How to survive a business trip while on Nutrisystem?

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I anticipate this is going to present some challenges. Please share away any advice on how to stay on program even while traveling for business!.

Airlines don't serve food anymore, so one challenge down......

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Your question was: How to survive a business trip while on Nutrisystem?.

Can you take the bars with you? You can obtain the flex plans by calling NS, I'm pretty sure. Make sure you eat a lot of salad and try to do it with nonfat or even lowfat dressing in moderation. Make sure when you get cooked veggies they aren't covered in grease or oil. Try to ask for stuff thats low sodium so you don't balloon up with water weight..

That's about all I have =(..

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Hi Paintedscribbles -.

I too have a full week business trip coming up. Fortunately this one is in Maryland and not out of country where things might be a bit more difficult.

Here is my 100% plan..

The hotel I am staying at has a fridge and microwave in every room. If there wasn't a microwave in the room, I think I would try to have the hotel folks let me borrow or have it done for me. It is their job to accomodate, right! I have talked to the staff and confirmed online there is a market within walking distance. So as soon as I get into town, I'm going to go shopping and get all of the essentials to get me through the week. Bringing a backpack and I'll get a nice walk in while shopping. I'll pack my meals and a few random items like disposable plates/forks.

If I end up going out to dinner, I'll have salad with chicken. but that would only be one night, the rest of the time I'll eat in.

This is a VERY different way for me to eat while on a business trip. I typically look foward to going for nice dinners that I don't have to cook every single night. BUT, my Nutrisystem plan is more important. I am fortunate that I am traveling alone this time and I don't expect to see too many people I know that would invite to dinner, lunch, beers, etc.

Planning is key. You can do this 100% but you definitely have to plan for it. I advise looking into the hotel accomodations, what is around you, and researching the restaurants/markets. Good luck to you! Safe travels...

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One more thing....

I'd say the first step is determining if you REALLY want to be 100%. If you do - you'll find a way, resist temptations, and have a successful trip...

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Here's what I've done for work conferences. If I'm traveling by car I pack a cooler with my favorite no cook or microwave only add ins. I take prepared salad bags, cucumbers, baby carrots, green peppers etc. to make salads and my favorite salad dressing. Hormel luncheon meats, cheese sticks, FF yogurt and whatever fruit is in season, hard boiled eggs. If I'm really together I'll cook some chicken so that I can use that rather than some of the cold cuts.

I also pack (but not in the cooler) my bottled water, herbal tea bags, nuts, paper plates/bowls and plastic silverware, and a mug that can be microwaved, dish soap, a cutting board and a paring knife. To this I add my Nutrisystem meals with some extra lunch bars.

Then I make sure that I'm staying in a hotel that has a microwave in the room or access to a microwave (sometimes in the breakfast area if free breakfasts are included). So far I haven't had to stay somewhere that I couldn't have access to a microwave when on a business trip.

Then I look over the schedule. Are there times that are going to include business or group meals? I save my bars for these meals so that I can order salads. Are they going to be having breaks with pastries or other problem foods out and visible. Then I take my regular lunch bags/boxes and bring my snacks with me. You can use your Nutrisystem dessert as a snack time meal and then your regular fruit and protein after dinner if you like. The more I can plan out ahead of time the better.

If you get involved with eating dinners out with others try to guide the choice of restraurant towards something that is Nutrisystem friendly or bring a lunch bar with you. Be familiar with the flex plan so that you know what items you are supposed to be eating at each meal (how many proteins, fats, carbs etc.) that will help you make appropriate choices at restraurants.

If you are flying to the conference it's a little harder. I pack my breakfast bars, oatmeal, lunch bars and some of the lighter dinners (the hamburger works well. I've heard of people measuring how much water they use in the add boiling water cup dinners and then taking those of out the cup and putting into ziplock bags to take and then making them in a coffe mug.

Once I get where I'm going and know whether or not there is a fridge in the room I go shopping and get whatever fresh foods I can to bring back to the room. I tend to have to flex more meals out if I've flown to where I'm going, but the more I eat straight Nutrisystem the easier it is for me to stay on plan. How long I'm going to be away from home makes a difference too. Remember about the liquid rules when you are flying. Most of the dinners and the the microwaveable lunch cups all contain liquid and will have to be checked if you take them with you.

You can survive a business trip, but it takes a lot of pre planning and deciding that you worth the time and trouble of making it work.

Good luck on your trip...

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Wow TZ- you are really dedicated and that was GREAT advice!.

You should go with "Painted" and help out for the first time! lol.

In fact you should go with all of us.!..

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My biggest tip for restaurants...instead of veggies ONLY order plain lettuce or uncooked veggies. Every time I order them at a restaurant they come out shiny and when i've asked for them to be done again they come even greasier. You could easily blow 200+ calories on a serving of veggies that should only be 50...

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