How to improve the Medifast orange creme shake?

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So I had the orange creme shake last night as my dessert and I had to choke it down. I made it in my HM blender w/ some bueno. Any ideas on how to make it yummy?.

Thanks everyone!.


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Maybe try mixing some Crystal Light into it to change up the flavor...

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Use some sugar-free coconut syrup (Torani or the like) and add to your shake. Or mix a vanilla or banana shake in with it, it will count as two meals but makes it much more tasty. hope you figure out what works for you!..

Comment #2

I have tried both the SF syrups and the CL and I have to agree, the CL packets are the way to go. You only need to pour in half a pack, not the full pack but you Can mix strawberry in w your bananna shakes they are great that way, I have also done them in the orange and it is delicious as well...

Comment #3

I use diet soda instead of water...Diet Ginger Ale, Sprite Zero or Diet Sierra Mist was good for me. Diet Orange was just too "orange" for me LOL!..

Comment #4

I'm not a fan of that shake. I was kinda glad when I finished my last packet on Monday night. I did find it more tolerable when I didn't smell it as I drank it. I tried it with ice in the blender also, and didn't like it anymore/less that way so I just drank the rest of them with cold water. I'm sorry I don't have any other advice. It's really my least fav thing so far...

Comment #5

Here's my measly 2 cents on orange (for me it's strawberry) shakes. I made it with ice and it helped a little. I also make that one the night before. It seems to take the chalkiness out of it. I am finished with those and now have 7 (now 6) strawberry shakes to contend with. I dislike them even more.

I keep it pretty simple..I don't add all kinds of syrups or make pizzas out of tomato soup. I add cayenne and salt and pepper and that's about it. I joined Medifast partly because of it's simplicity. I don't have to think and I don't have to cook. I get creative with my Lean and Green, but the rest..I just open the package and down it..

Comment #6

Hhmmm...I love my orange dreamsicle shakes. I just wish it had a little more flavor, so this morning, I ordered some sugar free orange syrup from DaVinci's...

Comment #7

I add my Medifast drinks to cold sparkling mineral water, dont shake, just stir till desolved and drink. Havent found one I didnt like this way...

Comment #8

I like the orange shake with diet cream soda. (stirred not shaken)..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone! Love the diet cream soda idea!!! I'm gonna try that...

Comment #10

I couldn't stand the shakes cold, esp. the orange, so I made an orange shake cake. That is the best in my opinion.

Shake mix.

2 TB eggbeaters.

2TB water.

1/8 tsp of baking powder.

1 packet of Splenda.

Microwave for about 50 seconds or till no longer pasty. I thought it was great then...

Comment #11

Bake it as "cookies"... I just tried this with a strawberry shake and some banana pudding "icing.." it was awesome!..

Comment #12

I love this idea! Definitely going to give it a try - thanks!..

Comment #13

Diet cream soda for sure! Tastes like a creamsicle...

Comment #14

Hey Prettyagain - you said "Bake it as "cookies"... I just tried this with a strawberry shake and some banana pudding "icing.." it was awesome!".

HOW??? This sounds AMAZING!!!..

Comment #15

Under the recipe forum click on search and type in cookies..

I usually make mine out of dutch cocoa -.

1 Packet shake.

Water to make thick batter (have to play with it a bit you do not want it very wet).

Flavoring of choice (vanilla extract, sugar free syrup ect - I use actaully PB when I do mine).

Mix and roll into balls and spread out on pam sprayed cookie sheet.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees and bake for 8 minutes for soft cookies (There is also a version of 400 degrees 10-12 minutes for crunchier cookies. There are so many different ways!).

This would equal one meal. If you add more packets just be sure you make enough cookies to split per meal. (2 packets make an even number of cookies).

For icing: Add enough water to make a thick paste and flavoring if desired (some even add sweetner) that you would 'spread' ontop of your cookies before eating. Just make sure you count your meals correctly..

For example: If I make a batch of 8 cookies and I ice them in pudding : 4 iced cookies would equal one meal plus condiments.


Comment #16

I actually like it mixed with a chai latte packet and ice; or some pumpkin pie spices. You never know what works for you...

Comment #17

I love the "stirred not shaken" ... It sounds like you're making a martini! :-)..

Comment #18

With the orange and strawberry shakes, I add a little bit of sugar free jello powder, and a good bit of ice. After it's blended, it has kind of a nice artificial, candy-like flavor...

Comment #19

That sounds really good, I have used diet sunkist orange drink, and strawberry/banana fuze to mix the shakes..

Comment #20

I was inspired by all the people who add a little water to these things and make cake, chips, etc. This is what I did with the strawberry shake tonight because I have trouble choking that and the orange down. Mix about 4 tablespoons of water into it to make a thick batter. Spray a plate with a little cooking spray and press the "dough" out so that it isn't too thick in any spot. (I took some wax paper and pressed it down with this to minimize the mess.) Sprinkle a little Splenda and cinnamon on it and microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds. Flip it over and microwave it another 20 seconds.

You can either eat it like chips/ crackers, or I spread a little plain lite Laughing Cow on it. It was actually pretty darn good. I think I am going to try this with the orange, too...

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