How to make new Medifast pancakes?

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I just bought and tried the new pancakes and cannot figure out how to make them so they look like they do on the BOX! Mine looked like a glob of mush after I scraped them off the pan. Threw out the first batch because they were just nasty. Sprayed Pam the 2nd time but that didn't help either. Has anybody tried these yet??..

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I usually make mine this way:.

Mix pancake as directed - to that add:.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

A few drops of vanilla.

2 tbsp sugar free pancake syrup.

Pour into a small mug. microwave for 60 seconds. it will puff up but not overflow. turn upside down onto plate to release from mug. I top with a little (like a shaving) of butter just for a little more flavor..

They're not my favorite but they're tolerable this way..

Good luck!..

Comment #1

They worked better as waffles in my wafflemaker the first time I tried them but the second time it exploded somehow and I ended up scraping it into the trash. My husband made 2 mini pancakes for me right after that using one package without any problem. So I'm convinced it's user error. lol...

Comment #2

Microwaving is so much better. I place mine in a soup bowl and the shape is prefect and cooks evenly...

Comment #3

Thanks SO much for the ideas. I just went in and tried the microwave idea...cooked for 1 minute in a bowl and they came out perfectly. Next time I will definitely add some vanilla and cinnamon...that sounds a bit tastier! Yum!..

Comment #4

I made them for the first time a couple of weeks ago..

I used a Tupperware container with a lid - followed the directions exactly as stated, shook 5 times then as I had read here, I set it aside on the counter for 20 minutes. I resisted the urge to look, to stir or anything else.

Poured into a hot non stick frying pan and cooked until bubbly on top - the pan was on a med/med high setting and it did take awhile for the pancake to cook. I made 1 large pancake.

Came out perfectly, I live at a higher than average altitude and so I was a bit concerned. No worries, it was perfect...

Comment #5

I fix the chocolate chip pancake mix every morning. Love them. Heat a waffle iron for ten minutes. Dump mix in bowl. Add 1 tablespoon SF almond roca, 3 tablespoons water. Mix.

Let sit for 5 minutes. Spray waffle iron with non stick spray and pour on waffle iron. Watch closely and remove when lightly brown. Delicious..

Comment #6

I mix in a bowl, adding 1/8 tsp. baking powder, and let them sit for at least 30 minutes. Cook in pan with Pam. I love them...

Comment #7

I make them exactly according to the package directions, nothing added, and they turn out fine...

Comment #8

I've started adding literally a pinch of baking soda as well as just a tiny bit of vanilla..... then I wait a few minutes before cooking in a pan. They come out just like regular pancakes!..

Comment #9

I make mine according to the directions. I have a small little pan. I spray it with Pam and have it on high heat then I pour it in the pan and flip it when I see the edges cooked and they come out fine. Maybe you have the wrong pan or spatula...

Comment #10

I haven't had them as regular pancakes yet. I made chocolate chocolate chip muffins..

Mixed one Medifast brownie, one choc. chip pancake, 3 tbsps. egg beaters, 1 tsp baking powder, and 2 tsp. cocoa powder, added enough water so it was a batter consistency and made 2 muffins..

Baked at 350 18-20 mins.

Each muffin was a meal..

Comment #11

For me, the key is letting the batter sit for 3-5 minutes before cooking..

Mix the batter with 1/4 cup water. Shake FIVE times, no more! Sit the shaker on the counter and do not disturb it for 5 mintues..

Heat your skillet over medium-high heat. The skillet has to be hot when you add the batter! Spray with pam and pour out your pancakes into two regular-sized pancakes. When bubbles appear, flip and cook for another minute or so..


Comment #12

I have a friend who has made the pancakes & 1st couple times they did not turn out at all. she now makes them with less water & cooks in non-stick pan & said they turn out perfect, makes 2 smaller pancakes & said they really taste great. I just ordered some and cant wait to try them. Hope I have good luck with them...

Comment #13

I put in 2 cup microwave container add 3 tbls water stir and cook for 1 min. 20 sec. flip container over drops out and I cut in half like a biscut and put cheese and MS sausage on them it is wonderful, or just eat with syrup like a pancake...

Comment #14

I mix the batter as directed. Pour it into a coffee mug and nuke for 2 mins. Pops out in the shape of a perfect little muffin...

Comment #15

I always make them like a muffin or biscuit now, but even when I made them as actual pancakes, they worked fine and looked just like the picture when I followed the directions. The first time I made them I accidentally put in half a cup of water instead of a fourth and they came out like you described - is that possibly the problem? I was so used to adding a half cup to everything that I didn't realize these were different.

