all...) Anyway, I look forward to hearing what happens next for you. You didn't mention if the meds the doc gave you were thyroid meds....they would make you feel better if it was low. However, I'm impressed with your amazing weight loss even more now than before (sometimes it's hard to lose with thyroid problems.) Good luck - keep us informed...hugs....hugs....hugs!..

Comment #14

Prez, the first and most common test for hypothyroidism is a simple blood test to find out your TSH levels. Yes, the symptoms you have are part of the list of hypothyroid symptoms, but other things as well. The TSH levels should tell you..

If you find out you do have hypo-T, let me know and I'll give you some references for websites and books that were helpful to me. I see a regular internist for my hypo-T due to my referral requirements for my insurance (rather than an endocrinologist, etc.) and I have had to learn to be my own advocate to make sure I get the right treatments and to keep my hormone at the levels where I feel best...

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I had thryoid cancer and have been on complete hormone replacement (Synthroid) since my gland was removed. First of all... my endo recommeded Medifast as the healthiest/best way for thyroid patients to lose weight, so you should feel like you're in the right place and using the right product. But a big component of the whole process is being optimized on meds. Having your TSH in the 1.0 - 2.0 range makes your metabolism work like someone who doesn't have thyroid disease. If you are under medicated and still in a mild hypo state, then losing is very, very tough.

And once you start losing, remember that people usually need their dose decreased with a 10-20% weight loss...

Comment #16

Regarding dosage during weightloss - I actually had my meds increased twice as I lost weight on MF. I had expected that I would need to decrease my dosage as I lost the weight, but the reverse was true. My understanding is that Hashimoto's (Hypo-T) is usually a progressive immune disorder that continues to attack your thyroid which requires you to continually monitor and up your hormone replacement. My thyroid seems to have stabilized again since I went on maintenance (9 months ago) at the new higher level, but I'm constantly on the alert for my symptoms to reappear...

Comment #17

Yes, the gland will continue to deteriorate over time, so people with Hashimoto's have to be monitored on a regular basis to keep up with any changes in gland function. When I said people generally need to have their medication decreased as they lose weight, I was referring to people who are stable on meds. People require 1mcg of replacement hormone per pound of body weight for complete replacement, but actual dosage depends on gland function plus absorption, so you make a great point. If someone is losing gland function at the same time they are dieting, they might need their dose increased instead of decreased. All the more reason for thyroid patients to get labs run on a regular basis...

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I am 5'10 and until 1998 my highest weight was 145, I quit smoking, hit menopause, and lo and behold my thyroid decided to stop working. I have since gained 100 lbs. have tried numerouse diets, had decent results, but got bored and gained everything back. I was very concerned about the effects of this plan and my sythroid, my doctor assured me that anything I could do to loose the weight would be alright with him. I have been on Medifast for 3 weeks now and for the first time in a long time I can walk up and down the stairs without getting winded.

Good luck and speak to your DR. to put your mind at ease...

Comment #19

WOW...I am so glad I posted my questions about hypothyroid! Thanks for all the responses. Like many of you, I am in regular contact with my MD regarding my thyroid. I get my levels checked regularly... I was getting my levels checked every 6 months, however since January, I have been getting my levels checked every fact, I just had a blood draw this morning, and I go to the endocrinologist on the 14th. Something is just not right with me levels are way off...I have had a signigifcant weight gain over the last few months, and I have not gotten my period for quite some time...NO...I am not pregnant and I am 38...I think I am too young to be going into menopause.

I am anxious for the Docs to get my thyroid under control or at least figure out why it is out of whack and get it under control!! I am also very hopeful that the Medifast program will be a good program for me!! I was on a very similar diet program 5 years ago and did great and lost 65 pounds and kept it off all this this time until my thyroid acted up again.

Thanks again for all your feedback and continued support and encouragement!!!!.

All my best.....


Comment #20

Just thought I would put in my...ME TOO..! I take Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid) 75 MCG...every morning. Then must wait 1/2-1 hour before eating. I have been taking this for about 6 or 7 yrs...with some adjustments along the way. I go monthly for bloodwork for blood disorder it is checked pretty major problems. It did not.

Impede my weightloss.....unless it would have happened quicker...(?). Seems to be a pretty common thing here.....

Comment #21

Hi, I have Grave's also, and have become hypo due to iodine irradiation. I take Synthroid 125 mics daily, and have had no problem with losing weight. Also, I lost 55#last year, and back then, had no problem losing weight. I am a slow loser anyway, but my weight loss was and still is consistent. My bloodwork has been fine, and is monitored every few months. It has been quite a long while since I required a dosage adjustment..

As for soy products, they are known to interfere with thyroid medications. My first meal of the day, after meds and my vitamins, is a non-soy Medifast product or one of the meal supplement products from NL. I prefer not to take soy at the same time or for a couple of hours after my med.

Success is wished in your weight loss journey!.


Comment #22

Some where nutrition support replied to the question, and I remember the time frame for using a soy product after synthroid being 6 hours and that would be aprox 2 meals. That is what I am trying to do and I am not as tired as I had been. I used medifast before and was not so tired as this time. Both times I was using the shakes with soy, and taking synthroid. I didnt notice a problem the first time with medifast...

Comment #23

Thank you for your responses! I have since taken your feedback and done some investigating and changed my process for taking my pills on a dailly basis. I now take my synthroid first thing in the morning when I wake up with a big bottle of water. I dont start my daily Medifast meals until at least 1.5 hours after I take my synthroid in the morning. We will see how it goes.

Thanks for all your feedback!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!.

All my best!!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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