Do you often get hungry on Medifast diet plan?

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I have to ask the veterns if anyone who has been on for a while still routinely gets hungry? I'm in week 5, have lost about 15 pounds and my ketosis stick is always some shade of pink and I'm hungry a lot - I mean a lot! I've read all of the posts saying that the hunger goes away once you're in ketosis but I thinkk I'm living proof that it ddoesn't. don't get me wrong, i'll take some hungry for loose pants but I am curious. anyone else like this?..

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Yeah, I get hungry on occasion. It seems that precedes a big drop in weight, though...

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Now that IS good news, cause I'm ravenous right now lol..

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I have been on Medifast for 1 yr next week. I have lost over 100 lbs and have been "hungry" every day. I have to figure out tough when it is physical hunger which usually means it is time for a meal or if it is psychological hunger...just the desire to eat. I never felt true hunger for many years and I didn't really experience the other type because I never stopped eating long enough to feel it. I have accepted that I will never feel full again but I can and will live with it..

I am about 10lbs from goal and this was one of my worst weeks because I realize the desire to eat and the ability to justify just a little extra is still there and I could be back at 300 lbs in a very short time if I lose sight of my true goals for even a minute...

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It comes and goes. Usually I try to eat about every 3 hours but after my first Medifast meal I am dying to eat by 2 hours. Somedays I push it, somedays I just eat. You have to listen to your body..

However, you can try a little distraction. To find out if you are really hungry, try to wait it out. If it gets worse, you are hungry. If it goes away, you are mentally thinking of eating. Or try drinking 8 ounces of water and re-evaluating..

Also, you don't list if you are M or F but if F, my pre-TOM I turn into a ravenous beast now. Never happened before, but now I want to eat my own leg by the end of the day. Are you exercising a lot? There are a lot of things that can be causing it. How long between meals, how much water, etc...

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Most days I'm not hungry, other days I could eat my shorts. The hungry days have been very very rare after the first week, thankfully. If I feel hungry I distract myself and drink more water. Often I have found thirst masking itself as hunger. I drink a glass of water the hunger goes away (and most times the headache I didn't realize I had too)...

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Always hungry. Stomach growling hungry, even if I just ate. I just keep drinking water and plugging onwards...

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Yes, I've gotten hungry alot. I agree with above comments that there are several factors which contribute to the hunger: activity level (if you are exercising alot, even if it's just the 45 minutes as allowed, the amount of calories your burning may increase your appetite), TOM (I, too, become a ravenous beast and my husband knows before I do when I'm about to startthat's how noticable it is!!), spacing of meals (I split my L&G because I need to eat more frequently at every 2 - 2.5 hrs), water consumption (I always force down at least 8 oz H2O when my stomach growls to stretch me to the next "feeding time"), stress (this is a whole topic on it's own). I agree with the comments above, too, about discerning emotional hunger from physical hungerto be honest, the emotional hunger is more insidious and dangerousthat's what I struggle with more. To sum up, I get hungry, yes I do!! But I just work thru it ask God to help me when I can't help myself! Make sure you eat all your Medifast meals, too! Good luck and God bless!!..

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You guys are great! thanks, I was beginning to think I was just a freak show. I am ok pushing through it but I was envious of all of those posts of folks who had to remind themselves to eat. hahaha that will never happen to me..

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Blondie, congrats on being so close to goal!! I missed that the first time I read the response. That is fantastic! I do understand what you mean though about always having that mindset. It is hard. I think I'll have to fight this my whole life. But look at what an amazing thing you've done! Most people don't have the stamina or willpower to change their lives so thoroughly. I am sure that you'll find a happy midpoint. Congratulations!..

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