How to make Medifast chicken noodle taste better?

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I there I'm on day 2 and yesterday tried the Chicken Noodle and very very bland. I could choke it down but blah!! So please everyone give me some tips on what to put in there to make it better. On plan tips please!! Oh and I tried salt and pepper but still........

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I had the same problem, I just couldn't stomach it! I have read on here different things people have put in it to make it more edible to them. I have found the only way I can eat it is to make "chips" out of it. Dan (dej353) gave me a recipe. Mix the soup with 3 tbls of water. It makes like a paste. Spray a microwave safe plate with Pam.

Then flip it and micro for another 1-2 minutes. When it cools break it up into pieces and you have "chip". You can add seasonings if you like and you can sub 1 tbls of water for a tbls of hot sauce if you like spicy. I put the soup in my little food processor and puree first. I hope this helps!.

Welcome and Good Luck!..

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I put a bit of low sodium chicken bouillon powder, a couple of dashes of hot sauce (garlic habanero is my favorite), and maybe some black pepper. I also let it soak for at least 3 hours so that it gets to a stew consistency and the noodles get nice and soft...

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I add bullion to mine...and it makes it one of my favorite Medifast meals...

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I have to add a lot of dashes to this one. Try 1 shake of each of the following spices:.

-Garlic powder.

-onion powder.

-Salt & pepper.

-1 tsp Parmesan Cheese (it's only 1/3 of a condiment!).

This really pumps up the flavor. To make it a bit heartier and meal-like, I add.

-1-2 ounces of real chicken.

-some cauliflower or broccoli florettes.

It really really helps.

Good Luck!!..

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P.S. I also cook it on the stove (bring to a boil, take off heat, let rest 15 or so min, reboil). It really helps with the flavor.

Let me know how it turns out...

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Wow, the chicken noodle soup is one of my favorites. I do add pepper and an herbal mix (McCormick) to it, and crunch up some soy crisps to give it some "crunch," but otherwise it's one of my favorites. I find it very filling and almost "comfort food." So funny how different people's tastes vary.....

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I add salt and pepper and 2 TBs of salsa. Yum...

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Hi.... I'm new to Medifast as I am starting my 5th week. If you like a little crunch, you can use one of your celery stalks that you would use as an optional snack. I cut in small pieces and add before you microwave. It cooks great and provides a little more substantial soup. I also learned a trick (probably everyone already knows this!), but use your pudding as a shake, add a little over the 1/2 cup water, 4 ice cubes, and if you have choc.

Of unsweetened cocoa powder. It's heaven~!!!!..

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This is one of my and my daughter's favorites! We just add a TON of salt and yumm...

Comment #9

Salsa for sure. It's good in Cr of Chicken too...

Comment #10

Like others have said, this is my daily lunch. I let it soak in the water first and I shake in part of a packet of G Washinton golden broth. Love it...

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I let it soak for at least 4 hours. Makes it thicker and reduces the chewiness..

I added some "more than bouillon" and it really helped with flavor. Tomorrow, I'm going to add some "extra spicy" Mrs. Dash and soy sauce for an Asian noodle soup (from site)...

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I use half water and half low-sodium, 97% fat-free broth. Also add some poultry seasoning and onion & garlic powder. Plus real chicken sometimes, depending on what the dinner plan is (darned DH wants to be fed every night!). Soaking helps A LOT. When I'm at work, it's just plain water mostly, so the herbs & soaking have to do the trick. I'll have to try the celery option - that sounds good, too...

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Do you soak the soup before you cook it or after? That's the confusing part...

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I soak mine at least two hours before cooking. Soaking can also help reduce the cooking time...

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I soak mine before cooking it 30-45 mins, Ive also cooked it and put a lid on it and let is steam for 10-15 mins then cook a little longer that also helps..

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My health coach is great about recipe ideas, she suggested a recipe when I was having the same issue with this particular soup. Its a crock pot recipe, and it is WONDERFUL!!!...recipe follows...


7 packets Chicken Noodle Soup.

1 packet Cream of Chicken Soup, if desired (can also use Cream of Broccoli for unique flavor).

Season as desired: garlic powder/salt, onion powder/flakes, cilantro, parsley, basil, tarragon, etc).

6 - 8 cups water.

1 can Rotel tomatoes.

Cook 4-6 hours in the crockpot. Divide into 7-8 servings, depending of the number of Medifast Packets used..

Count as veggie for each serving. Can be refrigerated for up to 7 days or frozen..

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Just tried this recipe, and it was pretty good. I really needed a differnet way of eating the Chicken Noodle. Now I need to find a recipe for the Chicken and Wild Rice. Any ideas????.


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My favorite thing to add to all of the chicken soups (rice, noodle, cream) is curry powder. I love indian food and this just makes the soup taste like something special. I also add a little bit of chicken bouillion to bump up the chicken flavor and make it saltier..

I cook them on the stove as suggested by others here. Slowly over low heat for about 10-15 minutes. It really does make a huge difference...

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I don't consider it soaking, per se, but in the morning I boil a pot of water and pour soup packet into a mini-thermos. Then I add some Old Bay Garlic & Herb seasoning, some black pepper, a bit more garlic powder, a dash of cayenne, some dried thyme and some dried parsley. Pour in the water, stir and seal. By the time I'm done with my workout, shower and getting dressed it's ready to eat...

