How to make tasty Medifast scrambled eggs?

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My oh my. What am I to do with these scrambled eggs? This is the only thing I don't enjoy...

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Here's what I do (I'm sure there are many ways to make them tastier, but this is my own quick adaptation):.

First, I cook the eggs in a skillet, which seems to make them tastier. I use a bit of PAM in.

The bottom of the skillet. Then, when the eggs are done cooking, I put them on a plate and cut up one wedge of Light Laughing Cow cheese and sprinkle the cheese over them.

So yummy!.

There are many Medifast recipes you can use the eggs in, too. "Muffins", "Cookies", etc. I've not tried them, but I have read about them here and on the blogs...

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Thanks Kathylynn. I cooked them in the microwave. This is just day 4 and I'm still going by the directions on the package. I need to learn to experiment...

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For breakfast - less than 150 calories for the whole thing, I ate "fried radishes" - see the recipe section, plus a chicken & wild rice omelet..

1 pack chicken & wild rice soup, soaked overnite in 6 oz water,.

1/2 pack scrambled eggs.

1 whole egg.

1/8 tsp baking powder.

Mix 1/2 pack of the Medifast eggs into the soaked soup, plus 1 egg, plus the baking powder. Beat well and let sit a few minutes. Pour 1/2 into a sprayed non-stick pan. Save the other half for later.

I use the My Plan page to keep track. I could not believe how few calories. \.

I'd like to thank whomever came up with frying radishes.

Hope this helps..

P.S. The eggs are also better when mixed in the Medifast blender. Add a little hot sauce and cook in a skillet..

You'll do great. Be creative! And if you come up with anything new, be sure and post it..



Comment #3

Try this....

I put a little bit of butter flavored Pam in a skillett and cooked as if I was making an omlet. Then I topped with 2 tbls of slasa. The Salsa made the difference...

Comment #4

I will echo some of the comments above, especially the one about salsa!! I am also on day 4 and had the eggs twice so far. Both times they were pretty good. Here's what I did:.

1. Mix eggs with water in magic bullet or blender.

2. stick in the fridge for a little whilethe longer, the better (I did about 15-20 mins, but longer wouldn't hurt).

3. When it is time to cook, pull eggs out of fridge and sprunkle in some Mrs. Dash (I used Garlic & Herb).

4. Spray nonstick pan with Pam or alternative..

5. Let pan heat a moment on medium-high.

6. Pour in eggs. STEP BACK! They are tempting to start scrambling, but you want to wait until they start to set up a little on the bottom.

7. Once the bottom starts to set, start scrambling as usual.

8. When cooked to your liking, remove & place on plate with a few tbsp of salsa over the top. YUM!.

I haven't yet tried to make anything else with them, but I am dreaming up an omelet or something for next weekend.....

Comment #5

Here's what I do.

I let them sit in water for like 10-15 minutes..

I spray my skillet with pam..

Add eggs let them start setting up..

I add some frozen spinach that I drained and a sprinkle of fat free feta crumbles, and either a mushroom cut up or a little bit of cut of tomato, salt/pepper.

And then sorta fold it all together till it's all warmed and cooked..

I do count the veggies towards my green, but it's been so long since I medifasted... I forget how to count the feta! But I do think it's a rather tasty way to enjoy the eggs with my own version of a Medifast Greek omelet!..

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I tried the eggs again yesterday (before I read your comments) with spinach. There's some kind of after taste that I can't get past. The salsa will certainly help. These boards are so helpful...

Comment #7

I am sorry but I never could stand the eggs... don't understand WHY there is even such a product... why not use egg beaters? I always have and has never affected my losing the weight... so far 160 lbs gone.. 15 more to go. Plus using egg beaters is so much cheaper.


Comment #8

A lot of people have touched on the key to the Scrambled Eggs, which is to cook on the stove, not the micro, makes a world of difference. I have them almost every day, they're one of my favs. So, just for fun, I'll share my prep: First I shake 'em up in the shaker jar with a teeny bit more than the 4oz of water that they call for. Then, as I prep my pan and prepare any veggies, I shake the eggs again every so often. I use butter flavored Pam, and depending on my mood, I'll either saute up some mushrooms, maybe some cilantro, Rotel (be careful with the serving, as it has carbs), or maybe even some black forest ham. Then I add the (now well-shaken and blended) eggs, let them start to set up, sort of scoot them to the center of the pan so the rest will cook, give them sort of a flip, let 'em finish cooking and, if I did them plain (well, usually with black pepper, never plain-plain) or with just veggies, I'll put 2 tbsp of salsa on top, and maybe serve with a wedge of Laughing Cow, which I just take a bit of with each bite.

Ok, I've waxed poetic about the Scrambled Eggs enough. Then there is the alternative, they may just not be for you, I know some people just plain ol' don't like them!.


Comment #9

I love the eggs but they have to be well mixed and cooked on the stove, not in the microwave. I have only had them plain or with a little ketchup. I can't wait to try to the other stuff listed on here! Thanks all!..

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I love scrambled eggs. I mix mine up and let them set, then add 1/3 cup or less of liquid egg whites (counts toward lean). Then scramble in butter flavored PAM with just salt and pepper. I never microwave the eggs always on the stove. I am finding out that most Medifast items ( soap, oatmeal eggs) taste much better if you let them hydrate ( I let my soups soak all day until lunch time).

Hot sauce does wonders to cahnge the flavors as a last resort!.


Comment #11

I Followed the directions for the stove top method on the side of the box and then threw in a few diced up mushrooms. After they were like scrambled egg consistency I transfered them to a plate and put about a tbspn of salsa on top. I was surprised, I really enjoyed them, it reminded me of an omelet, maybe next time I'll add a small amount of ff chedder cheese. Also it was a nice size serving, I wasn't hungry for my meal three hours later...

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Just tried the eggs for the first time. I was very hesitant to order them, but I know I eat too many bars and not enough other products. I made them on the stove top, added salt, pepper and tabasco. I enjoyed them. I'm sure the hot sauce helped alot..

Comment #13

I was not fond of the microwave eggs. After reading this thread, I tried them on the stovetop and they came out sooooo much better!!! Especially topped with the Laughing Cow cheese and salsa! Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #14

Because I'm off soy except once a day, I'm eating lots of the eggs. I saut a zucchini in Pam until it's soft. Then pour the Medifast eggs on top with 1/2 c. of eggbeaters. Then top it with measured parmesan cheese. YUMMY.

But if I'm really hungry, this works to fill me up so well......

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Eggbeaters are similar, but they don't have the vitamin mix that our bodies need, so I use the Medifast eggs. I tried to go just using eggbeaters and my hair was falling out. I don't recommend switching up foods....

Personally, I use warm (almost hot) water to mix the eggs up. I mix it VERY well and then I use 1 pat of butter (counts as healthy fat) and fry them in a small omelet pan just like regular scrambled eggs. It tastes great, almost the same! I put the regular seasonings on it as I would on regular eggs too...

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I really, really, really don't like eggs - powdered or otherwise. However, I have gotten used to the Medifast eggs (how I make them) and I actually really like them now. I add bacon salt and a Lite Laughing Cow cheese wedge when they are almost done. Of course, like everyone above, I make them on the stove - can't stand them out of the microwave. The bacon salt is available on line - believe it or not it is a vegetarian spice and reminds me of bacon and eggs on weekend mornings!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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