How to make Medifast cappuccino not taste weird?

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I have liked everything I've tried so far on Medifast! I'd been saving the cappuccino because I only have one box and I assumed that I would love it... I finally tried it last night and it was so odd tasting. I didn't hate it but it just tasted WEIRD. Any suggestions on fixing that up?.

Also... sigh... I have a box of the eggs. Something about eggs coming from a powder... I don't know, I can't really get up the nerve to even try them. Are they good? How do you prepare them to make them taste good?.

Thanks for your help with either or both items..

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Same here. Hope you get an answer! Good luck on losing 10lb!..

Comment #1

As for the scramebled eggs, I like them best cooked on the stove. Cooking them in the microwave leaves the edges kind of rubbery. I also add some salsa on the top of the eggs after they cooked. They taste just like eggbeaters..

Now the cappuccino, I didn't like it hot at all. I had a problem getting the chunks out, plus the smell of it ruins the taste of it for me. I found that if I make the capp like a shake and add some cold coffee and a bunch of ice. Pretty yummy!..

Comment #2

Cook the eggs on the stove, try 1 tbsp of salsa (1 condiment) with them.

I make the capp with cold coffee and reheat if I'm drinking it hot. I also like it blended with ice as a shake. Try adding 1tbsp sugar free Kahlua OR cinnamon flavored syrup to it (1 condiment)...

Comment #3

Nothing was going to help me like the eggs, I tossed them into the closet..

The Capp smelled and tasted funny to me when heated, I really didn't like it. So, I tried it cold, I now drink the following every single morning!.

In a 28 oz GNC blender bottle (non-motorized it has a wire whisk ball in it).

16 oz cold brewed coffee.

1 pkt Cappuccino.

Hefty dash of cinnamon.

6 large ice cubes.

Shake, shake and shake - let it hydrate 15 minutes of so.

Its perfect, delsih and just like an iced coffee! I love it..

Comment #4

My suggestion is that what the dedication to the Medifast regime is really ABOUT is getting AWAY from an obsession with food, and taste. As long as the food is a big deal, as long as the taste and smell are something you think about this much, you are still in the fat mindset. The restrictions of Medifast are there to teach you the "eat every 2 hours" habit, and to let your mouth-hunger priority relax. Save your pickiness for choosing the very best quality fresh local vegetables for your L&G, and let Medifast be like freeze dried food you'd take on a backpacking trip...

Comment #5

I put about a tsp. of fresh chives in the scrambled eggs and I also cook them on the stove. For the cappuccino, try adding a dash of cinnamon. HTH...

Comment #6

I could have the cappuccino every single day for breakfast...but only cold. I really did not like it as a hot drink, but I'm in love with it cold...

Comment #7

I shake up the cappuccino with 4 oz. of water, pour it into my coffee mug. Add hot coffee, to fill the mug, mix and drink. When I'm half way down drinking the mug, I add more coffee. No creamer/sweetener needed. It's my favorite!..

Comment #8

There's a lot of wisdom here, that everyone should take to heart. At the end of the day, like or dislike isn't the goal here. It's weight loss. We know Medifast works. So to a certain extent, yes we should just suck it up and take our "medicine". That's how I look at the Medifast foods and no matter if I get a food I like or dislike, it still gets eaten because it works as it should.

If you're still more worried about how it tastes than your goal, then you're not there yet. Thanks Orlafin for putting it back in perspective...

Comment #9

I appreciate your response, but I'm not obsessed with anything. This is a thread called Recipe Tips and the thought of powdered eggs makes me wanna puke so I thought some of people on here (who are far more experienced/talented in the kitchen and with Medifast than me) might be interested in sharing ways they've modified things to make them tolerable. I'm sorry, but even the skinniest people alive who are eating for fuel aren't going to eat something they despise. Considering how much money Medifast costs, I'd prefer to have something I could tolerate. If no one responded to this, I'd still drink the cappuccino but I don't know if I'm getting near those eggs without a game plan. I understand your point, but perhaps it would've been a better to response to a post (and there are many) where the person "can't stand any of the food" - - > not me...

Comment #10

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I hadn't really thought to try the capp as a cold drink, but I will and I guess I'll try making the eggs on the stove and adding a few things to them... eek...

Comment #11

***EDITED TO ADD: Sorry if this sounded hateful, it just never fails, fifty people can make the post about hating their food and I'm the one who gets called out...

Comment #12

I don't eat the eggs, so I can't help with that. But for the Cappucino, those are my absolute favorites.

What I do to mine is I add 1 tsp of instant coffee and some DaVinci Sugar Free syrup (have a few favorite flavors that go well with coffees), add crushed ice and mix it up in the Magic Bullet.

I love mine cold. Tastes delicious. I know for certain I wouldn't like the Cappucino warm...

Comment #13

Okay, here's some help with the eggs - I thought powdered eggs seemed atrocious too. I have come to love them now because they are filling, and if you use the packet instead of egg beaters you really get a lot! The biggest secret is to mix the powder with the half cup of water, put in a shaker container (I use the ziploc ones with locking tops) and LET IT SIT AT LEAST 15 MINUTES, LONGER IS BETTER). If you shake them up some more, magic - no more "granules", they are creamy looking like eggbeaters.