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I love the chicken noodle soup, but I had to experient before I liked it that much. I soak the soup for a good 30 minutes before I cook it, and I cook it on the stove, not in the microwave..

I also add 1 low sodium chicken boullion cube, a little pepper, 1/4 cup sliced celery, 2 white mushrooms slided thin, and a pinch of sliced green onions to it. Sometimes I also add some lemon juice too. Very good!..

Comment #21

I add chopped jalopenos. Makes it so much better...

Comment #22

I am sooooo excited to make this post. I DESPISED the chicken noodle soup until this afternoon. I am not a newby, joined last August and am halfway to goal (40lbs lost, 40 to go). Sorry, had to share that part.just can't help myself SO EXCITING. Anyhoo, I have tried at least 6 or 7 different mockups and recipes for that darn chicken noodle soup. To my disappointment nothing worked, I still cannot stand it at all.yuck.

Thats enough to keep me experimenting. Since I know now what I don't like and what I do I think it may have been a little easier. So I followed (sort of ) the recipe (in this thread) for the crock pot. Below I list the ingredients I use:.

14 Chicken Noodle.

2 Cream of Chicken.

Jar of Salsa (I can't remember the brand and I used the entire 16 oz jar - it was lower carb and purchased from the health food store - I am sure you all have your "healthy picks by now").

I pkt taco seasoning (you want the low sodium).

A few shots of chipolte tabasco.

16 Cups Water.

Put in crock pot for at least 6 hours and divide/freeze/serve as you wish. I have to say I LOOOOOVVVVE this I really do, it's such a nice surprise. I am pretty sure when you break it down to 18 servings it is right on plan.let me know if I am wrong. I put a cup in a thermos to take to work today.was still hot and delish. I reheated a cup this evening and that was delish too! Hope this is helpful to someone out there...

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Robbye I'm with you. Chicken noodle is one of my favorites!.

If you like the flavor but it's too bland you may want to just add less water so the flavor is more intense...

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Holy Cow! I followed this recipe last night. I did add the cream of chicken to the 7 packets of chicken noodle. Threw in the Rotel tomatoes, a pinch of sea salt, shake of chili powder, ground black pepper and a packet of low sodium chicken bullion. Cooked overnight in the crock pot...Mmmmmmm I just had this for lunch..

You would not believe how big the noodles get. The chicken and dried veggies are SO much better than when you soak overnight. I will freeze 3 or 4 servings after it cools down. THANK YOU for such a tasty and easy recipe!..

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I add a little extra h2o and cook 1.5 min. Let sit for 5 min. Cook an additional min. Add 1 Tbs garlic salsa and then add shredded cabbage for the crunch. Tastes like chicken tortilla soup to me ~00~ I love it this way. Didn't like it when I prepared per directions on the package. Now it's one of my favorite meals...

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I add salt and pepper and a big tablespoon of pico de gallo. I also cook it 3 mins it's thicker that way and I LOVE it. Some people just don't like certain things, though. I recommend trying as many as you can, you bound to find something you like. Best of luck!..

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I was so excited to see this thread - the chicken noodle soup is grody to the max :P can't wait to try it tomorrow (leaning towards the crock pot version) or maybe the garlic salsa and shredded cabbage one... either way YUMMM! thanks ladies for giving that poopy soup some much needed hope LOL! hope you're all having a nice evening..

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I hated this soup the first day, but figured out that if you DON'T follow the instructions (cold water? yuck!), it can be pretty darn good. Oh and I DON'T soak it, but here is what works for me:.

Boil hot water.

Pour packet in bowl.

When water is done boiling, pour 1 CUP into the bowl.

Stir and then cover with a plate (to basically lock in the heat).

Go do something else for a few minutes (about 5-10).

Microwave the soup/bowl for 1 minute.

Stir, cover and let sit another 5-10 min.

Enjoy! I don't even add anything to it and it's fine.

The key is to basically cook the crap out of it so that the noodles are soft and the soup become creamy..

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Chicken Noodle soup is my favorite....I eat it everyday! I always put in a container w/ 1 cup of water in the morning before work. When it's time for dinner, I microwave for 2:30...then crush up a pack of Medifast Crackers, put in soup, stir, and microwave for another 1 minute...then I add a dash of season salt, black pepper and a ton of crushed red peppers! Comes out spicy and thick! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!..

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Thanks for all the good ideas, everyone! I am only on Day 5 and I really did not like the Chicken Noodle soup the one time I tried it. But the variety package gave me 2 boxes of it! So, I am glad to see that there is hope to salvage it and make a tasty meal. I will definitely experiment and see what tastes best. Thanks again!..

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I finally decided to give the chicken noodle another try. I made a double batch because I'm sick with a sore throat and I'm having a hard time getting all 5 meals in the last couple of days..

I cooked it on the stove, added 2 tsp HerbOx garlic herb chicken granules, added a couple dashes of Mrs. Dash and a few shakes of hot sauce. I let it come to a boil then simmered for 10 minutes. All I can say is that it was amazing!!!!!!!And just what I needed for my sore throat..

Thanks to everyone for their ideas...I will definitely order more now that I can enjoy it!..

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Add some ground Thyme and a little salt and pepper. It helps the flavor a ton...

Comment #33

OMG! To the OP!! Thank you! That sounds delicious!! Thank for the suggestion!!..

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