How to stop cheating while on Nutrisystem?

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I committed the big cheat last night. I ate peanut butter right out of the jar by big spoonfuls. It gave me indigestion. It also made me feel like a complete failure. I had been walking and swimming and working out in the gym last week and to eat the tremendous amount of calories that was in the peanut butter seems despicable to me. As far as my weightloss I am at the point where I always seem to give up.

I am at 207 right now but I have been here so many times before. I want to break through this barrior and continue on but how badly have I sabotauged myself this time? I feel so disheartened right now...

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Your question was: How to stop cheating while on Nutrisystem?.

Don't beat yourself up over one little slip. Get right back on plan 100% today and forget all about it. Focus on now and on how much you want to get to ONEderland..

The cheat isn't as important as what you do AFTER you cheat. Are you up for a 100% day today? I DARE YOU TO GET BACK ON PLAN AND STAY THERE!..

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I agree, my slip over the weekend was eating out one afternoon. While the food tasted good going down, the old familar heartburn and stomach pains that I don't feel when I stick to the plan made me realize it's not worth it. Now I know that cheating is not a good habit, it did teach me a valuable lesson. The more we stick to the plan and healthy eating, the better we feel and hopefully those wayward feelings will go away with time...

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Been there/done that. Try not to dwell and move on from this point forward. For some reason I always tend to sabotage myself when I meet a goal. One cheat does not a failure make. Just don't let that one bad episode turn into a pattern..


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Okay...peanut butter ingested...but brand-new slate (and stomach!) today!!! And today is all you need to worry about.

TODAY you are going to be on-plan 100%. Don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow...forget about yesterday, that's day-old news. Done. Overwith. Finito....Buh-bye!!.

I had two desserts last night ()...because Sundays are always a problem and I didn't get all my water in and all my I was ravenous (physically and emotionally) last night..

But so what??? I'm back on program this morning and will be all day!!!.

Start kickin' butt and takin' names!!! Rock this day!!! And leave yesterday where it belongs...behind you!..

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This is the post I needed to read today! I went out for girls day on Saturday and splurged a bit on food and drink. Definitely noticed it on the scale. I was unsure I should get on the scale but I'm kind of glad I did. Having a few too many drinks really makes a difference - I'm assuming mosty water retention..

What really matters.....

I made better choices than I ever would have in the past..

I got back on track Sunday..

I'm on track today..

I'm optomistic for staying on plan!.

This is so different from past weight loss efforts!!!!!.

Hydrating today!!!!.

Gkampff - you can do it! We can do it!!!..

Comment #5

To Err is human, to forgive, divine!.

We are all human and prone to make mistakes. Chalk this up to a human fault and move forward and beyond it. We don't get do-overs, but we learn from the goofs (and believe me, I've had my share of learning experiences).

Yesterday is gone, today is here, and tomorrow will come - - - what will you do for today and tomorrow?! Chunk the temptation foods, drink lots of water, and show food who's boss!..

Comment #6

I also 'cheated' this weekend. I had fries WITH ranch! lol We were unexpectedly gone all weekend and went to a friend's going away party. It was hard but it could have been worse.

Today I'm back on 100% and I'm going to fit in some extra exercise. In the scheme of things it's just a little bump. It set me back a pound or so but so? That's one extra week before goal. As long as I can keep that under comtrol and not give up, it's ok!..

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Hey everyonei am in my 5th week on Nutrisystem and the weekends are THE HARDEST THING FOR ME!!!! my DH and I were at my mom's this past saturday and went and at this place called WINGSnot the best choice......i ate completely off plan and I paid for itwe had a 3 hour car ride home and I made my DH stop at a rest area because my stomach hurt so much and I had such bad painful gas from eating that food.

Will I ever learn? I hope so. i'm down 7 pounds so far and I am hoping to break into the 180's by my WI on friday...

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Segregate. Stop allowing PB in your house. Or if you have to have it there for others, make a section of the cubboard or fridge that is "off limits to you..

And eat big salads...

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Drink lots & lots of water, & jump right ba"see"k on program, &, though your weight might rise a lb. or two for a day or two, you won't have done any serious damage to your weight loss. Stay with the program, & you'll be under that 200 mark in a matter of a few short weeks. Pls hang in there & break that barrier! On"see"e you've done that, then you'll feel better about yourself & your ability to "see"arry on with your program to your final goal, & on into maintainan"see"e...

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