How to keep motivation during Medifast program?

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This is for the long timers out there. I've been doing this since January 15th. I've lost 58 lbs but still have 22 to go. My weight loss has really slowed down and I find I am getting really frustrated. I'm tired of the Medifast foods, I'm tired of dieting. I feel like I look so much better and I'm trying really hard to keep my momentum going.

All my reasons for losing weight are gone. I wanted to feel better, I do. I wanted to look better, I do. I wanted to be able to cross my legs, I can. I wanted to be able to walk and run, I'm running a half mile and walking 3 1/2 miles 4 times a week.

I'm healthy! How do I keep going?..

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I am not a long timer, I am only on over a week I guess I don't have a lot of experience in all this. I have read that some people adjust their goals as they lose, maybe you are good the way you are and can move on to some maintenance? Step up the exercise a little more? Maybe lose slower but be in a different mode. Just a thought..

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Only you can decide if you are where you want to be. My goal weight should be lower, but for "now" it is what it is. This is my measure of success as told by Dr. Phil in his book 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. Hope it helps..

"...pschologically, your get-real weight has little to do with numbers on a scale...It means:.

* You like your body & live in it with pride..

* You are happy & truly at peace with your size..

* You accept your God-given uniqueness.

* You treat you body with respect, care, and love.

* You like what you see in the mirror every day.

* You focus your attention on living well, rather than looking good..

....lovingly accept yourself..."..

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Setting mini-goals along the way and developing a strategy for "rewarding" and celebrating my successes REALLY helped me. Of course, I'm a shallow, extrinsically motivated individual who values things like new handbags, earrings and charm bracelets...LOL....

But seriously, marking the benchmarks along the way helps tremendously to psychologically propel you forward toward the next goal..

I highly recommend developing a "Reward Plan" for the remainder of your journey....

Hope that helps!!!.

Peace & good health,.


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If you're happy and healthy, why not start transition? Switching your body back over to burning carbs and expanding your food choices doesn't mean you can't still work on losing more weight... just not while in ketosis and it will happen a bit slower...

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I have been on Medifast for over a year now, so I can feel your pain about not wanting to diet anymore..

BUT, I think it's important to at least TRY and get to goal. I think the sense of finishing the job and that great feeling of accomplishment would be worth it..

I have been playing with the same 3-4 lbs for a month now. I decided that I am going to give it one last honest push for the next month. No BLTs, counting EVERY condiment, drinking much more water....things I was religious about and lately have let get away from me a bit.

I am also exercising much more and that does slow your losses as well...but exercise is good and a necessary evil..

I figure if at the end of July I am not at goal, I'll transition out. But at least I know I gave it my best shot and didn't quit b/c I was tired..

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps some..

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I agree with Angela. When I was within 20 pounds of my goal, I started getting frustrated, too. I kept going because I had made a commitment to myself to get to goal. For me, it was as simple as that. I made a commitment and I was going to keep it. It didn't matter as much to me that I had lost a great deal already as it mattered to me to accomplish what I had promised myself I would: get to a healthy weight and stay there.

And I wasn't going to quit this. It was for my own sense of well-being and gratification that I continued on even though I looked and felt fabulous. But I also knew that a weight of 190 pounds was in no way, shape or form a healthy weight for me and my objective was to be at a healthy weight.

Keep going. The psychological and emotional payoff are so worth the current frustration...

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I hit my first goal which was still not in the healthy category. When I got there I did a modified transition following guidelines set by the NS. I did this for about 3 weeks and have lost another 6 pounds. I am now doing 5&1 again to try and get down the last 9 pounds.

I looked and felt better and was tired of the routine (sort of). I have a hard time explaining what my emotions were at the time although I did know I didn't quite feel done losing. I needed a change of pace..

Now I am motivated again. I needed the "break". It was a mind game..

Do what feels right to you. And if you change your mind a week later, that is okay too...

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I can completely relate to this. I had been going strong since Jan 1st with absolutely no slips, not a single bite!, off plan until the end of last month. I had lost around 90 lbs at the time and then went on vacation with family that I hadn't seen since I started. It was wonderful hearing the praise, so much so, that I started to feel like I wanted to reward myself just for the week of vacation with some regular food. For that week, I ate 5&1 meals with the exception being dinners from Whole Foods which had a higher carb content than allowed. For the rest of the month, I have been OP around 80% of the time but have been indulging in "treats" here and there not so much because I have cravings for them but because I am just tired of eating Medifast meals all the time for months.

I allowed myself one more day off plan to close the month and now this morning I am starting strict again and I feel as motivated as I did on Jan 1st. So, sometimes a break can help but if you can manage some other way that doesn't cause you to go OP, I highly recommend that first! Good luck and keep your eye on the prize. We can all make it if we gut it out and remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!..

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Wow, thanks everyone! I am really hearing you, stick with it, right? I am hoping this slump is just temporary. I go to a center for my weekly weigh in and I think I just feel so much pressure. I haven't had a week where I haven't lost, but this week was only a half pound. I get frustrated because I am sticking to plan without any cheats so I'm not sure why it's not coming off faster. According to the center, my 80 pounds was supposed to be off by July 21. I still have 20 to go.

If I could take that pressure off myself, then I think I wouldn't get so frustrated. AND, if I could be happy with each loss each week, I might modify my goal and try to get below 170. Anyway, thanks to all of you!!..

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Dang I already feel this at day 9, will continue with these foods for the month because I committment and spent the money,but I have 8 days to decide since I'm on vip if I even want to continue with this...i so envy the people that do this for so long, HOW, I am already tired of shakes,bars and works I'm shrinking, most days I'm full but today I had to force down my meals, so wasnt liking any of the taste of any of it......

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