How to stop Nutrisystem auto delivery?

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Think about it. You can delay as long as you want but if you really want to cancel you have to call NS...

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Your question was: How to stop Nutrisystem auto delivery?.

Thank you. I have to say I am disappointed with the program. I am in my 4th week and have barely lost 5 lbs. I work out DAILY for a lot longer than 20 minutes and I have faithfully followed the food plan but with very little success. I cannot afford to keep paying the cost of this program and not see results...

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Just my two-cents worth, but if I were you, I'd call and speak to a counselor about the lack of success you're having with the plan. Maybe they can give you some tips to help you do better? But if it's not the plan for you, which is no one's business but yours, then I second what NSEater posted - get some kind of confirmation info when cancelling your ad...

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How much longer do you work out? What exactly are you doing for your workout?.

How much weight were you hoping to lose?.

Are you drinking all of your water and eating all of the food, including add-ins?.

You are losing just over a pound a week. Without knowing any particulars, that really does appear to be a healthy weight loss.

That being said, only you can decide if the program is working for you. If you answer the questions above, members may be able to make suggestions...or confirm that 1 pound a week is indeed all you can expect to lose and be healthy..

We all want the weight off now! Even though I know I didn't put it on overnight...most of the times it sure feels like I did!..

Comment #3

I just started Nutrisystem again, and due to heavy financial debt and need to scramble for cash, I need to cancel the plan, much as I hate to. I did get 2004 rollback price for my first ship. I did read if I cancel, Nutrisystem will come after me for the shipping and adjusted price savings of over 80+ dollars anyway and make me pay 100.00 or so of the 280.00 I would have paid for the 2nd auto ship????? Is this correct? Do I need to put a hold on my checking acct. to stop them from taking funds out of my bank for product I already paid for?..

Comment #4

I do believe they charge you for the shipping, which makes sense, really, as free shipping is only for auto delivery orders..

As to the other charges, I don't know. You may want to try delaying rather than cancelling. I'm not even sure you can do that after only one shipment, but certainly can't hurt to try..

Best of luck to you...

Comment #5

This is not for us to answer.

Whether it's correct or not - you need to contact NS..

As for honoring your end of a contract (if that's the case), that's up to you, not us...

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Hang in there. I did that my first month but went on and lost 30 lbs. I am a slow loser...

Comment #7

One pound a week is 52 pounds a year... that's the way I'm looking at losing one pound a week...

Comment #8

I only lost a pound a week, but 65 weeks later I was in size 4s (and 2s) instead of 16s (and 18s)..

Comment #9

Let me ask you a question. If you weren't on Nutrisystem would you have lost those 5 lbs? Don't think of the negative be positive about what you have lost. You are probably losing inches if you have been totally on plan. If you're not then you just need to call a counselor and let them help you. It's really very simple. They give you the tools and knowledge to succeed, it's up to you how you choose to do it.

It's totally up to you how you do it. It has worked for millions of people, don't give up it can work for you also. Good luck to you, Nancy..

Comment #10

That's a little over a pound a week. That isn't bad at all! Are you SURE you are following the plan exactly? Eating EVERYTHING? Not drinking any alcohol? No "cheat days"?.

I'd sure call a counselor and have them check before you give up. I didn't lose much at all my first 3 weeks, and then went on to lose 45 pounds in 6 months...

Comment #11

The program really does work if you follow it 100%, every single day, no cheating. Most find exercising to help as well. I would really consider talking to a counselor and see if maybe there is something you can do to enhance your weight loss!.

I canceled my AD once I reached goal by calling customer service, it was really easy. I know many continue to receive the food in maintenance, it's a little high sodium for me though...

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