How to lose the last few lbs with Nutrisystem?

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Hello everyone- I am looking for some advice. I have asked the counselors, but the same advice is given each time. Maybe this has worked for most, but doesn't seem to be working for me. From June 09 to Feb 10 I lost 35 pounds. Slow going, I know, but the Nutrisystem plan was working steadily. I had surgery in Feb and was off the diet for about a month.

But it doesn't seem to be working. I know "they" say the last 10 pounds is hardest to lose, but I am getting frustrated. Any advice from those that have been here?..

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Your question was: How to lose the last few lbs with Nutrisystem?.

I'm sorry you're frustrated Angela. Yes, please post a typical day (food and how often you're working out) and that way we can see if we can offer advice.

But, I agree, as long as you're losing, stick with it!.


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Congrats on your success. I haven't had to deal with the final 10 lbs yet... still working on the first 30But maybe there's an opportunity to change your exercise routine or increase the intensity since the body adapts so well to activity. I've seen Bob Green recommend increasing the incline slightly on the treadmill (not necessarily increasing the workout time, but intensity). Or adding more cross training to mix-up the muscles you're taxing so they can always stay in adapting mode.

Will be interested to see what others recommend...

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First - Don't give up!!!.

Second - Up your water intake.

Third - Be sure to measure your foods and log in everything you eat. I had become lazy in doing this and it made a real difference.

Fourth - If you eat out, as soon as your meal arrives, ask for a take out container, divide up the meal to take half home. Also, if you eat out you especially need to drink more water...

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Hey everyone. I follow the diet (almost) exactly. Here is a typical meal list. I usally break up the meals, so I'm eating about every 2-3 hours. I drink a ton of water, and maybe 1-2 diet cokes a week.


NS breakfast meal.


Protein is usually yogurt or egg whites.


NS lunch meal.

Small salad (peppers, lettuce, tomato).

Protein usually hard boiled egg or tuna.



Protein is usually FF cheese w/ dinner or tuna or egg.

Dinner time.

NS dinner meal.

Cooked vegs (onions, tomato, peppers).

Fat is usually peanut butter.

And I either add more vegs or have orange juice.

After dinner.

NS desert.

Sometimes I add in FF cool whip, or mayo, but I always keep below the recommended "extra" 60 calories.

I am someone who (unfortuantley) likes to shop for and eat the same foods almost every week, so the menu doesnt vary much. Maybe that's my issue?.

For exercise, I usually walk 4-6 miles 4-5 times per week and do a little weight training 3 days. My surgery affected my being able to lift with my arms, so that is slow going for now.

Thanks again for the advice!..

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When I got down to the last 10 lbs, here is what I did......

I started working out morning and evening. Yep, turbo jam in the morning with weights and Jillian Michaels at night for a good shred. (I did add in an extra protein/fruit in the afternoons because I was getting dizzy and nauseous about 3 o'clock).

I would also vary your menu. Your body is in a rut with the same food choices, tuna, egg or cheese and apples. You need to eat a variety of colors on your plate, each with a different benefit to it. Plus, you would get more fiber from a real fruit as opposed to the orange juice. I never eat my 3rd fruit..

Count your calories. Cut out the extras and stay to 1200. You need to create a bigger deficit. I cut out creamer and extras during this time, except a sf ff jello (5 calories).

Finally, break up your meals. The way you have it listed, I can't tell if you're breaking them up or not. For example, have your breakfast entree then workout then eat your protein. I have good success with this. Also, eat your heavier foods during the day. Eat dinner at lunch and lunch at dinner time..

The scale should start moving again..


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How many days did you work out twice a day...

Comment #6

Maybe a few weeks, maybe a month or two. I'm not sure, felt like forever.


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Hi Angela:.

The only thing I read is that folks trying to lose weight should avoid peanut butter. It seems like a small thing so I don't know if it will help. My aunt was a nurse and she said that whenever they wanted someone to gain weight, they'd give them peanut butter but this was in the old days before protein shakes and stuff..

Good Luck. I'm sure you'll restart...

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