I spray a ramekin with Pam, pour in the batter and then microwave for 60 seconds. Then I cut it in half and toast it. For the chocolate chip, I also add a packet of Truvia. I use the plain as a base for a cheese/egg biscuit (I eat half at a time and half a packet of eggs and deduct the sprinkling of cheese from my L&G...

Comment #16

I could not get the water/mix right but when I mix it exactly as it says on the package and cook it in a hot waffle iron, it comes out fine. After the waffle is done cooking, I have popped it into the toaster to crisp it up just a bit. Good luck!..

Comment #17

I make exactly as they say on the box and the only issue I have experienced is if my pan is to hot. Other than that they are working out pretty well. HATED them at first but now have them once (or twice) a week with breakfast for dinner. YUM..

Comment #18

Della, I used your method, only deviating by letting it sit for 20 min. PERFECT little pancake! Now, not a fat laden diner pancake, but finally a way to make it and eat it and like it.


Comment #19

I read yest from bigmom that she puts them in the brownie bowl and puts I the micro,haven't tried it yet but will tonite...

Comment #20

I ordered these and my shipment is out for delivery so tomorrow morning pancakes ... least I hope that is what I end up with after reading all the posts..

Now who's method will I try ~thinks~..

Comment #21

I just made Lemon Poppyseed Muffins YUMMMMM!.

1 packet of plain pancake.

1 packet of splenda.

1/2 tsp of Real Lemon.

Just a pinch of poppyseeds.

I used the brownie tray I think Bigmom suggested and put it in the micro for 1min......Yum..

Comment #22

I make mine exactly as directed... no additions... no sitting to soak... and they come out perfect every time. 3 little pancakes. Hmm...

I'm tempted to try these other recipes with them, but don't want to waste a good thing LOL..

Comment #23

I make one large pancake and it gets nice and thick. I found, too, that if you refrigerate it before you cook it, the batter gets thicker too and it is easier to make. Love'em...

Comment #24

I make them exactly as directed and they turned out great. I think heating the pan on medium heat until the pan is hot helps. Also, I've been using butter cooking spray so it comes out with a nice buttery smell to it. Love it!..

Comment #25

Make mine just the way the package calls for. The secret for any pancake is to make sure your skillet is completely stick free or use non stick spray and must be hot. Pour in and wait for bubbles to appear on top them flip over for few extra minutes on bottom. Mine turn out perfectly every time. Usually eat mine plain but splurged today and had plain one for snack with one LC Lite Cheese square, yummy...

Comment #26

I haven't had any problems at all following the instructions exactly...well, except that I sure would liek some butter to top them off with! Ha ha..


Comment #27

LOL Every time I try to make them they look more like crepes, even with a bit of baking soda. I will try microwaving them next time! Thanks for the tips!..

Comment #28

I bought the chocolate chip pancakes and the first time I made it the pancake came out fine but after that it fell apart so now I make a muffin out of the packet - a little less water and 1/4 tsp of baking powder. It gets nice and fluffy with a great taste...

Comment #29

I use a flat griddle, sprayed with cooking spray. When I tried in a cast iron skillet it was a disaster...

Comment #30

I never get a consistant result, but I like 'em anyway.....

Comment #31

I found the easiest way. Put pancake mix in a microwaveable bowl, add a little baking powder and cook for 65-75 sec. Dedpends on your microwave. Just keep checking it to make sure the middle is cooked and not wet and gooey. They are wonderful this way and super easy, no pam needed..

Comment #32

I make mine exactly as the package says, instead of 1/2 cup of water I just put a little less and shake 5 times and cook on a griddle at 350 with a lil pam on it. They turn out DELICIOUS!..

Comment #33

I followed directions and added a little baking powder, but my poor pancake stuck to the pan. Might have to use a pan that has better teflon. It was still delicious though!..

Comment #34

I have found just making one pancake in small omlette type pan works much better. You have to wait for it to start to bubble up in the middle... maybe a little longer then flip it. I add nothing to it...

Comment #35

I make mine in a microwaveable 2 cup dish, 3 tbl of water stir and cook for 1 min. 20 sec in comes out one fluffy pancake and I spread WF peanut butter and SF syrup and I am so loving them...

Comment #36

I have been mixing it with 3 tb of water zapping for 1 min 20 in a 1 1/2 cup dish, slicing in 1/2. It looks like a muffin.. Puttin in my toaster oven to brown, then adding whipped cream cheese, just a little, and walden farms strawberry jelly. Oh my god!..

Comment #37

I put mine in a bowl and put in the microwave....i tryed the pan and made a mess.....

Comment #38

The baking soda makes all the difference. Thank God for this board...

Comment #39

I mix 2 packets with 4 oz of water and make 2 waffles with it. Easiest way I have found!..

Comment #40

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