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Okay now this may seem like a completely stupid question, but here it goes....

How do you all manage to make the iced coffee drinks (with the capp or hot cocoa) at work? We have a starbucks downstairs so I'm thinking of going and picking up some VIA packets as suggested, but how do you get your Medifast mixes to blend well into the mix? Will they come out grainy? Keep in mind... my office I can't bring in a blender, and the ice machine doesn't work. So I thought of getting plain iced coffee downstairs and mixing in one of my packets (I have HC at the office right now), but was wondering if it'd come out all wrong and I'd waste a Medifast meal. Help please!! I miss my coffee... and iced coffee would be great as it's 81 degrees in NYC today, and the thought of hot chocolate isn't as pleasing as the iced option.



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Try asking Starbacks if they could mix it for you. Some places will and some won't but it doesn't hurt to ask...

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Lisa - I've asked my starbucks to shake my packet up with the iced coffee in their shaker thing. They will even blend them together in their frap blender thing! It works. The other thing it to make the shake/drink first in one container (shake it real good) and then add it to the larger coffee container..

That's all I can think of!..

Comment #2

Is it true that the vanilla shake will act as a creamer? I was thinking of doing this tomorrow at my Starbucks. They must be going through withdrawal of my regular skinny vanilla latte I used to get! I would use about 4 splenda and skim and now that I don't have that haven't been having one, but I read somewhere that the vanilla shake and 1 tsp of the sf vanilla syrup would be an equivalent. Have one of you tried that?..

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Please tell me exactly how to make it. I have never heard of this, love to drink coffee but only when it has fattening cream that is obviously not good for me. thanks...

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Ruth/Mad -.

Lots of ppl use the vanilla shake as their creamer! I don't, but I believe you just make it like normal and dump some in!..

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I just take the iced coffee, a squirt of sf vanilla syrup, leave about an inch at the top of the container and shake the french vanilla in. It's never grainy, tastes yummy - I think the ice is key to being yummy! It's going to be my lunch today..

I even got a Venti re-usable Starbucks cup that is PERFECT for shakes..

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I add the vanilla shake dry and use the coffee as the water to turn it into a shake. I drank my coffee like that all winter. With the warmer weather I'm thinking about making iced coffee like that. Should be quite tasty...

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The Starbucks VIA is AWESOME, AWESOME stuff!!! I was using this along with a hot cocoa mix to make a slushee treat and I loved it. Then I ran out, so I substituted plain old Folgers instant coffee. OMG, it was repulsive!!! Here's what I do....

4 ounces of water.

Handful of ice cubes.

Couple of drops of vanilla.

1/4 packet of VIA.

Dash of cinnamon.

Packet of Medifast hot cocoa.

Throw it all into the mini-blender (or Magic Bullet if you have one) and blend till slushee. It tastes like Mexican Fudge (which is chocolate fudge with coffee and cinnamon mixed in)..

Comment #8

Update: Thanks to everyone's wise words... I got an Iced Coffee today and added my Capp meal to it! While for some reason it was overly sweet (took me like 2 hrs to get it all down)... it was so nice! I shook it up myself (since I went to a different place other than starbucks this morning), and it still came out pretty darn good minus the sweetness! SO YAY!!!! Thanks, everyone!!..

Comment #9

Where do you buy the sugar free syrup flavorings?..

Comment #10

What is Starbucks VIA? I love their Carmel Fraps. Will I be able to make one?..

Comment #11

This is one of my new staple meals.... good idea to get Starbuck's to blend it for you. I went into a Starbuck's at the mall last week and asked them to leave room and she saw me pull my Medifast packet out and said that all of the staff there is doing MF- lol! It's a small, small world. I also have many people at work intrigued by my little packet of pretzels during my lunch break!..

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Here is what I do from my desk everyday - I keep an ice tray in our little freezer in the break room. The shakes are way to sweet to me and the hot drinks smell funky when heated but IMO are great cold.

I have a 28oz Blender Bottle from GNC (Non motorized it has a wire whisk ball in it).

16oz of either cold brewed coffee or water.

If using water add 1 tbsp. instant decafe or 1 VIA packet.

5 large cubes (from a standard tray).

1 tsp. powdered sugar free coffee creamer (I have vanilla, caramel and hazelnut).

Hefty dash of cinnamon.

1 packet of choice: Cappuccino, French Vanilla or Swiss Mocha.

Shake, shake and shake. I let it sit on my desk and "hydrate" for 15-20 minutes while I occassionally give it a shake. This helps with the graininess..

Comment #13

I just finished the most delicious iced coffe:.

1 packet Vanilla shake.

1 packet Starbucks VIA (a bit strong, which I like, think I'll go half next time).

8 oz water.

Only had 1/2 c. ice (I would use full cup).

Whipped it up for 15 sec. in my mini Hamilton Beach drink blender (not too noisy at my desk, honestly it's no louder than the laser printer or copy machine and only $10 at Walmart).


Comment #14

I have purchased them at Giant, Wal-mart, Target and Wegman's. I have seen them at most grocery stores, but my Giant has a coffee shop in it and they sell the most variety of SF syrups...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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