How to make Medifast pudding?

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Hi there, on day 4 here and not too handy in the kitchen. How are you all making your pudding, are you using a mixer? I made some last night and it was lumpy but tasted good, just want to get rid of the lumps though??..

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I use a little whisk and that gets the lumps out for me!..

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I use the magic bullet and add a little ice. Makes it really cold and almost like ice cream...

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I shake mine in the regular shaker cup that came with my first order. I use just slightly under the 4 oz mark of COLD water, and then pour in the pudding mix, snap on the lid and shake away. Works great, no lumps...

Comment #3

I'm sorry to say that I am pudding challenged tried everything and cannot get it right..

So I pudding shake...yummy...

Comment #4

I use slightly less than 4 oz of VERY COLD water, and the magic bullet..


Comment #5

I make my pudding in the little shaker cup they send you at first. No lumps and easier to get it out of that container (no beaters to fight with). However, I also do like Vikki said earlier and add a full 8 oz of really cold water to the chocolate pudding mix and make a shake out of it rather than the pudding. It's really rich and creamy and I prefer doing this over the real shakes...

Comment #6

I make my pudding in the shaker cup too! Love it!..

Comment #7

COLD water is the KEY. Someone recommended to chill the water with ice cubes. This was the best advise I have heard. I now also chill my bowl. It comes out smooth, thick, and creamy. I use less water and stir it in little by little until it is perfection. I like the chocolate without anything added...

Comment #8

I put 4 oz of water in the shaker when making dinner and toss in the freezer - When it is cold enough I add the pudding and shake the shaker then put it back in the fridge/freezer for a tad bit more and depending if I want a really thick pudding it goes in the freezer and is thick..

I found leaving it in the shaker for a tad in the fridge/freezer it makes it better for my taste buds...

Comment #9

I am with laura I use the shaker cup as well and VERY VERY cold water. If I am at work I use the cold water out of the water cooler, if I am at home I make a cup of ice water and let it sit for a while, then use that water. using cold water makes a huge difference!..

Comment #10

I am curious about the pudding shake. Do you put ice in it and mix it in the magic blender?..

Comment #11

I make a week's worth all at once in my kitchen aid stand mixer (with whisk attachment) and divide evenly in small containers. I have one every night so it's handy and stays yummy in the fridge 'til I need it!..

Comment #12

For the shake you can put ice in it. I find that as long as I am using very cold water it is still pretty thick without the ice. Sometimes after I mix it up I stick it in the freezer for about 15-30 minutes and cool it down some more. The ice would probably make it almost like soft serv...

Comment #13

I whisk the cold liquid into the dry mix slowly... no lumps...

Comment #14

Is there anything else to do with the pudding? I have 2 boxes of Vanilla and am not so much a fan...

Comment #15

Perfect Ideas everyone. Now I have to chose which was I can make it. Anything is better then the first horrible way I did it. Thanks all for the great ideas..

Comment #16

Cold water, ceramic mug (mine is 20oz.), 1 min with a fork. No lumps...

Comment #17

I save two Medifast meals each night for an 'ice cream' treat. I use the chocolate pudding (I'm sure the vanilla would be just as good) and I add 6 oz of water plus two ice cubes and one pkg of Splenda. I blend that with the Magic Bullet and put it in bowl. I crumble up a choc mint crunch bar and I put that in with the pudding and freeze it for about an hour. When it comes out, it's a nice frozen type treat! Yummy!..

Comment #18

I add extra water and crushed ice and mix it in my magic bullet and it makes it like a shake. I also add PB2 to my chocolate and banana yummy..

Comment #19

I added nutmeg to the vanilla pudding and it was vastly improved for my tastes. There are a few brownie and cookie recipes that use pudding as well...

Comment #20

I use a little kitchen wisk. Then I let it sit in the frige for 2-3 hours before I eat it. It is sooo good...

Comment #21

That's exactly what I do with mine candice. If you whisk out the lumps and let it stay in the fridge for at least 11/2 hrs it is soooo much better..

Comment #22

I made pudding in the shaker cup last night and it was so much better than whisking! I can't believe I didn't try the shaker cup before the pudding came out so nice and thick. My whisking efforts have left the pudding runny here lately...

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