How to make Nutrisystem food taste better?

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I'm on the nurtisystem D plan, I'm on day 3, and the food taste horrible. I can see how people are loosing weight, because I can't stand eating the food. Am I missing something? I'm ready to return the food. Any helpful tips, something I'm not doing or getting? HELP!!!!!..

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Your question was: How to make Nutrisystem food taste better?.

Please don't give up, you'll find items you really like! And better yet, you'll love the results!..

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Thanks ladies, I will call Nutrisystem and talk to them about doing food exchanges with the items I don't like and I will look for more creative ways to fix and eat the foods. I haven't had the chicken breast yet, so I will definitely try that tomorrow. If there are any other meals that are good. Please let me know. So far I've only like the blueberry muffin, nutricinnamon cereal and the chicken noodle soup...

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Before you call to exchange the foods, do a search for the entree and see how others are fixing up to see whether it appeals to you. In the beginning your taste buds are used to high fat, high sugar food and many of the diet foods aren't appealing. Some times a quick fix of some spices, adding a LF laughing cow wedge or just adding in your vegetables improves the taste of the meals. For some of the breakfast scones, wrapping in a damp paper towel and microwaving for 10 seconds, or slicing in half and toasting it and then adding some SF jam or a few sprays of ICBINB is all it takes..

For search, go to Search, Advanced Search, select Titles Only, select Show Threads (towards the bottom) and type the name of the entree in search box. You can limit the search to the Food Talks & Tips and Recipe sections to help narrow the results...

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Also, you may find some helpful tips in this thread...

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Tastes vary widely so what is one person's favorite may be on your garbage list and vise versa. There is also no way to know from the names and descriptions which of the meals you will like so you really have to try everything at least once.

Some meals you will probably like as they are right out of the package, some you will like with the right fix-ups and mix-ins, and others you just won't like. Many folks have reported that their tastes change after being on the program for a while. It can take a few weeks for the taste buds to adjust to a low fat diet.

Best of luck...

Comment #5

Everybody has different little "fixes" for the food - keep in mind that you don't like every entree in a restaurant (at least most people don't) so not likely that you would like all the entrees here. However, I have found that all the entrees can be made to taste good (or at least palatable) to me with simple additions. All I have to do to the red sauce meals is add a little Splenda (I like my pasta sauce sweet), but I also add sauted mushrooms, onions and peppers to many things (my husband makes really wonderful ones for me, and as soon as I run out, he makes more). But honestly, to have the results I have had, I would have been willing to eat the cardboard the meals came in if that was necessary to get control of my weight! The first month is when you figure out which entrees you like or don't like (keep in mind though that your tastes will change so you might want to try them again in a later month), and then just order your favorites in the future. I like many of the meals so much that even though I reached my goal more than a year ago that I still take an auto delivery every two or three months...

Comment #6

So true! Sign me up for the cardboard club. I've been maintaining for 5 months now and still order a box every couple of months since I love many of the foods..


Comment #7

I was on no food, then liquids, when I finally got food it was not so good. Cardboard has to be better. Thanks for the tip on spicing up the food. I will be grilling lots of vegatables this summer. I guess I can also add spices...

Comment #8

Chopped tomatoes are your friend..

As is chicken broth.

Chili powder.

Hot sauce.

Use the spices you like and make the dinners taste they way you want them to taste. You can't expect gourmet from a pouch. Keep at it. It works...

Comment #9

I was having issues with not liking some of the foods too, but I went to The Recipe CLub (under Tips & Recipes) and there are a lot of ideas and ways to fix up the foods...

Comment #10

After 2 months, I have gotten so many ideas here, and come up with my own, that there are only 2 Nutrisystem meals I can't stand (haven't tried everything, but I've had a pretty big mix). Even the soups I can turn into something awesome, instead of just soup. I'd say it's two parts commitment, and one part practice. Hang in there!..

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Wow, trust me after day1, I was ready to quit. Everything I picked out tasted gross to me. I love the breakfast & sweet dessert items though. My 2nd box has pretty basic foods that are almost impossible to ruin..

I can't say how much I love those damn muffins. They're even better when heated up for a few seconds. I ordered the ham soup (still left over from box 1), but I've been kinda scared to try it. lol..

Comment #12

I love the chicken breast shredded and mixed with barbecue sauce on a roll and the beef patty, hydrated turns into a real hamburger to which you can add a roll and whatever you like on it. I like mustard, pickle, onion, ff cheese, lettuce and tomato. I order the food now just because I like it and it's so convenient. Don't give up so easily...

Comment #13

I make almost everything spicy with crushed red pepper. and you get used to the food and I love most of it now. You have to get used to it and 3 days isnt giving it enough time...

Comment #14

Has anyone done the frozen food plan? Are those foods better?.

I am on the regular ladies program and am going through the food adjustment. There is an aftertaste that I am not used to! But I want to lose the weight and will stick with it, trust I get used to the foods, but I still want to know how people like the frozen food option..

Thanks in advance,.


Comment #15

I can choke down anything to lose weight (9 lbs in 2 weeks). There is such little food in a container, it is not a biggy to me. I just ate Cheese Tortellini and it IS awful- sometimes after a few bites things get better- no this. So ate it fast and made a note not to get it next time. Think that is only my 4th item in 2 1/2 weeks. By the time you add all the other stuff you could have had 3 swallows and be done! lol..

Comment #16

I'm with you mini. I just figure "hey I got this way because everything I ate tasted so good"....right now i'd stuff anything down and that's the truth....

But I did change my second order substantially. breakfast and lunch is ok, I rearranged the dinner quite a bit and ordered one week of the frozen just to try it..

I'm going to get this weight off no matter what I have to do!!..

Comment #17

Mini..I do the same thing with the Cheese fast and forget it..I really dislike tomatoes, I think they are EVIL but I have learned to eat them fast and wash down with something I like. I will eat whatever I have to to be able to get down to my goal. I have even started drinking V8hate it! But I know 7 gulps and it's gone, my veggie is done and I can drink a large glass of decaf tea to get rid of the taste..

Comment #18

Great ideas! I'm just 3 days in to the Nutrisystem diet and the above tips are great!..

Comment #19

Yeah, I'm not a huge veggie fan, I just started drinking V8 too. Not the greatest, but not as bad as I anticipated. I love how 1 cup of V8 is half of your veggies for the day though. I'm not a big tomato fan either. I can deal with pastes, sauces (love Spaghetti sauce), soups, etc that is tomato based, but the thought of fresh tomatoes make me gag. I wish v8 Splash counted as a veggie serving instead. lol..

Comment #20

Remember if you are on auto ship you can and should modify your order. I can't stand oatmeal so the first thing I did was go through and eliminate everything that I didn't like then looked at foods that I thought I might like chose them and finished out by increaseing those that I really liked. But I would not order more than 4 of any entrees eat anything too much and you will get burned out and will be tempted to go off plan..

Spice up your foods with whatever spices you like except salt (sodium) or maybe add veggies to the entree...

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