How to prepare chicken in Medifast?

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I need some help with the chicken in the chicken noodle soup.......

It's like eating little pebbles...ugh! I am "nuking" the soup as per directions.....any ideas???.

Today I sorted out the "bits" and added 1/2 oz of leftover chicken I shredded from last nights dinner.......

Is it me or did I just come upon a few "bad" envelopes of soup?????.


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All the soups are better if you soak them (mix with water and let sit in the fridge) before you cook them. I always cook mine on the stove, with extra water and some chicken buillion (count your condiments). I let it simmer for about 20 mins with the lid on. Turns out good every time..

Good luck!..

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I let it soak for while before I microwave may help you, too. Softens things up. Same with the beef stew and the chili...

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I microwave the water, mix it with the soup and let it sit covered on the counter until it cooks off. then I put it in the fridge and it's my lunch for the next day. the soup turns out nice and thick and the noodles and chicken arent hard. I discovered this accidently when I forgot to put it in the fridge after I mixed it lol..

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Does anyone know if soaking the oatmeal overnight helps? I have tried it like 4 times, also have tried muffins and pancakes......and I still almost gag when eating it...

Comment #4

I have never soaked the oatmeal, but I cook it on the stove with some extra water. I let it simmer until it is the consistancy I like (I prefer it kind of soupy) and add some cinnamon. Again, count your condiments. It's quite good this way!..

Comment #5

I soak all the Medifast foods that take water for at least 2 hours before I heat/eat them. It improves their consistency a lot. I've had stuff soak in the frig for up to 2 day with no issues..

Yes it helps the oatmeal out a lot...

Comment #6

Its not really the consistancy....its mostly the smell. I just cant get past it. thank goodness the other Medifast foods dont smell like the oatmeal!..

Comment #7

I absolutely detested the chicken noodle soup until I made it into chips- I don't have the recipe memorized, but it's easy to find. I use the chips for dipping salsa. Surprised myself and just ordered another box!..

Comment #8

Condiments are your friend!!! lol.

Frank's RedHot is God's gift in my book. I put it in nearly everything. Just use in moderation cuz it has lots of sodium. I have also used pickle juice and celery salt in the tomato soup(sounds weird, I know, but it kind of gives it a bloody mary taste) and top with a few soy crisps. This is actually one of my favorite concoctions...

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As for the chicken noodle soup, and the chili for that matter, I don't have the ability to cook it on the stove (we only have a mocrowave at work) and frankly one of the things I like best about Medifast is the convenience. If I had to soak, cook, soak, refrigerate, etc. I can assure I would have a Snickers bar while waiting!! LOL.

I heat it up according to the directions, or a little longer, until it comes to a boil. Then I let it cool almost completely (about a half an hour), then I nuke it again for a minute and it is perfectly soft...

Comment #10

I prepare as instructed. Then I take it out of the microwave and cover with tin foil for 5 or more minutes. Add a little hot sauce and it's good to go!..

Comment #11

The soup just vexed me at first, always exploding in the microwave, no matter how low the power setting and still tasting "crunchy". I bought one of those ceramic cups with a handle and plastic lid, and now I put hot water in the cup with the soup or chile, cover it, and leave it over-night in the fridge. the next day I heat it in the microwave. No more explosions and cursing, lol. And the soup and chile is soft and really pretty darn good!..

Comment #12

This may sound gross, but I kinda enjoy the hardness of the chicken bits lol. for some reason, the texture of the soupswhether they come out great or notis enjoyable to me..

I also find that the soups come better if you boil the water first, then empty the packet right into the water...

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Hi! Have been at the beach and just got back online thanks for all your suggestions! Will definitely try the "soaking".... now just have to get back on plan as I have been only 50% on.....................................................................

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