How well does the hair and nail Vitamins work that you buy at walmart or VitaminShoppe??

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My first question is: How well does the hair and nail Vitamins work that you buy at walmart or VitaminShoppe??.

My next question is: Thought i'd start a thread on this, as I think it would be interesting to debate. As most of the regulars on here know that I'm using HGH and other AAS. Question - are the gains (if any) from GH worth the expense? Do we really know how effective GH is, as we all seem to take it with AAS, Example, I started my stack and I'm a good stone up, now that is obviously due to the AAS, so it's hard to judge if the GH has been effective and worth the expense. Now I'm thinking of staying on it for say 6 mths. So when I finnish my stack in 3 weeks ill just carry on with the GH. What are your thoughts on this..

GH is suppose to grow more muscle fibers, true? it's suppose to help you loose fat? but how do we really know this as we all will do lots of running and that to help burn fat so it's hard to monitor the benfit of GH....

LeeB I know your thinking of GH mate and your input here would be benefial mate....

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Do they make a big diff to gains then? (just curious, no intention of using it myself!)..

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Hi KittyKat,.

As with most other drugs, Steroids & HGH are controlled substances and I beleive they are only available legally in the UK under prescription for specific debilitating conditions or as part of a clinical trial..

HGH isn't the same as roids (in that ubuprofen and asprin aren't the same drug) but both are used in order to try and make the body builder bigger and stronger (just as both the above analgesics are used for pain relief)..

Hope that answers your question..

I'd be interested to see which provides the most value/size for money.....

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GH is/was used massively back in the 80's in order to quickly bulk up cows - I beleive it was added to their feed..

Sadly the GH they were using wasn't synthesised, and was taken from Cadavers... Which created the whole CJD (Mad Cow Disease) issue....

GH is now synthesised and the CJD causing part has been removed...

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Doctors now believe that test produces better and safer results - by and large the underdeveloped children were just late starters...

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Cheers ths!.

Just wondered wot the craic was with it, you hear and read so much bout it all the time you never kno wot to believe!..

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Interesting question... Perhaps too deep and meaningful in the context of the post (Why do doctors perscribe drug x over y, postcode lottery, Pharmaceutical company funded drug trials etc etc).

Can't find all the posts I had read previously....

BBC News | HEALTH | Concern over growth drug use.

Vitamin A:The Forgotten Bodybuilding Nutrient..

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Test ang hgh are two separate entities. one does not do the job of the other. hgh is most commonly prescribed to older adults these days I believe, as the new wonder drug for anti anging. it's also medically used for burns patients and to treat infants with an under active hypothalamus.

As far as bodybuilding goes, I can't imagine a pro today not using it. we aren't pro's however, and in my experience is wayyyyy over rated. igf-1 is pants, mgf you can keep also. 200 worth of testoviron will do a lot more than 200 worth of gh. but these days, everybody takes everything it seems.......

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I do agree with you - partially. Test & HGH are separate products just as in the analgesic example I listed above. Both products do cross over in the fact they accelerate muscle development..

HGH is used for Anti-Aging in the fact it regenerates cells - muscle cells, skin cells etc but it still has some worrying side effects - Acromegaly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia would be one (See Richard Keil (Jaws) and Dalip Singh for naturally occuring untreated examples of this), spade hands, enlarged organs etc etc..

But we are probably now going waaaay off thread..

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I agree it's hard to tell if it's giving decent gains considering it's normally taken with AAS. One thing I can definately say is that cuts, bruises and minor ligament strains heal a LOT faster with HGH. I am still amazed at how quickly I recover after rugby matches. I'd take it for that benefit alone! Its got to be doing something good to give that effect...

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I thought that HGH makes more muscle cells and aas make the cells that are there bigger/stronger so it puts on more size than strength?..

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Quoted from: Jintropin HGH.

Does both.

Therefore... HGH and AAS would in theory be a better combination than just AAS on their own, as HGH can the ability to develop new and repair old...

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Has anyone done a cycle of HGH? If so what measurable gains did you have...?.

(N.B. - I'm not looking to do a cycle... Just looking to determine what gains were had...)..

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Mate personaly, I would not bother with GH, I don't think the gaines are worth it in fact surgery may be a cheaper option lol, only kidding there,, ive been on HG for around 3 month now and just ordered more..

I think it all comes down to money the more you got the more your prepared to waste and obviously try different things out..

Now I'm not saying Gh dont work and aint worked for me, I just dont think the gains are bigger enough to warrant the expense 1 2 0 for 10 days.....

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Allo mate - what gains have you had over the three months? Have you run it for 90 days solid? What are the sides?.

Wasn't really a money question - just trying to establish what goes on with hgH..

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From the guys I know who use it, ul onoly get decent effects if you use it for a decent amount of time ie 6 months to a year. The you will see good results. I think your plan is good Ali M - after the cycle use it for a further 3months andthen ul see the real benefits..

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I dont see the point of doing hgh unless youre at an advanced level of training...

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As a substance for getting big I agree that you'd be better off with steroids (and it's a lot cheaper).

However, I've found that even when I'm taking in serious amounts of calories I don't put on fat when using GH. I'm really noticing this right now as I've just run out of GH and I can't get more at the moment (Western Union are being gay and won't let me send money for some reason). My cycle includes 350mg/week Eq so my appetite is ridiculous right now (I even wake up in the night because I'm so hungry). After 2 weeks without GH I can tell that I've got a bit fatter. While on the GH I was actually losing fat despite putting on serious gains..

Its also great stuff if you've got any injuries. I've also found that cuts and bruises heal faster on GH...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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