Hypothyroid - does medifast work?

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Most diets have not worked for me. I am new to Medifast and interested to know if anyone has an underactive thyroid and is on this diet - how is it working for them..

I am on synthroid for my thyroid disorder..

Any info is appreciated!..

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Hello - I have been on synthroid for almost 15 years and so far I have lost over 100 pounds, so YES!!!!!!it will work!.

Good luck - if I can do it, you can too!..

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I'm hypothyroid and on Armour. It's been slow but it is working. I've lost 80 pounds since February...

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Absolutely this program works if you're hypo... I was diagnosed 18 yrs ago and am on an incredibly high dosage of generic synthroid.... 14 months and 172lbs later, I'm getting my thyroid numbers under control and getting closer to my goal...

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Absolutely! I had my thyroid removed when I was a child. I lost pretty slowly, but made my goal...

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Ditto what everyone else said. You can do this!!!..

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Thank you everyone for your responses. Some of you mentioned that it was a little slower to lose, what should I expect to be average loss? Maybe I will check in with you in a week or 2 to tell you what ive lost so far...

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The plan will work if you are hypo and on meds. However, you must use some caution when planning your meals. Soy is known to decrease the effectivity of thyroid medications such as synthroid and amour. Therefore check which Medifast meals have soy and which do not and be sure to not eat any with soy within 2-4 hours of taking your meds..

I myself am not hypo, at least not yet. But it does run in my family: both my mother and her mother became hypo in their 40's, so I'm watching for it. As well as my son was diagnosed with it at 3 (he's 9 now). Interestingly I had a discussion with our Endo about the soy incompatibility issue last week at our check up, so it's fresh on the mind right now..

As for a timeline, everyone is different so it's not a good marker. And overtime you will lose more slowly as you get closer to goal..

Hope this helps...

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I am hypo and take levoxyl. I have been losing weight just fine! I started Medifast telling myself I would be thrilled with two lbs a week and happy with anything. I have averaged more than three a week so far and if you've got a coupla hours I could go on and on about how excited I am. Definitely check in and let us know how you are doing!.

And as above I take my meds in the am and my first meal does not contain soy...

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I am new too!! I just placed my order to start Medifast today..

I too am hypothyroid...and all the diets and pills Ive tried so far has not worked!!.

I quite smoking 4 years ago. I put on about 50lbs in a year, it was hard enough to quit let alone trying to diet and exercise. I figured I needed to conquer one demon at a time. When I tried to lose the weight it just wouldnt budge!...and I was sooooo tired all the time, I figured it was all the weight. But turned out to be my thyroid. So once my levels were in check I figured the weight would come such luck I would just lose a pound or two here and there.

So I cant wait for the food to come to get started!..

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Hypo/Hashimoto's/Levothyroxine/3 years.

This is the same Endo. that, when I asked if he could recommend a diet or assist me in a weightloss program, replied, " Oakwood Hospital has a great bariatric surgery program!" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????? I guess he isn't one of the 15, 000 doctors that recommend MF! Needless to say, when I went back 6 months later and much thinner he was surprised, I think? He really didn't even comment on it like I thought he would. Yeah, thanks Dr. Doofis for all your help..

Bad Thyroid + MediFast = WEIGHTLOSS SUCCESS..

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I am so glad someone brought this up. My ob/gyn referred me to an endocrinologist, as I have almost all of the symptoms for hypothyroidism. My regular doctor just did TSH and dismissed it, but my ob/gyn said I was textbook for it. I can't get into the office until the beginning of March, so I have to keep plugging along with the program and hope I can lost weight. I gained about 30 lbs in 9 mos or so without changing my eating habits or activity level (very active), and despite working out 6 days/week and being on weight watchers my weight barely budged. I am losing on MF, albeit more slowly than most. I had read about the soy connection- does it only affect thyroid medication, or does it exacerbate the condition itself? Does anyone know off hand which foods do not contain soy? I appreciate any guidance and support from anyone else struggling with this issue...

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Hi there I just started Medifast and I'm Hypo and on Synthoid and thrilled to know FINALLY there is something to help me start to lose the weight!!! HALLELUIA and thank you....


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My wife is on medifast and takes thyroid medication...she's losing!..

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I had a total thyroidectomy in May of 2007. I have lost 24.5 pounds in 8 1/2 weeks..

I am on Synthroid and am doing just great...

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I have also had a thyroidectomy. I know that soy affects the absorption and shouldnt be taken until 3-4 hours after your meds. I also know that soy can effect the thyroid. however, if you dont have a thyroid, it cant be affected, right?.

