How to stop gagging from Nutrisystem foods?

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I have had extreme problems with some of the Nutrisystem entrees. I had 3+ of the chicken salad entree in my box (which I didn't order), so I figured I better try it. As I poured it into a bowl I started gagging from the smell. It was like cat food! I added tomatoes, hard boiled egg and a little pickle relish to it. I was still gagging, but was able to swallow it, without chewing. If I run out of food I can tolerate can substitute real food that follows the guidelines?..

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Your question was: How to stop gagging from Nutrisystem foods?.

Melodramatic much? Maybe this isn't the plan for Jenny...

Comment #1

Lol, I enjoy your 'food is fuel' messages. You word them in a way so as not to be ... I don't know, gross?.

Anyway Kim, yeah, you can sub normal food in. I don't have the stats available to me but probably someone will post them for you..

If you have a number of foods you don't think you can tolerate, sending them back is an option. I got the 'favorites' kit when I started for some reason I'm sure made sense at the time... but given what a picky eater I am (don't like peanut butter, don't like spicy, don't like oatmeal, etc) it really made no sense at all. I sent about 40 items back, cost me about $11 in shipping, but I got a nice sized box of things that weren't making me unhappy to look at.

It's simple, just call them, tell them how many of each breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack you want to send back, and what you want to replace them with.

You may also want to consider trading or selling them, there's a thread for that, but to me the direct exchange seemed easiest...

Comment #2

You can call customer service and exchange the rest of the pouches for something much more pleasant. They'll trade out anything if it's under 30 days... even the free foods...

Comment #3

My sentiments exactly...Don't get discouraged, keep track of what you do like and go from there with you next order. Do not give up and try Jenny just yet. Have you seen the latest commercial with Jason Alexander. My daughters fix comment (at 19) was...that freaks me out. Ditto. Continue trying other foods you wouldn't necessarily eat, it might surprise, but stay away, stay far far away from things in pouches..


Comment #4

I actually did come up with a list of 10 Nutrisystem Ruleswhich I think are hysterical of course..

I doubt most would find them to be funny and so I'll just sit here and resist the

Okay, here's a teaser (or three):.

Rule #2: That Nutrisystem item you really love? Yeah, there will one of those in your box.....

Rule #9: the folks at Nutrisystem are STILL laughing that all of us continue to try to "add hot water and let soak for 7-10 minutes"one of their favorite little jokes!.

Rule #10: nothing that comes in a cup can be microwaved for anywhere NEAR the time suggested on the container..


Comment #5

Well I guess I break both of those rules. All of my cup meals come out perfectly every time and I never have them boil over as long as I follow the instructions on the package properly...

Comment #6

I felt the same way with that chicken salad - ugh! But I found that there were a lot of other options that were good for lunch. You can take an ounce of real chicken breast and make salad with a ff mayo and eat it over lettuce. Then with this you can eat a chocolate lunch bar. Makes a great lunch!!..

Comment #7

The tuna and chicken salad are great if you put them in the fridge. also I add finely chopped celery and use my dinner fat and add 1 tsp of mayo and it makes all the difference....chefsofree made used whole wheat pasta so ive been doing that with fiber gourmet pasta and it's like a tuna macaroni salad instead of using the melba toast.

Search the recipe boards you will find that people have such clever ways to make the food even better. ive found that without these boards and the veterans giving stats that I would have been starving without reading all the tips and their wisdom..

Good luck!..

Comment #8

I too, was surprised at the chicken salad when I opened it. I had previously decided that food is fuel and whatever I get I will eat, it doesn't always have to taste wonderful as long as it is doing the job. Anyway, so I poured the chicken salad over several cups of lettuce and stirred it all up. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the flavor but honestly, by the time I was taking my last few bites, I realized I wouldn't have minded more. You just have to get over the color and texture but mixed with greens, it is almost like a dressing and it really isn't bad...

Comment #9

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think I will go through my box and collect the things I really didn't like and send them back...

Comment #10

Make sure you call customer service before you return them, and have ready the names of the entrees you would like in their place orgnaized by breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks...

