How to make Nutrisystem burger?

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I followed the directions closely when making the burger, but found that since I had to soak it in the water, it was a bit "squishy" when I ate it!!.

It didn't taste bad, just a little weird. Is it supposed to be like this, or is there a way to make it better?..

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Your question was: How to make Nutrisystem burger?.

Haha! The same thing happened to me when I started to take mine out of the tray! Ok, I don't feel so silly then. I guess that's just the way it cooks. Thanks!..

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They fall apart or are squishy when they are soaked too long. They really don't need to soak at all. I fill the little pan with water, drop the burger in and immediately flip it over to the other side. Then I quickly take it out and drop it in a hot pan in which I have been sauteing onions. I leave it there until I'm ready to put in in a bun. I love those burgers and like to add all sorts of ff cheese, sauteed peppers, lettuce and tomato, slices of pickle and always onion...

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Yep - don't add too much water and don't let it soak. I figured that it would keep warm in the water while I prepared everything else. Nope - it became a sponge...

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I dry mine with a paper towel to soak up the excess moisture.....

Comment #4

I second the saute onions (high heat PAM works great) and then throw in the burger briefly. If I don't have time for that I use the paper towel...

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Great tips here! It's a learn by trial and error item, but once you figure out what works for you, it's one of the best dinners (IMO)!! I put just enough water on it to cover, watch it soak it up, drain any excess immediately, then pop it in my fry pan for a few seconds (I usually have onions, peppers,mushrooms going to add to it)...I've really only had one fall apart and that was when I left it soaking for too long (made a good soft-shell taco out of it though LOL).....

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Opposed to most of the Nutrisystem lunch cups that need more time than the directions state, this is one of the few Nutrisystem meals that actually need less time. Fill the tray with water and somewhere around 30 to 60 seconds touch it and if it is soft, pour the excess water off. I always toss it in the frying pan to "dry" out after I've cooked some mushrooms and onions...

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When you put it in a frying pan, mash it a little to sear it and also push the water out on each side...

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I turn mine out on a paper towel and pat it dry. Very careful and not break it up...

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That's what I do. I tip the tray to pour out most of the water, then flip the tray over onto a paper towel and blot. Don't try to pick up the burger just tip it from the towel to the bun...

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I dry mine off with a paper towel too. I DO remove it from the tray with a fork, but I lift it out with the fork rather than trying to stab it out. Took me only one burger to learn that lesson!.

I know some have said it doesn't need to be left in for the full two minutes, but I actually prefer to leave it in a little longer even (about 3 minutes). When I take it out at EXACTLY the two minute mark, I feel like the very middle of the burger is still slightly dehydrated. At three minutes, it DEFINITELY will fall apart if you're not careful though. Do some experimenting and figure out what works for you!.

P.S. I also like to put a little worchestire and Frank's Red Hot in the tray with the burger while it's soaking. It adds a little flavor, but it's not overpowering because it's diluted with the water...

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I put 1/2 tray of water and it just barely soaks it up. Seems to work well for me. You have to buy the rolls for the burgers. I use Arnold's thins whole grain that I purchase at Walmart...

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Yes, the directions on the box say to add a small whole grain roll. You can use any type of whole grain bread/roll/fajita, etc that has 80 - 120 calories. You can also substitute a serving of another low GI carb (per the booklet or under Tips & recipes/Recommended Grocery Foods above) in lieu of the roll...

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These are great suggestions! My first burger dropped out of the tray as I was opening it (before soaking it) and it broke into pieces...hmmm...first burger I've ever had "shatter"! But I cooked it and enjoyed it anyways - but did think it was spongey. Next time, I'll soak it less...

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I pour the boiling water over the burger from the middle, and that seems to even out the rehydration. After 1-2 minutes, I carefully lift it onto the bun, which has been heating in the toaster oven. If the burger has come apart, I add some shredded FF cheese to it you know, just to hold the burger together...

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I had this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! It was weird how you prepare it and it was spongey like when I opened it. When I was starting to take it out of the water, I did notice it starting to break. I was careful when I was patting it down with a towel. I had it with Nature's Own WhiteWheat buns. I LOVED this meal! Good thing, cause I bought 6 of them!..

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My hubby grilled my soaked burger along with his reg burger on our gas grill and it was delicious. It didn't fall apart at all!..

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No, you have to buy bread to put them on. I get the Sandwich Thins. They are already round and only 100 calories. They work great!!..

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Thanks to everyone for your great suggestions!! I love the ideas and am excited to try them out...

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You don't have to completely fill the tray with water. Only fill it up about half way (just enough to rehydrate the burger, but not enough to leave a puddle behind)...

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I add just a little water at a time and keep touching to burger to see if all is getting hydrated. As soon as it is, I stop adding water. We love these burgers!..

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By the time I ate mine it was cold............

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I have had it 3x now and EVERY darn time I forget and drain the plate and meat over the sink and then it falls all over in the sink! I do the 3+ second rule and pray I don't get messed up and eat it. I like it- but yeah- it is really soggy so squish it all out..

Some great ideas here...

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