Joyce how long after your thyroidectomy did you start medifast?.


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Marian~ I started Medifast in January of 2009. I believe you are correct about the soy. I am on 100mg Synthroid daily and have no problems! I usually eat 5 Medifast Crunch bars (all soy based) everyday with no ill effects..

Let me know how you are doing...

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I tried to start thsi diet yesterday but I just caved in at night to some m&m's. I guess my heart just isnt into it yet like it was prior to my diagnosis. I lost 10 lbs back in sept 2008 and then found out about my stinking thyroid. I went off the diet for obvious reasons and now I want to start again. I had my thyroidectomy on Dec. 23, 2008 and my RAI on 2/27/09.

Its been so crazy and scary. did you have thyroid cancer?.

I see under your picture that you started medifast in 2007..

So whats your favorite crunch bar? do you really eat them for all your 5 meals?.

Maybe if I join a challenge I will be more motivated. any suggestions?..

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I did not have thyroid cancer. I had 3 large goiters that impeded the proper thyroid function..

I did a short stint on Medifast in "07 but just couldn't keep my focus. I actually originally did Medifast in 2003, lost 78 pounds in 8 months, but did not transition properly and gained it back in a short amount of time. At that time you could do strictly shakes, etc. no lean and green - which is what I did, so I had no experience with real food. This time is MUCH better..

I pretty much eat 5 crunch bars a day. I like all of them except the Caramel. S'Mores is probably my favorite. I keep a stash in the car...that has saved me so many times!.

Yes, a challenge will definitely keep you accountable. Please join us on Sunday/Monday: Ice Blue Team. It is wonderful...very nice, understanding members. Just head on over there and leave "MusicMaker" a message today..

My other suggestion is to read the discussion boards and blogs. Many of us are food addicts...we get it. If you are not a compulsive sugar/carb eater like I am (once I start it is very hard to stop!), you will surely gain so much inspiration - it will definitely be worth your time..

Hope to see you at Team Ice Blue. Another one I am in is the Magical Challenge. We give ourselves a sticker on a calendar for each day we are on plan. Simple but it works!..

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I am hypo & take Armour. Typically, my first meal is the eggs, which is either low in soy or doesn't have any at all. I hope this keeps the soy from interfering with the meds..

Anyway, I'm losing. I know when I was hypo and not yet on meds, I could not lose at all. I do not think I could lose weight without the thyroid meds...

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This thread is very encouraging! I too am hypothyroid for 13 years and on Armour. Started Medifast 10 days ago and have lost 5 pounds. I am very encouraged by my loss and all your stories! I wish that on Medifast medical profile on "my page" they listed thyroid as a medical condition so that you could connect with others..........

Good Luck!..

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It's not the thyroid itself that's affected, but the absorption of the medication you're taking. As far as I know, people with normal thyroid glands have no issues with soy (unless they are allergic or have other medical conditions) or MF. Calcium can also inhibit the absorption of thyroid med...

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Another thyroid cancer person here....I have no thyroid and have been on the plan for a year. (My join date says 2007, however, I had a couple of surgeries and didn't come back till Jan 2008). I have had very slow losses but have managed to get rid of 40 lbs so far. Another 50 before goal. I do experience frustration at the slow losses, however, my body gives the weight up when ready, so slow and steady wins the race for me! I also take levythyroxin kelp supplements seem to help as well...

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As of this morning I have lost over 50 pds. I have been on thyroid meds for almost 18 years. This is the first diet that works for me... Hey even my blood pressure is doing great on this plan,. the other day at my check up it was 102 over 58 ! not bad I would say..

Comment #23

Before I got on meds, I was gaining even though I exercised and ate well. This was the only thing that helped. I have been on meds for 6 months now, so I am hoping that losing this time will be better...

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I've been on synthroid for 15 years, and have always had trouble even trying to lose 10 pounds. On WW I lost five pounds the first month, but then nothing for the next two. I gained on the WW core plan. Even when I trained for a triathlon (six months of eating right and working out regularly) I only lost 10 pounds..

But on Medifast I've lost 40 pounds!..

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Is there a list of what products contain soy? I never realized that soy affects thyroid medicine. I take Armour thyroid twice a day, ususally between breakfast & morning snack & then again between lunch & afternoon snack. I take vitamins 1st thing in the morning, can I take the thyroid meds at the same time as those?..

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Do you have a prescription for synthroid? I take that, and can take it while on medifast and with vitamins, and some other supplements. But I think Armour is OTC, isn't it?.

I got this list from NS:.

Limiting Soy.