Comment #11

You could have just said this instead of the very descriptive post in the beginning. Try to remember that the food you think smells like "XXX-XXX" is food other people eat every day..

I know everybody has opinions of the food, but please try to keep others in mind when writing about your displeasure. Thank you...

Comment #12

I find if you make sure it's really cold and add canned chicken to it and wrap it in lettuce - it's really good. I think of it as a flavored mayo really and not chicken...

Comment #13

She's a newbie so she prob didn't know you can call customer service and exchange food =/..

Comment #14

So far, there is only one dinner I like (lunches are fine). Aside from being boring, is there a reason why I couldn't eat the same thing every night? I already plan on stopping Nutrisystem after the second month, so I could probably do it for that long...

Comment #15

Or you can try to trade it....just a thought..

Http:// st4600516..

Comment #16

+1. I've never liked tuna of any kind, so that one's out for me, but the the chicken salad is not bad at all if it's been in the fridge. I don't order them often... there's a lot of other lunches I like better. But I certainly dont find them repulsive..

To best of my knowledge, no reason why this would be bad. I'd get bored but rule #1, if it works, do it. Planning to stop Nutrisystem after the 2nd month though...well... I hope that means you either will have hit goal by then, or you have far better self-discipline to not just grab what's quick and easy than many other people I know...

Comment #17

I love the chicken salad straight out of the pouch and put on an Arnold's thin or Bagel thin (it squirts out the bagel hole, though). I don't refrigerate it or add anything to it. I usually order only the chicken salad and the trail mix bars for lunches now.

One man's (or woman's) trash is another man's (or woman's) treasure. I treasure my chicken salad!..

Comment #18

Which one did you like and which ones did you dislike? If you tell use those then we can probalby help point you towards the right items for you.

But there is no reason why you couldn't eat the same thing every night. I know many people do that with the chicken or the pizza or the hamburgers...

Comment #19

I only have a few dinners that I like, too. My orders consist of mostly the italian herb flat bread pizza. I eat it almost every night!..

Comment #20

If the food made you want to gag, then it made you want to gag. This is my first week doing NS, and after almost 21 meals, I have only found 2 that did NOT make me want to gag- or cry in disappointment. An old Smart One in my fridge is looking better and better every day...

Comment #21

I realize that. I was just pointing out an alternative way of asking..

No offense. You can complain all you want about the food. Not all the food is for everybody. What you love, I may not and visa versa..

No problem complaining about the food, there are so many people that like and dislike everything in life. However, many people take extremely descriptive reviews on the food very personally. Right or wrong, it is just like having your spouse come in, look around, sniff at your Nutrisystem food (or any food you may prepare) and say "That stuff looks like crap. It's disgusting. How can you eat that slop?".

I'm just saying that there are better ways to vent your disappointment than calling what I had for lunch gagging cat food...

Comment #22

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone is different and this, too, will pass.

Considering that there are members who claim to order 28 of the flame broiled beef patty every month, there shouldn't be a problem.

If you do decide to go after the second month, then I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey...

Comment #23

Does anyone have a recipe that would use up all the split pea soup I have accumulated, because I just can't get that one down. decbride..

Comment #24

Some of the dinners are great. Have you tried all of them kimrobin 1?.

Beef patty is great and just like a hamburger.The chicken breast is great. Versatile. I made fajitas out of mine the other night and it was wonderful. It is just chicken as I see it. If you like pizza,they are good too and can pile high with veggies...

Comment #25

That flat bread is the only dinner I can tolerate, or at least don't dread having to eat...

Comment #26

I make my burger the way they say and season it. I know some add Worchestershire sauce to the water or hydrate in beef broth. Do not like burgers?? Since I am on maintenance I have only had one chicken breast and fell in love with it. I will order more of those when I get another order...

Comment #27

You weren't happy with the food in your first post on these boards. Sometimes, it is a matter of adjusting expectations; sometimes, it is mental attitude; sometimes, it is a reality. I customized my Costco 35 day order and I liked nearly everything, but I ordered things I liked normally if I were ordering in a restaurant or preparing them myself..

