Hungrier after two months on Medifast?

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Hi everyone,.

I have been on medifast almost two months (and two vacations) now. Having great success with weight loss and positive reaction from everyone. I feel much better, the shakes I used to get when hungry (drop in sugar) are for the most part gone.

Lastly since my last vacation - last week - I am feeling hungrier and a little bored for lack of a better word - with the food. Since I am usually cold - I drink a lot of cappuccinos. I do not like the soups and I have the oatmeal for breakfast.

I have just started going back to the gym this past Saturday..

Is this normal to feel this way after two months. I still want to lose more weight and will change my wt goal soon but more importantly I do not want to fall back to my old ways of eating too much at every meal - and having pizza all the time. All weekend I was hungry and yesterday ate way too much protein. Today I am hungry and shaky..

Any help is much appreciated. I applaud all of the mf's for their hard work and help to one another...

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Do you think it may have something to do with going back to the gym? Maybe you'll want to describe your exercising and ask these questions of NS..

I notice that I'm sometimes hungry right before a weight drop. If I'm bored with the food, it usually means something else is going on in my life...

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By the way, congratulations on your weight-loss success. 30 pounds is super...

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I should have been clearer - Sat was my first time back at the gym since March..

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I have many ideas that may be of help to you. Your weight loss, already, is great!! Boredom should be nonexistent...I hate that. I've never posted on these before, so I'll see if this works and will be glad to help you in any way that I can..


Certified Health Coach..

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I'm having one of those 'hungry days' today. The last time I had a hungry day it was right before a big weight loss. I have also kicked up my exercise routine and that seems to make a difference in the hunger too. When I get the shakes/dizziness, I remember reading this somewhere else on the board and it really helps me so I'm just going to pass it along to you, I add a little sodium to my diet and they shakes/dizziness goes right away. Usually pickles spears or boullion in soup will do the trick...

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In times when I feel extra "munchy", I remember to drink half my body weight in water...that fills me right up. I always thought I was drinking enough water and never really felt 'hungry'. After I upped the water like this, really the weight started melting more. Here's to ya!! Let me know if this helps, ok?.


Certified Health Coach.


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Yes this is very normal both the hunger and the boredom.

But they both PASS YEAH!.

Yep most of us that have lost a significant amount of weight as you have CONGRATS experience little plateaus along the way. I seem to stop for a little while every 10 - 15 lbs it's a pattern thankfully I have come to recognize so it doesn't freak me out anymore..

As to boredom with the food There are a lot of recipes you can try in addition you can really vary your L&Gs I kind of get in a rut of having the same thing every day (at the same time) this is a real guantee of a plateau variety in all things keeps yoru body confused and LOSING..

Try some things that you didnt like before. Sometimes our tastebuds change while we are working our way through Medifast and what you didnt' like before you will love now (for me it was the oatmeals which I called paper mache glue at first LOL Now a day without oatmeal is a day with sunshine LOL).

Try some davinci syrups to add variety to the tastes of things.

YOU can do it!! you are really doing great.


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If your bored with the food, try mixing it up! Maybe get some different snacks, or if you're not snacking, allow yourself that celery stalk or pickle spears. Try ordering some new snacks. One treat I allowed myself were crystal light ice cubes. The hunger could be from working out, but the bored can be changed!..

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I agree, definitely check out the recipe forums. Trying one new recipe each day or so can definitely perk things up, and after awhile of experimenting in the kitchen I'm usually grateful to go back to the "same old" plain Medifast for a while, before experimenting again with custom recipes..

Like for dessert tonight I am having 50/50 chai latte/hot chocolate (suggested ages ago on the forums) - it's like a hot spiced chocolate. Sometimes I add a little pumpkin pie spice and sugar-free DaVinci pumpkin pie syrup. Num!..

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Omg am soooooo there with the hunger thing but am not bored with the food, do as everyone suggests try new flavors... as far as the hunger mine is more missing salt....I was never a salt person, always had a sweet tooth but since Medifast if I could I would drink the pickle juice instead of eatig the pickle but instead I guzzle and guzzle water...Try so falvor infusers those will suppress your appettie but be careful I saw one member refer to them as medicrack and I have to say thats soooooooooo true.....

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Hi everyone - thanks for the suggestions - I still have the same feelings - and will start adding some salt/broth as serveral people have suggested this. I wrote to the nutritionists as I was getting worse. Maybe knowing after my second vacation was over, that;s it till next summer - affected me.

I do eat a lot of different Medifast meals - except the soups - and for dinners I try to be creative every nite, especially with my veggies.

The suport here on the boards really, really helps. I admire all of you.

Thanks again.


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I find eating warm food makes me feel fuller and more satisfied than cold food when I'm really hungry. You mentioned that you don't like the soups (which I find really filling), but maybe you can up your oatmeal intake. Eat it as muffins or pancakes to give yourself some variety. Also, maybe you can add hot drinks like tea when you're close to your next meal but feeling a bit hungry.

Also, someone recommended on another thread to try Egg Beaters for the protein part of your L&G. 2 cups of Egg Beaters (and that's a lot of eggs!) will be uber filling. There's also the Boca Fire Grilled Burgers - you can eat 3 of them! I find eating my L&G at lunch time helps to really pull me through the rest of the day.

Something to keep in mind is a bit of advice I read in the Beck Diet Solution. Feeling hungry isn't an emergency. It's not like we're in a third world country and don't know when our next meal is coming. Your next meal is in 2 or 3 hours. Tell yourself you can wait because food is coming... Hope that helps, because that really helps me when I'm feeling hungry..

Oh! And some people have mentioned that when they're hungry, they usually end up with a big loss that week. SOO..usually when I'm feeling hungry I think about that and it makes the hungry feeling not so bad!.

I'm sending you tons of positive vibes. You're doing so well!..

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Make sure you are not spacing your meals too far apart.. maybe go for 2 hours apart for optimum effect. Also, you might be burning too many calories in the gym. I'm famous for that. I flat out do not lose pounds when I exercise over 45 minutes a day. And if I do ( which I often do, because I forget ) I feel rundown,hungry and just icky for a few days afterwards.. It's a real balancing act...

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