Individuals can successfully follow the 5 & 1 Plan using products that do not contain soy. No outside products need to be added; if soy is an issue for you or you personally would prefer to limit/avoid soy, simply choose your 5 Medifast meals each day from those that do not contain soy protein, including:.

Creamy Soups.

Fruit Drinks.

Iced Teas.

Hot Drinks.

Scrambled Eggs.

Shakes featuring Antioxidants.

Momentum Chai Latte and Momentum Cappuccino..

Comment #27

Hypo/Hashimoto's/Levothyroxine/over 25 years.

For the past 7 years I couldn't lose even 1 pound no matter what I tried..

With Medifast I have lost -56 lbs in 20 weeks.

I was taken off High Cholesterol meds after 8 weeks.

I love this program.

It have given me my Happy back!..

Comment #28

Armour is a prescription medication. To the best of my knowledge, there is no OTC thyroid medication. There are homeopathic herbal products, but none of them contain the ingredients needed to control/replace thyroid function...

Comment #29

I take synthroid too. I have been losing weight, but I always forget about the soy products. So far, it hasn't affected anything as far as my TSH levels go, but I wonder if eating the soy in the morning affects my weight loss? Ya think? I am a pretty slow loser. I guess the only way to really find out is to stop doing that.....

Comment #30

No, I don't think it will affect your loss. It affects the absorption of your thyroid meds. Just the fact that you have thyroid issues pretty much means you are probably going to lose a little slower than others might. Just stick with the plan and know that yu will eventually reach your goal...

Comment #31

Well I think you have answered my question as to why I am losing slower than others. I have been taking Armour for the last 2 years. After I started Medifast (about 1 week) I had blood work done because I wanted to know where I started & when I could get off some meds. My blood work showed worse thyroid readings so the doctor up that med. Maybe the soy caused that problem also. Will have to watch when I take it & see if it makes a diff.


Comment #32

Just a warning. I was on Armour most of my life. Recently (spring of this year I believe) Armour changed some of the filler ingredients used in their medication. Not the activie ingredients that we take it for, but the stuff that is used to make it into tablet form. Apparently, in some cases, these ingredients can also affect the way the active ingredients are absorbed into your body. Between June and Sept.

After some discussion with my endo, we have decided to have my thyroid meds compounded to include exact dosages of the T3 and T4 I need. This now comes in a capsule. I go for new labs next week, so I'll be interested to hear the results. I do know that I've lost 5 lbs in the 5 weeks I've been on the new med...

Comment #33

Can anyone recommend a good Endo in the Dallas area? I am hypo after the radioactive iodine thyroid removal due to being hyper a few years ago and am having severe panic attacks recently. I don't know if it is related to the levothyroxine or thyroid or not. Just think I need a better doctor. Please help...

Comment #34

Hypo here. I have found that the best way to take my levothyroxine so that nothing interferes with it (including supplements) is to take it between midnight and 3 am aproximately..

Drinking this much water I am up at least twice a night anyway ..

Since doing this my TSH has not gone up at all. And the weight is falling off..

I wish I could find an endo that would prescribe T3 & T4 meds, anyone in upstate NY with an endo like that?.


BurchettAngela - when is the last time you had bloodwork run? That could be a sign of hyper-thyroid (I have been hyper-thyroid in the past and it feels like a panic attack I am told). It felt like racing heart, shaking, anxiety.... worse than hypo..

Your meds might be a bit too high if your metabolism is changing. I have been having that issue recently and my new dr thinks I might have Hashimoto's...

Comment #35

Yep me too! I'm on synthroid (generic), and I lose just fine!.

I just try to have something with whey protein vs. soy for my first meal.

Of the day...

Comment #36

Like KK said, I have been taking my Armour between 12 & 3 AM. I'm up for a potty call at that time anyway & I don't have to worry about which Medifast meal to have. I go back to the doc in early Feb so will see what happens..


Comment #37

I have a diagnosis of hypothyroid as well..

I do try to space the synthroid away from my first meal of the day..

If not being more mindful of the first Medifast product that would not contain the soy base..

I have an excellent endocrinologist and she is happy with the results of medifast...

Comment #38

I was diagnosed with hypo and started Medifast and synthroid around the same time. I take my medication when I go to bed, and it seems to be fine, as my blood test last week showed that I didn't need to up my dose and I was at normal levels. This hasn't affected my weigh tloss either, so that's good...

Comment #39

I made goal yesterday and I'm hypothyroid lost -80 in 33 weeks so it was slower than some but for 7 years all I did was gain no matter what I tried..

This program works!..