If you like the Italian flatbread, the rest of the Italian type entrees are real winners. Both the meat lasagna and the veggie lasagna (I pefer veggie) taste better than what I can get from my local pizza place. The pasta fagioli is almost on target with the taste of the Olive Garden version..

I don't do much of the cup type things except the Cream of Broccoli soup, bean and ham and chili. The trail mix bars are fabulous and I keep them for use when out and about..

Yesterday, I had the cream of broccoi soup. I made it a little thicker than the directions and used it as a sauce over my veggies. Sometimes, you have to see what can be done to provide variety...

Comment #28

Am I the ONLY person who likes the chicken salad?..

Comment #29

I agree with this. First time I had that pasta fagoli, I thought this tastes just Olive Garden. The lasagna's are not what you expect to be in a fresh lasagna but it is very good. Love it.

I do think attitude has a lot to do with it, and cleansing your body of the previous fat and sugar changes your taste buds eventually...

Comment #30

Birdie you and I are just alike...I LOVE my hamburger and I use plenty of Worcestershire sauce in the water when it hydrates. I also LOVE my grilled chicken breast. I shred the thing, add some BBQ sauce and nuke till scalding and then pile it on a sandwich thin with lettuce for a fabulous shredded BBQ chicken sandwich..

Other than those two things, I eat both pizza'a, the meat lasagna and the rotini...I do great with those and using grilled salmon some nights! Keeps me totally happy!.

Personally only 2 things made me run for the trash and spit them out...Veggie Fajuitas, and Chicken and dumplings...but I was prepared to eat the cardborad of if made me loose weight. It's all how much you want it...

Comment #31

Heh. Be proactive and visit the recipe board. If you can't do that, I'm sure that Smart one will still be there...

Comment #32

You've only been on Nutrisystem for a month, so surely you haven't tried most of the entrees. I'd give them a try before claiming the pizza is the only thing you can tolerate. You might be surprised......

Comment #33

Personally only 2 things made me run for the trash and spit them out...Veggie Fajuitas, and Chicken and dumplings...but I was prepared to eat the cardborad of if made me loose weight. It's all how much you want it.[/quote].

Funny..I avoided the Veggie Fajita for almost a year due to the reviews on it. Had one back in January and loved it! Just brings to light what everyone is saving...everyone's tastes are different..


Comment #34

Nope! I love it! I usually either put it on top of my lettuce salad, or I eat it in a low-carb wrap with some slices of cucumber and red onion YUM. But we may be in the minority LOL..

Comment #35

I like it too. I always roll it up in Iceberg lettucetastes okay..

I had two "oh!" moments just a couple of weeks ago. I had been avoiding the "chili with beans" cause it just didn't look good but I finally tried it last Saturdayit was actually pretty good..

Likewise, there is a "cheese and spinich ravioli" thingy (with meat sauce) that just didn't look like anything I would likeand it turned out to be really good..

One poster said "I'd have eaten the cardboard if it would help me lose weight" and I suppose I can echo that..

I really had no expectation the Nutrisystem food would even be edible before I ordered. Overall, I've been pleasantly surprised!.

MOST of it is at the very least ediblebut then again, I didn't expect it to be when I started..

I think some of it is fabulous and most of it is better than "okay". There are only a couple items I simply can't make myself eat..

Judging by the success I've had so far, I'd say it was worth it to have ALL of the food items and to stick with the plan..

I didn't intend to buy pre-prepared gourmet meals. I intended to get items that would help me take control of my weight and eating.

My feeling is I got all that and so much more.


.....and I still can't eat a "wrap" of any kindLol!..

Comment #36

I love the chili too. Just got a bunch of them from Big Lots. I dump on a salad and makes a nice Mexican type salad. A little fat free cheese and ranch dressing or sour cream. Yummy..

Comment #37

Chilling the chicken salad first helps. I mix it in with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, galeos dressing, onion. Mix it all up and you cant even find it in there. Can put shredded cheese in there as well. Mix all well...

