How to stop cravings during Nutrisystem?

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Starting my 5th week...lost 13 lbs right off the bat...gained 5 back after the 3 1/2 week mark because I got the cravings back for fast food and a nice glass of wine when I come home from work.

What is your words of advice to people like me? You feel like you're doing better than ever...but then that self sabotage mode seems to creep in and you give up the fight on cravings..

I would love to get some advice because it's reallllllly hard when you know eating the bad stuff will make you feel better emotionally...

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Your question was: How to stop cravings during Nutrisystem?.

How do you feel about yourself right now, knowing that you've gained back 5 of the pounds you lost?.

Eating the bad stuff doesn't make you feel better. It numbs you for awhile, but in the end you feel worse, don't you?..

Comment #1

Food is NOT entertainment! It is nothing more than gas for your body. Remember that. It doesn't make you feel better, you've just convinced yourself that eating it makes you feel better, so you do. I agree with the other great do you feel now? Simply tell yourself no outside food...none and stick to it. Good Luck...

Comment #2

The emotional connection is very deep. I'm not the happiest right now and it's the one constant that does make me happy...even though after I gorge my face I'm not..

UGG..what to do. HOW DO YOU DISCONNECT THAT PART OF YOUR BRAIN? It's the hardest thing I've ever done...

Comment #3

Try putting a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you eat something off plan, snap the band hard. Worked for me when I was getting over biting my nails...

Comment #4

It doesn't really make you happy. You have to believe that before you'll change. It gives you something to do and sends chemicals in your brain off so that you feel satisfied. That's not true happiness.

Find non food things that make you happy. Learn to substitute those behaviors for eating...

Comment #5

I don't know more of an emotional eater than me (I've kept life: all scary things at bay by building a wall of fat around me most of my life). Food has been everything - solace, comfort, stress-reliever, happiness-sharer, anti-depressant, boredom-reducer...and it's not like I don't have stress in my life (try living with a VERY stubborn 92-year-old, who thinks half of what I tell him is lies). I'm not very happy, myself..

But what makes me happy lately is getting on that scales and seeing even the smallest drop in weight. Last week I struggled with a two-pound gain because I wasn't eating when I should and didn't get my veggies and water in over the weekend. But instead of my usual M.O. (being defeatist and giving up and diving into a big bowl of...whatever) I got mad. Those two pounds were coming off!!! And they did..

I keep hearing: Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels. I'm afraid I don't completely subscribe to that philosophy...because there's a LOT out there that tastes DANG GOOD! But I've made a commitment to myself that no matter how good something may taste, I'm not going to let that control ME..

You can try all types of tricks and devices to try to stop you from giving into your cravings. But the bottom line is you have to WANT the weight loss more than you want to eat the bad stuff. You have to start believing in yourself, and believe you can be in control of what goes into your mouth, and your relationship to food. (You really CAN, you know.).

I've come to the realization that this will be a life-long continue eating healthy and controlling my portions. Nutrisystem is such an amazing tool, because they've made the plan easy AND delicious. You have to take things a day at a time. NOW...stop beating yourself up because of your slip-up. Decide tonight that tomorrow you will eat 100% on plan. That's all you have to just do it TOMORROW.

Baby steps...little successes...believe in yourself!..

Comment #6

I occasionally hear an evil voice in the back of my head saying "C'mon Matt, you've been rockin' this thing, you can have some ice cream now.".

I've been able to mentally club that voice into submission and eat more salad. It hasn't been easy... but actually I do make it a point to *always* walk down the ice cream aisle at the grocery store, *Every* time I go in, even if I'm just buying fruit, veggies, and yogurt. I still go down the ice cream aisle, look at it, and say "Nope, I'm stronger than that.", and keep on moving. It's become my ritual / test / reinforcement thing...