Comment #40

That is truly amazing. I am also hypothyroid and am on medicine for it. I have never felt different with the medicine. I don't feel bad anyway. I am wondering if I will lose slower than other people because of my"condition". Sometimes I think I should try another dr. to see if I really am within normal llimits of T3and T4...

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Hello, I'm new to Medifast as well. I just had my first Medifast meal this morning, the Scrambled Eggs, and it's not too bad! I had a Thyroidectomy 11 years ago and am on Synthroid and Cytomel. The only tweaks that I'm planning on doing with the Medifast Diet is to avoid the food with Soy in them as well as to wait two hours after taking my Hormones before I eat anything, due to the Calcium content of the food- which is good for Bone Health, but can bind to Thyroid Hormones..

Again, I only purchased the Medifast food that's soy free....Creamy Tomato Soup, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Scrambled Eggs, Momentum Chai Latte and Momentum Capppuccino, as well as the Whole Wheat and Garden Vegetable Crackers. For a shake, I have my own Very Low Carb Whey Protein chocolate shakes. I tend to like to eat the same kinds of foods all the time anyway, so the lack of variety for me is no problem..

But it would absolutely be nice if Medifast made more prodcuts that are Soy-Free, such as Whey Protein Shakes (in flavors like Banana, Caramel). Also some low carb soy free Crunch Bars and more of a variety of Creamy Soups that are soy free..

As a side note, my employer promotes the Medifast Diet, and I've wanted to try it for five years. Many of my coworkers who used to be overweight are skinny now and have kept it off. Their input to me is the diet is easy to stay on because the food is good and it's easy to do. It seems to workable for me as the Lean and Green meal can be so flexible..

Good luck to you...

Comment #42

I am hypo for many years and have lost 34.5 in 12 weeks would never get there not doing Medifast and I feel great!..

Comment #43

Awesome thread, so helpful for me since I was just diagnosed w. a low thyroid after a lifetime of being borderline low!..

Comment #44

I am hypothyroid too, w/ Hashimoto's. I've been losing quite slowly, but also I've just found out I've been eating just a tad too many carbs, so that might be the culprit. Either way, I'm losing and that's all that counts!.

So, I'm currently on 125mcg of Synthroid and still not feeling 100%. I've got to admit, since starting MF, I'm up to 98%, but I can't help but question whether I should switch to Armour or Naturethroid, since I've heard good things about it. I have fired my endo (she never listened to a word I said!) and currently looking for a new one, but my regular doc isn't totally against it, I think I just need to push her more. I figure I'll wait until I reach goal weight to see if my bloodwork has changed too..

Thanks to everyone that has posted encouragement and congratulations on your successes!..

Comment #45

So glad I found this thread. I'm 21 and Hypothyroid I take Synthroid daily when I go to bed as well... Tried everything and although I'm only 30 lbs overweight I know it will be a challenge but I am so much more confident that I can shed these 30lbs with Medifast....

Comment #46

Being confused,.

I know I am.

Thyroid Cancer/Thyroidectomy/Hashimoto's/Levothyroxine/over 10 years.

So, how do I know if I am hypo? My next appt is in April..

Can you gals help with advice?..

Comment #47

If I could remove the above post I would. I have my answers...

Comment #48

Hi. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in May 09..You need to have a blood test done to see what your Thyroid level is at..

For those taking Synthroid and still not feeling well, when was the last time you had yiur levels checked because a higher dosage of Synthroid is not always the answer. I started on Levothyroxine and got a refill with a different brand once and felt completely different. Ask if you can try a different brand of Synthroid replacement. Also ask to check how your blood sugar has been behaving over the last couple of months, there is a blood test for that also. If your insulin levels are off your weight loss will be slow..

I am in the medical field and I suggest to those sharing they are not happy with their endo's , yes they are your doctor but MOST of all it is a business, keep seeking till you are happy. You would shop in a different store if they didnt have clothes you were happy with right? So why settle on your health???.

For those of you taking it at night, the recommended dosage is upon waking before you've eaten anything and to wait a half hour before consuming anything. Maybe you arent getting proper absorbtion. And the avoidance of soy products as far as I am aware is soy formula and not to consume too much soy within 4 hours of taking the Synthroid..

So here are some options for you.. Again I am no expert but only sharing what I have learned in my medical training..

Good luck!.

PS I lost 15 lbs in my first 12 days, so it does work and I am eating everything soy and all..My numbers have been great....

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Hello,I am on a different type of thyroid medication.that can be taken at anytime,with or without food.It does not matter but I am not losing anything and I know It must be due to the medication,because before I got on it I lost 30 lbs..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.