Comment #38

I like the chili and beans warmed slightly and served on my salad...sort of makes me think I'm at Taco Bell I've enjoyed the SW style wrap, and I can tolerate the other two if I cook them in a fry pan to sort of dry them out a little. I prefer those served on my salad too...then I just eat the tortilla or whatever carb I choose on the side. Gotta love those "oh!" moments I agree with your sentiment about taking control of weight and eating (and cooking LOL)...congrats on your success!..

Comment #39

As was said on the first pages.... don't eat them. Call customer service and exchange them. There is on reason why you have to eat them if you don't like them other than to have a reason to complain...

Comment #40

I have the chili along with the evening snack. The cheese nacho crisps go great with chili, a little low fat cheese and sour cream...

Comment #41

That actually sounds pretty good! Thanks for sharing a great ideaI'll have to try that.


Comment #42

No way! I love it!!! I jazz it up with additional chicken, sometimes add chopped red onion and finely chopped mango (that version is great on Nutrisystem friendly crackers or flatbread). Another version, I add cooked whole wheat macaroni (for the carb), additional chicken, and whatever else suits my fancy and serve that on a salad. I also love to spread a pretty un-jazzed version on bagel thins and LF shredded swiss cheese...then melt it under a broiler...YUM!!! The chicken salad ROCKS!!! (so does the tuna!)..

Comment #43

I am going to start on my Nutrisystem food tomorrow and enjoyed reading about everyones favorites (or not). Lots of tips that will come in handy. Of all the reviews I've seen throughout the posts, the wraps seem to be the least liked. I think I will try one of those first just to see what all the commotion is about. I think I am going to be like the poster who implied she'd eat any Nutrisystem food if it helped her lose weight. You have to really want it, I guess. I've got a history of eating too much food I was crazy about - it's time to start thinking about body fuel and not so much about taste buds...

Comment #44

Pat, one thing that helped me w/ the food taste was to do an advanced search of the recipe board for fix ups, when I decided on the meal I was going to eat, I typed in the name of the entree and looked at the recipes others had made with it. I lost 60lbs and kept if off 2 years, so this program does work. Now I am back to lose the rest. It's a good program and with just a little creativity the food can taste really good...

Comment #45

After reading the boards, I was sure I would not like the wraps but since they were in my first order, I tried them. Guess what...I actually enjoyed several things I was dreading. I like the BBQ pork wrap (I only ate half the pork as it was way too much filling for the wrap) but next time will put on WW bread instead of the wrap since there was so much filling left. I also liked the chicken wrap and the sloppy joe (use WW bread to get 2 slices) which also made a large quantity..

Personally, I'm very glad I gave everything a try. There are some items I don't like but if they come as part of the free food I will eat them...

Comment #46

I think I've missed some information somewhere. When and where can we add carbs? What is the flex plan? Where can you find fat free cheese? I've been sticking to diet in the pamphlet exactly, well except for last night. I had a real BBQ hamburger. OMG! O.K. back to NS...

Comment #47

After having read this post first thing this morning, I was dreading trying the chicken salad for the first time today. But I followed someone's suggestion and drizzled it over spinach and it made for a pretty good salad!..

Comment #48

The information is easily found as it is usually posted each day in response to someone's question. Do you have over 100 pounds to lose? If not, you don't add a carb..

As to where you can find fat free cheese, I live in a rural area and it is easily available in a supermarket here. Imagine all the places available in a city!.

Flex plan? Don't ask about that until you can manage the regular plan..

File this info away somewhere:.

Carbs = anything 120 calories or less, but try to stay around 90-100 cals if possible.

Fats = around 45 calories per serving.

Fruits = around 60 calories per serving.

Dairy/Protein = anything with at least 7g of protein 3g or less of fat and 100 calories or less per svg.

NOTE: one 8oz svg of yogurt per day with 100-120 cal is OK.

Veggies = about 20 cal/svg 1/2 cup cooked to 1 cup raw minimum of 2 servings a day.

Free Foods = A food that is 20 calories or less... You can add 2-3 free foods to your meal plan.

