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My question is: How to login to

My 2nd question is: A girl that I've been dating (online dating with for about a month sometimes accidentally sends me texts that are supposed to go to her sister. Here are the first two as examples:1) I deserve someone with moneynd cute. b-guy takes care of me he watches out 4 me listens remembers everything I say he helps me with f&$! he makes me laugh he there when I cry but we carry on awesome conversations augh no2) I totally hae to watch myself dont know why but I find myself being mean to b-guy. He totally tried to do what I asked lst night nd I shut it down?? I will fix it todayBut today I got this one:3) Ok I'm hving a huge problem with b-guy nd his money. Does that make me a bitch?She immediately texted me with an explanation. But without telling you how she explained it, I'm curious what you ladies here think she meant. If your sister or girl friend texted this to you, what would you say it meant?..

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Hmm.. Maybe she has issues with your generosity or earning potential?  In any event, if she is bitching like this after a month, I would wonder what she would be like when things got a little more comfortable?  More demanding?  Less easy to please? .


Comment #1

It means that while she likes you and doesn't want to screw things up, she has an issue with how much money you make because money is one of her priorities in finding a man...

Comment #2

The text messages she accidentally sends to me are supposed to go to her sister. Personally, I don't understand how that happens because I've never sent a text message to the wrong person. But it's harder for me to believe she would want me to read them, since they can be a bit embarrassing to her.After the last one, here's what she sent to me:"Sorry that text came out wrong. I meant that I feel like a bitch that I can not contribute more to help you out when we go out." and "Sorry I ws talking to my sister about losing my job nd I felt like a bitch 4 Not helping you out more sometimes. I am going to go crawl under a rock now."I just have a hard time believing that explanation...

Comment #3

What is this girls problem?? It makes sense to accidently send a text to the wrong person once maybe twice but any more than that seems like she's deliberatly doing it because she doesn't have the guts to bring up her issues with your relationship (thru to your face and lets her "texting mistakes" do it. Secondly, she appears to have problems with the fact you don't make enough money to please her. Do you really want someone that shallow? If she's having problems with the fact you don't make enough money to support her (1 month in) that just shows she's expecting someone to take care of her every need, her child's need and the point that she can't talk to you directly about it is also concerning... she has some issues with acting like an adult and just dealing with these problems straight forward. You don't need anyone to judge you beacause of your financial situation, you don't need someone immature enough to not be able to deal with these sorts of problems with you, instead she just bitches to her sister and nothing gets solved. You don't need that.

She seems like trouble....

Comment #4

B-guy, only one word comes to mind to describe this woman.....GOLDDIGGER!!! Run as fast as you can. Unless you want to stay next to a woman that you know the only thing she wants from you is your money and everything you get from her is pretend as a means to get to your wallet...

Comment #5

It's happening too many times to be accidental.  She needs to talk to you directly about the money issue.


Comment #6

I also don't buy that it was accidental. Maybe, but that's a long shot. Unless your name is Shawn and her sister is Shawna.By "I feel like a bitch for not contributing more to you" she's saying "I feel like a bitch because I wish you could contribute more to me"Knowing females, understanding the complete backwards mindgames way we can try to get what we want, that's the only way I can read it. She does want you to know she has a problem with your financial situation, but she's deft enough to know that beating around the bush and pretending it's her problem is the best way to address it. She's trying the guilt angle.I imagine that dumping her wouldn't be a terrible idea at this point...

Comment #7

I agree with this.  She's using "accidental" texts to communicate with you in an immature manner, rather than manning up and doing it directly, either by resolving in her own mind to appreciate what you have to offer, or telling you the relationship (thru isn't working for her...

Comment #8

I agree with others.

The "accident" thing might sound a little far-fetched or even a little nuts, but my girl friend told me she returned this guy's text a month later after he sent it, pretending that she JUST got the text (to make it seem as if his original text to her was a month delayed). .

I know it's not the same scenario but bottom line is some ppl are capable od doing these sh*tty and cowardly things. Dont put it past her...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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