How to prepare veggie crumbles for Medifast?

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I made them last night (deeelish with onions and red peppers-thanks for the idea!), but I followed the bag's directions of using a tbsp of oil. 14 g of fat later....I dont' think that was necessary..

Will some spray or something like suffice?..

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You can just nuke them and season them how you want. I like Bragg's Liquid Aminos and black pepper. Then toss with some veggies. Easy and yummy!..

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You only get 2 tsp of healthy a fat serving per day. So you went over your fat allowance by 1 tsp. Also, onions are only allowed as a 1 condiment for 1 Tablespoon chopped. Red peppers would be weighed after cooking and you would get 68 grams or 1/2 cup..

You can just dump your portion of frozen crumbles in a bowl and microwave for a few moments. You can also put them in your non-stick fry pan (Pam or no Pam- it's your decision) and cook them for a few minutes. I stir mine to make sure they thaw evenly..

Directions are not to be followed all the time!! Especially on the back of food packages.....

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I nuke them until they are completely thawed' then add them to whatever I am cooking. 1/4 cup from your L/G portion makes the Medifast chili great!!..

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I don't think onions are OP - only scallions?..

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I put them in a corningware dish, put some green beans on tope....then some mashed/whipped cauliflower and a sprinkle of low fat cheese...baked it at 350 for 25 mins.....just like sheperds pie..

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Not really sure what 'veggie crumbles' are, but this sounds yummy, I will try it..


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Good with shiritaki and sauce, too. Great for tacos (lettuce) wraps. I only use PAM, never oil and with seasonings, it comes out just fine. I met someone is Target who said she only uses the crumbles for tacos, never even uses ground beef anymore...

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Veggie crumbles by Morning Star Farms can be used for anything on the regular message boards that calls for extra lean hamburger or ground turkey, cooked and crumbled. You just get a lot more..

Microwave them with a little water, throw them in with your veggies in a skillet with some Pam, or just put them in the sauce or soup broth you are cooking. The texture stays the same whichever way..

If you're good at measuring to split your lean you can mix them with some Mori Nu tofu and spices to make a burger pattie or meatloaf too.

A thin slice of onion is a condiment option, not sure it's on the list but you can search nutrition support it's there.

I use mine for anything from sloppy joe on cream of tomato bread to fake lasagne using zucchini as the noodles. They taste good in your medifast eggs if you eat those too..

Once you discover theese you really dont need to buy hamburger anymore. That's why I love 'em!..

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