From posts of info received directly from Nutrisystem counselors:.

1 Vegetable Serving = 5 g. carbohydrates, 2 g. protein, 25 calories.

1 Fruit Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 60 calories.

1 Low-GI Carb Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 3 g. protein, trace of fat (3g or less), 80 - 120 calories.

1 Fat Serving = 5 g. fat, 45 calories.

1 Protein (lean) = 7 Grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 55 calories.

1 Dairy (or Dairy/Protein) Serving = 12 g. carbohydrates, 8 g. protein, a trace of fat (3g or less), 100 calories.

NOTE: I have also seen 7+ gr protein & no more than 3 gr fat, and the occassional yogurt at 120 cal - for a dairy/protein serving in the E-Classes with Mary Gregg, Nutrisystem nutritionist.

Free Foods = A food that is 20 calories or less... You can add 2-3 free foods to your meal plan.

This was posted by the Dietitians on the Ask the Dietitians Forum:..

Comment #49

Pat you are so right! I never really focused on how much I loved or didn't love the Nutrisystem food while I was losing my weight. The truth is my "love of food" was the problem to begin with! I loved it TOO much! It was good for me to get away from that mindset...

Comment #50

I love the chicken salad- it's fully 1/3 of my lunch orders- either in a salad or on a double fiber english muffin (which is a little over on calories)....

I'm going to try that chili bean thing- it sounds great!..

Comment #51

I like the chicken salad once it is refridgerated with added celery seed and pickles, pepper. It is weird, I agree, but I do order it and eat it. You can get used to anything...

BTW..I cheated on friday and bought a Filet O'Fish sandwich in the drive thru...(was starving and did not have my meal bar w/me,etc.) and I have to tell ya, after getting the "runs" the next day, that chicken pouch looked better to me! LOL!! Funny, after you have been on teh Nutrisystem program for a while (since October for me), the "normal" fast food crap is well....just that! sorry to be graphic but I am always glad to be back on track w/NS. The "detours" are so not worth it! GEtting used to unusual food on the program is interesting and eventually very tolerable!.


Comment #52

You have to read the package. The burger, chicken breast, fajitas and chicken salad and Tuna salad and perhaps one or two others that you add a carb too. It is on the back.

I like low carb tortillas and Oroweat/Arnolds sandwich thins. Sarah Lee light buns and light bread...

Comment #53

I haven't had any of those, but I have bought Arnolds sandwich thins to use on days I flex. Even then, I have to keep the thins in the freezer as the bread would go to waste...

Comment #54

Yes, that is what I do too.

You need to try the burger and chicken breast. Yummy..

Comment #55

That's why I stick to the basics. You learn what's for you on your first box...

Comment #56

For your answer on where to find fat free cheese...are you in Canada perhaps? Because I've never found fat free cheese here, we have light cheese.. but that's about it. When I was on weight watchers a few years ago I searched high and low and couldn't find it anywhere!.

We also don't have the greek yogurt here yet either. Everyone talks about that on here and it made me want to try it but apparently it's only available in the States for now...

Comment #57

I'm actually in a small rural town in Oregon. We have one grocery store. No fat free cheese in the entire store. I will have to drive to another town, I guess, to find it...

Comment #58

I make my own yogurt and Greek yogurt. If you want the equivalent of Greek yogurt, just strain your plain yogurt (commercial or homemade) in a sieve or clean tea towel over a bowl. One cup of regular yogurt will make about 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. I leave the yogurt in the strainer (I have a Donvier Yogurt Cheese Maker) overnight, toss the drained liquid and put the thickened yogurt in a clean container...

Comment #59

With the exception of the "beans, rice, sausage lunch" meal, my general Nutrisystem rule (#4 in my list of rules) is.....

"if it comes out of a pouch of any kind, do not look at, do not smell it, do not try to fix itwrap "it" in lettuce and quickly eat it".

Most of the "rules" I've devised I should probably just keep to myself.


Comment #60

Melodramatic much? Maybe this isn't the plan for Jenny...

Comment #61

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