Candida Infection Diet

candida dietCandida infections have become very common due to our current lifestyle. Many physicians have said that it is linked to being overweight. It has been reported that two thirds of overweight people are getting sick from candida.

So, how do you know if you have a candida infection?

Some typical signs are vaginal as well as skin yeast infections, and discomfort or pain during urination. Irritable bowels and gas are also common symptoms. Once you start on your cleansing diet your symptoms may appear to be getting worse. This is normal. Things will get worse before they get better. Your body is going to be purging a lot of toxins and excess build up all at once. So it may be uncomfortable. But bear with it, as it will soon be over.

Often these symptoms subside in a few days. You can also help manage your symptoms by altering how much of the cleanser you are using.

Candida or yeast is normally present in the body and this is healthy. When it grows beyond healthy levels and spreads, this is when the problems begin. It can spread to various organs in your body and also effect your immune system. Many women show signs of outbreak of thrush during their periods due to the fact that candida feeds on progesterone.

When you have identified that you really have candida, you want to treat the root cause, not the symptoms. A sugar and funger free diet has been found to be very effective in killing the infection. Eating herbal and organic foods is also very helpful in your diet.

There are many diets and products which can help rid your body of candida. The following are diets which can help eliminate it.

A diabetic diet is important because it contains very little sugar. All foods that are rich in sugar need to be taken in very small amounts or not at all. Cake, cookies, cany, ice cream, and soda should be taken with extreme caution. All things in moderation. You must reduce your intake of foods with artificial and crystallized sugars. The intake of sugar can assist in the growth of candida which is what you are trying to remedy. About three days of very limited sugar should greatly reduce the candida in your system.

White pasta, bread, white rice, and cakes are also prohibited. You should be eating whole grains moderately. Dairy products are ok in moderation unless you are allergic.

You should also look to increase the amount of essential oils you ingest. These oils include: omega-3 oils, fish oils, flaxseed oils, borage, anola oil, olive oil, avocado oil, nut oils, and primrose oils. You should try to take 1 tablespoon of these oils each day.

Do not take any antibiotics without discussing it first with your doctor. Antibiotics can be harmful to your system and increase the growth of candida.

Yogurt is also very healthy. Two to three servings each day is recommended. Yogurt contains acidophilus which is a powerful agent in the battle against infection.

All these things are very powerful for fighting and eliminating candida or yeast infection. However you should always speak to your doctor or health care professional before starting a cleanse. If you have any illnesses, diseases, or disorders one or more of these things could potentially cause a problem. So be safe, and always discuss these things with your doctor.

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