How to speed up weight loss with Nutrisystem?

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I'm 8 weeks in and only lost 9 pounds! Not very motivating to me at all. Not to mention that I work out at the gym using the bike, weights and organized classes (which last an hour) at least 4-5 times a week..

I've tried eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, but it did not speed up the weight loss at all..

I don't know what else to do. I'm really bummed..

I didn't want to be on this more than 3-5 months as it is quite expensive. Personally, if I'm not going to lose that much weight on this, I can't see spending this kind of money. I need to lose about another 10-15 pounds for me to be happy..

Is anyone else having a tough time losing enough weight? I'm beginning to feel it's not advantageous to stay with it..

Any tips or support would be greatly appreciated..

P.S. One thing I did think of is that maybe I'm replacing fat for muscle. What do others think?.

My clothes are fitting slightly looser, but I have not gone down in size at all. I do, however, notice a change, although slight...

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Your question was: How to speed up weight loss with Nutrisystem?.

I'm sorry you're not happy. You're falling right within the guidelines of what is 'normal' though 1-2 pounds a week.

I do think it's entirely possible that you're converting some of those chubs to lean body mass as well! How are your clothes fitting? Do you have more energy? Do you notice a change in your face? Those are all indicators that things are going right, even if the scale is being stubborn.

Whatever you decide to do, congrats on your loss so far, and I wish you the best of luck in continuing..

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There is plenty of information available on the discussion boards that will help you follow the principles of NS, whether or not you continue to buy the food. Remember, you can also extend the period of time between your auto deliveries as well, while keeping your discounts. After the first few months I stretched out my auto deliveries to every two or three months, and supplemented with Nutrisystem food purchased on Craigslist, the trade thread, and at Big Lots. Also, I started eating non-NS foods that have comparable stats...

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Thanks for the input. I think I will get May's shipment and then stretch it out to every other month or every two months, supplementing with non-NS foods. Great idea! I have also found a lot of things to buy that stay within the guidelines of Nutrisystem eating; comparable calories, fat, fiber, and protein. I will be more diligent in finding these replacements for Nutrisystem foods in the grocery store and hope that I can at least keep the current weight loss going without having to deplete so much money all at once..

Yes, I do notice a change in my face, my arms and especially my middle; not huge, but it's there. My legs...not so much yet. I guess that's something. I was just wishing to buy new clothes by now at a smaller size (which hasn't happened yet)...

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I had to lose 20 lbs before I could go to a smaller pants size.....

Are you eating all your food and add-ins. You must make sure you are not starving your metabolism by thinking "I'll skip the fruit today, or I'll skip dessert..." All the food is necessary to lose weight (and this is a strange concept to most of us!!).

Hang in there. I was able to stretch out my 4th autodelivery over 8 weeks by flexing and staying in the Nutrisystem guidelines..

I am now 1 lb away from goal! DON'T QUIT your weight loss journey - YOU CAN DO THIS!!.


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