How to order Nutrisystem foods?

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So, I have a big brown box that I have yet to open, therefore, 28 more days of 100% NS. But, after that I'd like to mix things up a little bit.

Can I do SOME frozen and some not? Can I do this while doing, say, the flex plan? Do I understand correctly that the flex plan is 5 days on NS/2 days off? In other words, would I get 20 days of Nutrisystem food (assuming there would be 8 days off plan?) And if this is the case, can I do some frozen meals and some non?.

Jeese, my apologies if I'm confusing anyone. I'm confusing myself.


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Your question was: How to order Nutrisystem foods?.

I know some of the veterans can answer better than me. I can share what I am doing, and planning to do down the line..

I started at the beginning of March. I have learned little by little how to flex SOME meals, (oh, about 3-4 meals a week) so that I don't have to eat Nutrisystem meals 3 times a day, 7 days a week. I still rely on Nutrisystem entrees most of the time.

I am starting to mix in more flex meals (my own cereals, my own lunches, like tuna, turkey sandwiches, etc, and dinners like grilled salmon, small sirloins, chicken and salads when eating out).

My plan is to mix in more and more flex meals (non-NS foods) as I go along, and use Nutrisystem entrees off and on during the week, since they are soooo convenient and healthy.

My last BBB came after 7 weeks, (and I still have food left from the last box) and I plan to start moving them out further and further, so that they come every other month, then every 3 months, so I can keep losing and THEN MAINTAIN for years to come..

I believe I've seen several maintainers do this - receive their auto-ship about every 3 months..

Hope this helps?.


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Donna and Michele-.

Thank you, this is very helpful! I think I jsut need to get brave and learn to flex a little bit.

Ok- another question, can I delay my AD on line? Is it easy to do? How long will they let you delay for?.

Thanks again!.


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To delay your order, go to the "my account" link in the upper left corner of your screen. When you click on that, you'll have to sign in again. After you sign in, you'll see a link that saysI'm paraphrasing since I'm not looking at that page"Manage my auto delivery." Click on that, and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter a new shipping date. I'm not sure off the top of my head how long you can delay, but I think that it can be several weeks. (Perhaps someone who knows the exact answer to that aspect will chime in.)..

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Jeanie, it's ok to be confused. We don't learn unless we ask questions right? I am flexing but I'm doing the 2 week flex and I also have the select for 1 week now and then. You just replace a Nutrisystem meal with one of those, but don't do more that one frozen entree a day, it's a little higher in cals, etc. So I just pick which meal during a day that I want to substitue with frozen and go for it. That way it lasts longer too. Hope this helps, good luck to you, Nancy..

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Then I guess my question would be...if you start to add some flex meals (and I probably won't for at least another month) and you do your very best to keep to the Nutrisystem guidelines for proteins/low GI carbs/etc. would you still anticipate a similar rate of loss?? Or does flexing slow you down noticeably??.

I cannot remain on Nutrisystem indefinitely - funds are tight (and before I get the standard answer of "I spend less because now I don't eat out so often" - I very, very rarely eat out at ALL...maybe twice in the past six months and I basically have no entertainment budget...we've just had a lot of major expenses that have really made a dent in our financial situation)...but don't want to slow my weight loss down sooner than I have to...

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Flexing should not slow you down. But you need to use other foods that match the stats pretty close. I have found pancake mix that matches, some Schwann's entre's that match and an assortment of other grocery items that match. I understand the financial part, but I would encourage you to flex sparingly in the beginning - so you can stretch out your order. Then get another order in a month or so, just to keep you honest<G>..

There are lot's of recipes at Cristina Grey's site for flexing..

If you keep the calorie intake about the same and look for the fat, protein, fiber content you should be close. Also watch the carbs in some of the grocery items - they can be high..

The hard part about flexing is the fact that you HAVE to measure - you can't just eyeball 1/2 cup..

Good luck!.


And the black mini poodles..

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This sounds VERY similar to what I want to do. Some frozen Nutrisystem entrees, some shelf Nutrisystem entrees and some meals on my own. Thanks for explaining that so well.

I think today or tomorrow I will call a counselor, get it all figured out. After almost 4 months (which will be after I'm done with my full box now) I'm sure I'll be ready for a nice change..


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Thanks, Nancy. No I don't want to start flexing too soon...I would like to lose as much as I can staying on program completely. I'm hoping to manage another couple of months before I start stretching those orders out!..

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