Hunger pangs during Medifast

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Here came the hunger pangs!.

I literally sailed through the 1st couple of weeks. Oh sure, I was tempted here and there, but blew it off so easy..I thought, man I got this licked..

Weekends (last time I was on MF) were hard. This time, no problem..

Then this 3rd week, yesterday and today especially were really, really tough! I stayed hungry all DAY! I'm really tired from a long day yesterday, but today just seemed really tough..

I hope it get's better. I'm thinking, if I follow the plan, I should reach my goal within 4-5 months. Which isn't _that_ long, but it means staying on the plan longer than 3 weeks!.


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I would suggest making yourself the chips with the soup mix or the pancake/waffles out of the oatmeal. It truly does help with those waves of hunger and wanting to eat the world. Sometimes the hunger comes one day and not the next so finding different recipes that can help works!!! The chips are great with salsa :-) You could even melt some NF cheese with some marinara if need be....

Hang in there!!! You will succeed!!!..

Comment #1

I am on week three and I had major hunger issues today.......I caved and ate an extra bar, cuz I was out and about and had no choice. (my fault I know).

But, even now I would LOVE to go downstairs and make something so I'm sitting here typing instead ~..

Comment #2

Yesterday, I was hungry and ate 6 Medifast meals instead of 5. I guess it's going off plan, but is it really so bad to have a day where you eat 90 calories more? It's certainly better than what I would have done to cure my hunger in the past! I'm more afraid of times I'm super hungry and cave to non-MF meals to make me full (hasn't happened yet but....)..

Comment #3

Hang in there....Am on week two and the hunger comes and goes but I keep reminding myself that this to shall pass and before ya know those pangs fade and I feel empowered for getting thru it....Take it miute by minute........

Comment #4

I don't think so. I think it's better to have an extra Medifast meal, than to cheat (as in eating a bag of potato chips...etc)...

Comment #5

I've done that. In the 2nd week, where I was out an about, and couldn't make a shake or prepare a meal, I had another bar. I don't really consider that cheating. It's not something to do on a regular basis. However, I think an extra bar, is better than getting junk food or something. As long as it's not an every day deal. Just my opinion, of course...

Comment #6

Thanks for all the encouraging notes. So far, I'm doing better today. I think one thing that hurt, was I wasn't able to get my shakes in, as usual. When I follow a schedule, and have a few shakes, it really staves off hunger. So today, I'm going to stick as closely as possible..

I did so good last summer (lost 35lbs) then I had surgery, which took me over a month to recover. I had to eat food with the medecine, couldn't exercise, and never really got back into full swing..

I did keep over 20 lbs off, so I feel pretty good about that. I don't have to start from square one..

Still, I want to reach my goal..this year! This time next year, I want to be on maitenance, and encouraging other MF'er's (that sounds crude doesn't it.....I mean..medifasters, of course. )..

Comment #7

I have a couple of tricks for hunger. The first is to notice it and to say to myself "I'm hungry now, but it's ok because I'll be eating again at x." Usually it's ony an hour or less away and it helps to calm me. Hunger goes away..

The second is to remind myself that not everyone eats every time they are hungry. It can be frightening to be hungry if you've not allowed yourself to experience it before..

I have a bright pink book called "The Beck Diet Solution." which is less about food changes than making behavioural changes to your mindset to help you be successful in whatever eating plan you chose. It took me a while to remember to repeat things like this to myself, and it feels a little hoakey, but it works for me...

Comment #8

AHH the dreaded third week..

Its like a DEMON comes around to say YOU CAN STILL GET OUT LEAVE Medifast IT DOESN"T WORK don't LISTEN.

Very few people who have been successfull on Medifast have gotten through either week 3 or week 4 without a visit from this demon. But what makes them successful MFers is that they didnt' give in!! You can too.

The great news is IT GOES AWAY.

Hang in there. Your weigh in may not be that great even though you stick to the plan 100%.

I dont' know why this is but I guarantee if you can hang in there and ignore those cravings and the possiblity of a not so hot weigh in on week 3 or maybe week 4 you will be SOOO thankful..

You can do it!!.


Comment #9

Hey Heidi! You and me back again. Nice to see you. Hope all is well. I'm not happy to be back here, but there's no better place to make it happen again. And wreak a little havoc. Might as well have some fun during the ordeal....

Great to see you......

Comment #10

Hey Dave!!!!.

Great to see an old face! WOOHOO ( I mean youthful but familiar face!!).

I feel so bad at going over into the twos again after all the nice gifts I got (thank you and Jan!) when I got to onderland.


Lets just do it this time!!.

Hope Jan is having a VERY successful maintenance!.


Comment #11

Last week was one of those weeks for me. I was hungry all the time. BUT, that has happened before RIGHT BEFORE I have a major weight loss. So hang in there, every time I get hungry, I feel really happy because it means that something good is happening, and the scale will show it the next day! good luck and hang in there!..

Comment #12

HeidiI'm so glad to hear you say this! I just started week 3 today. My weekly weight went up a little. I was also starved all day. Now I have the faith to hang in there...

Comment #13

I know what you mean. Today I had one of those hungry days where I was literally starving all day,I think I ate too many pickles to try and fill myself up...

Comment #14

So glad to hear others are having problems with week 3 too. The second day on week 3 was this past Sunday. I knew there was going to be problems when my husband and I were at church and he asked for a piece of gum. I said I didn't have any, but Stephanie (our daughter) does. So he asked Steph for some gum and handed it to me! They were teasing me all the way home about my dog poo breath, we were laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Then later that day, I was trying to eat the Chicken Noodle soup and almost gagged it up!! Also with most of my meals that I had to eat for a few days, I felt nauseous.

Also, I found that adding additional egg whites and more veggies during the middle of the day helped as well..

The good news is, I feel as though I am getting over that hump of the week 3 doldrums, however, I think I have only lost 1 pound! That's not cool! Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am not looking forward to it!..

Comment #15

My first 8 and I lost eight lbs. I was able to do some of my workouts too. It is a good thing to see some results off the bat - I just hope to keep up the good work...

Comment #16

With the pickels I know we are allowed 2 spears - the sodium is ok as the products are low sodium?..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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