Comment #7

Really well said, Jansy! Keep up the great work! To the OP - I hear ya, I was 3 pounds from goal, and I went and gained a da** pound! Nobody made me do it, there are no excuses, I ate too many "extras" and got lax in paying attention. Being mindful of how you're feeling can help...if you feel lousy and think a snack will help, give yourself about 10 minutes just thinking of your goals, what you've accomplished, etc. That can help. Be accountable, log it all, post it on the boards, nothing was harder for me than changing my weight ticker UP another pound, but I did it. And I'm working hard today to get that pound off again Find some non-food rewards, maybe a book you want, or something pretty just for you. Keep at it, stay on the boards, find some people to talk it out with, you'll make it if you want it..

Comment #8

Eat huge salads. Cut out alcohol for the duration (at least). Join a challenge. Post a lot. Espouse hard coreness and don't condone cheating. Record your weekly weighins on your page as Kelley_ does (or your signature until it gets to long) so that you are "out there".

Lather, rinse, repeat...

Comment #9

Also try coming here, BEFORE you cheat and making a post that you are tempted/about to. I bet you get talked out of it...

Comment #10

When you want to head out to the fast food joints, look in the mirror and see what that behavior has already done. Are you making a change for a new you, or staying on the same road that you have been going down already? The only one that can make that decision is you. If all the junk that makes you fat makes you happy, and you have no power against it, your wasting the money you spent to on NS.

There are "fast food" options on the program.

Have the Nutrisystem hamburger when you want to go to those fast food places...fries with that? you might as well open the bottle of oil and take a swig. You say it's lunch time not dinner and the hamburger is a dinner entree...switch them around. Have your lunch entree for dinner that day. Make the plan work for you. Don't give into temptation! It's like the cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Flick that little red suit guy off your shoulder and listen to the good choice.

Another deterrent...when you want to eat, and you know your craving, not hungry...brush your teeth...remember drinking orange juice after brushing in the morning...yuck.

Look in the mirror, picture what you want to look like, then say do I really want that greasy, fat laden hamburger from Micky D's?..

Comment #11

Farkle fats -.

Excellent advice posted here - read it and think it through. You are in control. That's it, pure and simple. If you want to lose weight, you need to have the commitment to work the plan. And if you slip up, and I have on occasion , then dont use that as an excuse to keep on with the uncontrolled eating, but start the next day re-focused and rededicated.

Join a challenge/group that will help you stay accountable. (Look under the challenge central board under the heading Support Groups) As a confirmed nonjoiner, this worked for me. I was in the last King of the Hill, and am signing up for the new one starting up this week. Basically, you log your weight each week and as long as you lose (or maintain for a week) you're in. There was a great bunch of people who encouraged each other, even those who dropped out stayed around to support the rest. I thought I could do this on my own, but had better results when I had to publicly be accountable for my actions..

GOOD LUCK and stick with Nutrisystem - it works ! ( I've lost 70 pounds )..

Comment #12

Lots a great advice here. Please be sure you are using the MindSet Makeover. That's going to help you figure out why you are turning to food for comfort rather than sticking to the program.

Here are some ideas I use to help keep me on track and out of the 'fridge & cabnets when I'm not supposed to be there..

Keep a before picture on the 'fridge.

Keep a written list of why I want to loose weight and read it often, and whenever I'm thinking about eating off plan..

Keep of list of things to do besides eat when I get a craving. Pick something off the list to do before eating something. Or two things. Usually if I can busy my hands with something else the desire to eat off plan disappears..

Take a walk..

Journal my foods..

Try on clothes from my closet... look to weed out the ones that have gotten too big and decide which of those I' haven't been able to wear I can now.

Spend time on the discussion boards...

Comment #13

Can't help you on the wine....haven't figured that one out myself yet. Good thing for me is that I love red wine and it is just too hot to enjoy it right now unless I drink it at 7:00 a.m. That is too far even for me!.

Fast food requires a car to get to. List out your personal goals for losing weight on a sticky note and slap it up next to your speedometer. Read them and think about themreally thinkbefore you go for a burger. Once you've thought if you are still waivering, drive around the nearest block five times as you think further!.

Good luck. You can get over this. Once you break these patterns you'll be amazed that you were ever in that mode and pretty darned pleased with yourself on top of it..


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