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My question is: How to instant message on

My 2nd question is: I had a huge crush on a guy when I was in high school. We both were members of separate bands for a religious organization. I lived in one city and he lived in another and after one particular parade we were in he came up and tried to flirt with me after learning from a mutual friend that I liked him but was too shy to approach him. I was so nervous when he asked me my name I was shocked and elated because I had been watching this guy from afar.I had a mouth full of mints and could not speak right away. He got mad and thought that I was ignoring him and left the room.After my shock wore off 10 minutes later I tried to catch him but he had left on his way back home in another state.I saw him a year later at another convention and he still seemed to have had his ego bruised and did not want to speak to me.I recently found him on a social networking site 25 years later and emailed him.I reminded him of who I was and my guess is that he remembered because I described how we (almost) met he told me I had a great memory.I got him caught up on my life since high school and coincidentally we now both live outside of the USA Things that I am confused about1)He said that he always wanted to move to the country where I live if he ever came back to live in North America. 2) He also asked was I still in the relationship (thru that brought me to the country I now live in.Should I take these 2 things as a spark of interest on his part?He has been married and divorced but am sure he is dating.This does not intimidate me because of the time that has passed I know things change...

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Well he lives in Japan but who knows if our paths will meet again.I have not heard back from him since last Wednesday.he is preparing to travel to London and Paris for a performance with his band...

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Well, he could be busy with his band, but hopefully you'll hear from him soon. In the meantime, are you keeping yourself busy and your options open?.

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There seems to be at least some level of interest. Definitely express interest in seeing him again if possible and see where that leads.


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Oh yes I am heading back to school this fall and am not reading too much into his last post. After all it has been 25 years and I am not sure if I would even like him to date. I am really comfortable letting things happen naturally. He has not seemed to be on that social networking site on a regular basis I can see the last log in date using was the same week of initial contact and it was really mystic that when I emailed him the first time he answered right away. It's like I picked the exact time to reach him.But overall I am happy for the response...

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Letting things unfold as they will sounds like a good plan.

Good luck with returning to school!.

You may like the "Work & School" folder on the Lipstick Lounge board - it's designed for women like you who are going to school, or back to school, and could provide great support for you while you're continuing your education.


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Yes it does sound like interest! Enjoy and good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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