I cook mine like an omelet - in a nonstick pan sprayed with pam, and put some chopped veggies or a fresh tomato. If I think I can "afford" it, I put a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese. Fresh herbs/pepper/ etc can kick it up a notch too. When I am feeling hungry when I get up in the morning, this is a lifesaver.

Whatever you do, let the mixed eggs SIT, and don't cook them in the microwave! Good luck!..

Comment #14

I love the cappuccinos; but only as a cold drink made in the blender with ice. I also mix coffee instead of water with mine and a dash of cinnamon really one of my favorites when made that way and also easier to get the lumps out with a blender..

For the eggs, I use them almost entirely as part of recipes. I like making a bunch of the muffins (1 pkg oatmeal, 1 pkg pudding, 1 pkg eggs, 1/2 tsp baking powder, water to make a batter, 350 for 17 minutes). I get three huge muffins that way that each count as a Medifast meal. I like them because they are easy to take along someplace you don't want to have to mix a shake or if you don't want to display the yellow/green wrappings on Medifast bars and puffs/pretzels. I don't think I've made the scrambled eggs as eggs since the first couple of times; but that's because I use a lot of egg beaters for my L&Gs and haven't felt a lack of egg substitute in my life...

Comment #15

One more vote for soaking - I usually soak them between an hour and overnight (in the fridge for overnight). Then spray pan with Pam and cook on stove. I use seasoned salt and maybe some butter buds..

I too had never eaten powdered eggs in my life and was horrified by the thought. But I liked them from the first time. It may have helped that I didn't eat them in the first few days when my taste buds were adjusting...

Comment #16

I'm another one who thought ... powdered eggs ... NO WAY! However, I decided to be adventurous and try them anyway in the microwave. I could not believe it. I actually like them However, I have taken to using Pico Pica hot sauce with them, but then again I could put Pico Pica on just about anything and love it! I even gave up adding any salt to any of my foodeven the eggswhich is HUGE for me. No one was more surprised than me about the eggs.

Go ahead ... be adventurous ... you might be surprised!..

Comment #17

I would second the comment about using the eggs to make muffins. One of my favorites is chocolate muffins. One egg, one brownie, one chocolate pudding (or shake), 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, water to make a batter (I think about 1/2 cup). Mix and make 3 muffins, bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. 1 muffin= 1 meal.

I do however eat the eggs alone. Like the others I make them on the stove and add salsa, and cheese if I want to take away from my lean..

I really like the cappacino cold by itself, or I make a shake and then pout this into coffee. Never just add it straight into coffee, you'll never get all the lumps out!!!.

Good luck with them! and I agree if you hate it you shouldn't have to eat it. That's why they'll let you exchange a box of food if there's only 1 packet missing...

Comment #18

I cook the eggs in the microwave, but it took much experimentation until it seemed edible! I add about 1 tbsp. soy cheese and cook it for 35 seconds. I stir it well, and put it back in for 20 seconds. It comes out too done on the edges and too moist in the middle. Once I "scramble" it though, the eggs are moistened throughout. Sometimes I put it back in for 5 seconds if it's just too moist.

I did have to experiment again when we bought a new microwave...they all cook differently..

Like many of you, I prefer the cappuccino cold...

Comment #19

Thought I'd add my secret to the lumpiness of Medifast foods. I've found it best to put the powder in the container and add just a little water to it, stir to a smooth paste and add the rest of the water. I even start my "stew and soups the same way. With the "hot drinks, I like to add hot water slowly to the paste and then mix with a "stick blender". Makes them really foamy and yummy. Arlene..

Comment #20

I second that! Making most Medifast powders into a paste first takes care of the lumps! Thank goodness I read that a couple months ago. When I started Medifast I couldnt stand a lot of the foods, esp. the oatmeals. Four months into it my taste buds have changed so much that oatmeal is one of my favorite meals. You just got to stick with it and know that your taste will change...

Comment #21

I was so used to having just coffee for breakfast, that I was excited to have the cappucinos. I mix as directed and then fill the rest of the mug with hot coffee and 1 splenda. Definitely doable that way!..

Comment #22

I didnt like the cappuccino at first either- I remember before I started I had the box of Medifast foods and my daughter made me a mug of it and I remember thinking HOW GROSS... That was early April.

Well fast forward to June and I love waking up in the morning and having a mug of cappuccino (cold or hot) mixed with a little instant coffee! If my day is hard I turn to my cappuccino!.

In fact it is time for my next meal and I have to go have a mug of cappuccino..

Comment #23

I found that mixing the cold cappucino that has been mixed with a blender or shaker cup, with my coffee in the morning works great. I use half with my first cup and half with my second cup. I also add 1/2 packet of sweetener with each cup... Tastes great!.

The scrambled eggs came out pretty good for me the first try in the microwave but not so good on the second try. Careful not to overcook and to measure your water... I think I will try it on the stove next time with the salsa!..

