How to overcome emotional urges during Medifast diet?

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The past few days I have wanted (actual have) nibbled food that I should not be eating. I know having these bites will take me out of fat buring. I have done well so far with the program , I have no problems eating the meals and I am drinking all my water (+) some. I am not really hungry. So how do I get over these emotional urges? I am feeling my coach has been non existing and not fulfilling the obligation of keeping me accountable like I asked when I signed up for the program. The online support is great, but sometime you just need that face to face conversation. Any suggestions or words of encouragement would be great...

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STOP now so you dont't have to start over! You don't want that! I haven't started the program, but ordered it and trying to get into the mindframe to change my life, know that this has always been an up and down battle. Often I want to eat out of boredom, or just 'cause... so I am trying to prepare for this... Do you have any hobbies? What I want to condition myself to is when I am "wanting to eat" just because, I will : paint, sew, read, maybe plug in an exercise dvd... change the action. We can try it together! I found (at Walmart or Target) walking tapes by LESLIE SANSONE, these are great, for 12-60 minute exercising you can do right in your living room.

I love doing them daily. I do have several and switch them out, but there are a couple that have a one to eight mile workout... you can do it in pieces... anyway, so when I am wanting to eat my plan is to do something constructive. So far it helps, even with out MediF..

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Repeat to yourself as many times as it takes... "This will still be available when I am done with the weight loss phase of this lifestyle change. I do not need it right now. I do not want it right now."..

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Thanks Lori....I needed that today I just love you guys <3..

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It is based on a signature line I saw from someone on these boards somewhere... I don't remember it exactly but the gist is "This will still taste good after I have lost my weight."..

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I have been through the same thing and it's been a major way of life for so much of my life. Its a big obstacle for me. And when I feel that urge I sometimes need to literally talk myself out of it, thinking as they already said it will be available when Im over this part of my journey. Its a huge mental hurdle in my opinion. My advice is stay strong and find someone you can call, email, meet up with when you feel yourself feeling those urges. I have had to litterally call my coach when I have been to the point of almost no return.

Find a way, you can do this. Hugs Amy..

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I'm all for talking to myself (or rather listening) when this happens. You said you aren't really hungry, then you must recognize that it's not a "physical" response to your diet. Listen to yourself when you recognize it's not hunger driving you to eat the bites, tastes and licks (BLTs). Then do something else to immediately distract you.

I find myself lurking in the same direction sometimes. In fact, I actually *think* I crave food that I normally would not even eat (like Strawberries!). Since I am very analytical, I started to evaluate why was drawing my attention. It's the COLOR! Crazy, but the more colorful a piece of food is (especially if I am not suppose to have it), then the more I am drawn to it...

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I am so glad I caught this post. For the first time in five weeks since I've been on the program, I "intentionally" ate five crackers (they are a really good brand, no sugar, etc. and it was only 40 calories for the 5 crackers) with my chili. I don't know what in the world caused me to do that. I haven't done it before. So weird.

What is it that possessed me to desire something to eat? Thanks for the great reminders everyone that we DO NOT have to do this. It will still be there when we reach goal and it will still taste good. All good things come to those who wait ... so now, I need to wait!..

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When I get this feeling I have my optional snack, like sugar free jello. Or I chew a piece of sugar-free gum. It gives a burst of flavor in your mouth but you are not cheating...

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I have yet to try the Medifast chili. I'm new to the program, day 4, and do love me some chili! How is it? Is it worth ordering next time?..

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I am new to MF, but I have tried the Chili. It is really good, and does really taste like chili. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should use the amount of water the package suggest (or it will be like chili soup), and you have to tweek it a little for your personal taste and texture. If you cook it according to the directions, the bean in the chili will still be hard. Also if you like your chili spicy, you may want to add chili powder, red pepper powder, or Franks Red hot sauce for an extra kick..

I hope this helps.

Be Blessed,.


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A good mantra I read somewhere on the boards is "I already know what that tastes like. Now I want to know what healthy feels like"...

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I just read this thread this morning...I'm new and get my food Monday 6/21/10. I can understand the original posting by deniserose...and also by all Medifast members. Emotional eating is usually triggered by environment or I wonder if I take myself OUT of those environments if it will be easier to stay on plan? Case in parties, or anywhere that I may get hungry WITHOUT my Medifast food/and a plan?! We all struggle with this in some way. I'm glad I have the support of members here on the board. And do you get a coach? Hugs and happy Friday!..

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Deniserose, you got some good advice! I also want to suggest that you buy one or more of these books. I believe it is crucial to work on emotional eating issues while you have the safety and structure of the Medifast program, so that you will be prepared once you hit transition and maintenance.

1) Dr. A's Habits of Health and the companion guide, Living A Longer, Healthier Life, both by Dr. Wayne Andersen, the co-founder of Take Shape For Life and the medical director of Medifast. Chapters 1-5 in the book, and Lessons 1-2 in the workbook will help tremendously with motivation. You can get these through Take Shape For Life, Medifast Direct, or Amazon..

2) The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person, by Dr. Judith Beck. Teaches you how to respond to those sabotaging thoughts that tempt you to go off your plan. Available from for about $2, plus $4 shipping. Get the original book (pink cover) rather than the workbook..

3) 100 Days of Weight Loss, by Linda Spangle. Short chapters on many topics that will help with weight loss, including emotional eating. She has other books as well, and a website that you may find helpful..

Also, I agree with Amy. If you are struggling, take the initiative and call your coach, and then follow his/her advice. It is a partnership, and the more "coachable" you are, the greater your chance of success.

Best wishes on your journey!..

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I didn't go out to eat for a loooong time to make sure I could handle it...

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Love love lovin' this saying!! It's so true and so my new motto!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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