Comment #24

For the cappuccino, if you like amaretto, you can also add a SF version of that it's just Cinnamon and Vanilla Extra with a dash of a sugar substitute. That helps me to stomach it...

Comment #25

I haven't tried the cappuccino, but I like the eggs! I can even cook them in the microwave. You have to watch them like a hawk though to keep stirring when they start to "fluff up" in the cup/dish..

I keep some Tapatio at my desk and use that, or some Tony Chacheres or Zatarains Creole Seasoning. Have to watch the salt in those last 2 though, but a little goes plenty far!..

Comment #26

I like the eggs on the stove, mixed with spinach, then when they are done, throw some tabasco sauce and pepper....I also never thought I would eat powdered eggs.

I also agree with you.....while it may be medicine to help us, it doesn't have to taste like medicine. This program is restrictive enough! I need to enjoy or at least be okay with what I am eating if I am going to stay OP!..

Comment #27

OMG!! I just made the eggs the way someone here said, shake it and let it stand, shake again after 15 mins...I scrambled in a pan with Pam and added one wedge of light Laughing Cow and about 1/2 tsp of bacon bits and scrambled and it is soooo good!! I never thought I could stomach powdered eggs but they are really good and a big serving!! Thanks guys!!.

Suzi (one week on Medifast and down 7.2 lbs! 20 more to go!!)..

Comment #28

I drink a cappucino every morning but since it was WAY too sweet, I add a Starbucks Via pack (instant coffee) and boiling water. In order to avoid the lumps, I put the packet into my Magic Bullet blender with some water and then I nuke it for 25 seconds while the kettle is boiling. I also add 1 tsp of benefibre to help move things along but that's another story! for the eggs, I was prepared for them to taste BRUTAL but I don't mind them. I add some fresh chives and overcook them so they're rubbery (that's how I like normal eggs)...not DELICIOUS but not terrible!..

Comment #29

I may be repeating someone else's reply....

For the scrambled eggs I use a packet of Herb Ox sodium free bouillon, bring it to a boil and add the scrambled egg powder, stir stir stir, makes kind of an egg-drop soup, you could also add onion or green onion to taste. It tastes good!..

Comment #30

I'm with the others on the cappuccino. I use cold coffee as my water add crushed ice and blend the bejesus out of it. I think this will now ALWAYS be my breakfast, Medifast or not since I love it so much (I wasn't fond of the cappucciono as a hot drink either). The eggs are delicious with a hefty dose of hot sauce! Good luck!..

Comment #31

I am guilty of an OMG I hate.....posting. I truly dislike the cream of broccoli soup. While I didn't get smited, I was gently reminded that a positive attitude would be helpful to me while doing Medifast. I agree. I have a really positive attitude about MF..

However, while I can see that pulling back from our attachment to food could be helpful - should it be PUNISHMENT? If it really makes you unhappy should you just keep choking it down or should you look for a way to make it bearable?..

Comment #32

I am probably duplicating someone else but... the cappuccino I take with cold water and 4 ice cubes in the blender around 20 seconds.. it comes out creamy and I love it esp in the warm weather. For the scrambled egggs I find them much better in the frying pan with a spray of pam.. I try to mix as least condiments as poss as I tend to overdo when I add small amounts of more condiments..I get a bit confused adding them all up so tend to stay to the same 3 during the day..changing them up daily...

Comment #33

We don't all like the same non-MF foods, why should we like all the Medifast foods? If I don't like it, I don't eat it.

Although, a few things I didn't like and put away, I took out later and did end up liking...

Comment #34

Thank you for the suggestions. I have a couple packs of eggs and capp and I was wondering how to change them up a bit. Never a lack of good info on these boards...

Comment #35

Love the scrambled eggs! Not so in love with Cappuccino but it is tolerable cold with coffee added. For the scrambled eggs..I add 4 oz water and some red pepper flakes and let sit while I get my workout in. Then grab my small omlet pan, spray with cooking spray and get heated up before adding eggs. You have to be on top of the scrambling process so that they dont stick and remove just before they get rubbery. Yummy with a little (very finely shredded LF Cheese and hot sauce...

Comment #36

Hi, new here, but I do the cappuccino as follows-2 variations on the same theme.

If you want it hot, take your 8 oz cold water, cappuccino mix AND one packet of SB VIA Columbia in a shaker and shake, then pour into an oversize cup to heat in MW. (It will foam over in a reg size cup) I heat in 30 sec intervals.

The powdered instant coffee makes it delicious for me, but I have been drinking soy milk for so long, I am used to the taste..

ColdSame thing, but add a little ice, or even better, in a blender with ice to make a cold smoothie shake..

This is my 2nd week on Medifast Lost 13# the first week, waiting for my next weigh in, I think about 2 lbs will be gone..

Seamariner in Seattle..

Comment #37

I agree with the many posts here that say the cappuccino is best cold. Since I take mine to work, though, I don't have the option of blending it. Instead, I mix it in my shaker cup and then put it in the freezer for at least an hour (usually longer), then eat it with a spoon. It's delicious!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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