How to improve Medifast Breakfast?

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Help - have been on Medifast for three days and have not found a breakfat tolerable. Oatmeal.

Is like wall paper paster, rubber eggs and medicinal tasting pancakes..

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Try a brownie for breakfast or a shake or ice cream!! those are some of my favorites for breakfast..

I am an oatmeal lover in general, and if you cook the Medifast oatmeal the right way, it's pretty darn close to most instant oatmeals. I add almost 6 oz of water and microwave 90 seconds, stir a lot, and then nuke another 30 seconds and stir and stir and stir again and let sit for a couple minutes. It always comes out great for me this way and nothing like a paste..

Maybe try some Walden Farms syrup with the pancakes. I love them like that!..

Comment #1

Hot cocoa (or cappuccino) made as directed mixed with my am coffee...

Comment #2

I usually have oatmeal during the week and pancakes on the weekend..

But occasionally, I like to have 4 oz coffee, ice, and the swiss mocha shake - run it through my magic bullet. If you don't care for coffee, then substitute water..

I also like to have a hot drink - cocoa, cappucino, or chai on some days - however it doesn't seem as filling to me..

If I'm in a hurry, I will grab a bar..

Hope you find something to get you through the mornings...

Comment #3

Just give it a few days also. Your taste buds will adjust and you will find that you can tolerate some things better. My first few weeks were difficult, but I found that if I just got through one day, then maybe all was not lost. Just give it one day at a time with your food and will be different...believe me! Much success to you as well..


Comment #4


I have had this every morning for the 4 weeks I have been OP. I love it...

Comment #5

I hate the oatmeal as oatmeal, but love I in muffins. Check out the recipe boards for many variations and give it a try...

Comment #6

Have you cooked the eggs on the stovetop instead of in the microwave? And take them out before they are done... they continue to cook slightly on the plate?.

It's okay to have non-breakfast food if you'd prefer? Fruit and nut crunch bar? Shake prepared in the blender with ice? Don't give up yet!!!!!..

Comment #7

Oatmeal Raisin Crunch bar and a cup of coffee, almost everyday for 14 months...

Comment #8

I also mix the cocoa and cappuccino with coffee for both the breakfast and mid-morning meal. Cocoa is awesome on it's own but topping it off with coffee makes me feel like I'm getting more. Not a fan of the cappuccino by itself but love it mixed with coffee. There was also a cookie recipe I found yesterday that I'll be using as breakfast with a cup of coffee to fill me up even more...

Comment #9

Oooohhhh try the banana bread recipe in this thread (Recipe thread). I made it yesterday afternoon. So so good. You will use up your icky oatmeal and eggs and have yummy bread in their place!..

Comment #10

I put a bar on a small plate (paper or a saucer), and microwave for 15-20 seconds. Then I eat it with a fork, taking small bites. Really good when you use a Cinnamon Roll bar or Caramel. If you use Strawberry or Oatmeal Raisin with the "frosting" on the bottom, I flip it over before microwaving. Satisfying. And goes great with hot tea or coffee..

I have made a bread using Cream of Tomato or Cr. of Broccoli soup (recipe), preparing it in a small round container (think: small margerine tub), then sliced it like english muffin and toasted it, sprayed with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Oatmeal, Eggs, and Pancakes don't have to be for breakfast only. It's traditional, but you can think outside the box.

But hold off on dismissing the oatmeal totally. Tastes do change after a little while, and I have made cookies using oatmeal and shakes together, dividing into two meals. Really portable food that way, similar to the convenience of bars. I bake and then freeze 'em...

Comment #11

I am a picky egg person but I have to say I love the eggs. I cook them in the microwave but less than the package recommends. I add a little dried basil and a pinch of parmesan cheese. They are light, fluffy, and delicious. Try experimenting with spices. As for the pancakes, make sure your pan is hot.

This gives a nice golden brown color. Let's face it...if it looks good it will taste better. Hang in there!..

Comment #12

A personal favorite of mine (I just finished drinking one!) is a coffee-chocolate pudding shake. Simply mix a teaspoon (or a little more) of instant coffee granules with 6 ounces of cold water. Then, add a packet of chocolate pudding and six ice cubes, and blend until all the ice is gone in the magic bullet (or blender of choice It makes a delicious, creamy mocha frappucino! And no condiments needed...

Comment #13

Why not have your lean and green for breakfast? Make an omelet with real eggs or egg beaters and add some type of green to it, like spinach, and maybe even a little cheese if you do the portions correctly. Its a great way to get your day off and when I don't have time to cook in the morning I make myself a glass of the hot coca...

Comment #14

I usually have one of the warm drinks for breakfast. When I do eat the oatmeal, it's always with the peanut butter snack option mixed in, and it's pretty good that way. Sometimes, I'll have a bar..

Some of the foods do taste like medicine to me, but I just remind myself that it is medicine, in a way, being a cure for my obesity...

Comment #15

So, who says you have to have oatmeal, eggs or pancakes for breakfast? Have shakes or bars, or hot drinks or puddings...

Comment #16

I just started a couple of weeks ago and HATED the oatmeal too, but then I found a way to make it taste great if you are willing to use a condiment. Try making it as directed, and after it is cooked mix in 1 Tbsp (half a serving) of Walden Farms pancake syrup and a dash of salt / stir. This improves the taste dramatically - I actually look forward to the oatmeal now and will be ordering more of it next time around...

Comment #17

I have a choc mint maintenance bar and iced coffee every morning for breakfast - yummy!!!..

Comment #18

I hear ya. This is my first day and so far...scrambled eggs (not good), oatmeal (paste), beef stew (not), and cream of tomato soup (lumpy). There must be a trick to the preparation because the first day has been nasty....LOL..

Comment #19

Microwaving the eggs are yuck to me, but I love them off the stove with a tiny bit of 2% sharp cheddar cheese and scramble them like you would regular eggs. Yum!..

Comment #20

There is. SOAK EVERYTHING!!! Preparing your packets and then letting them sit for a while makes a huge difference in all the Medifast products. It helps them dissolve, helps the veggies and noodles in the soups get softer, and simply makes all of the powdered products less chalky. For the eggs, I would soak them for about 15 minutes the cook them on the stove top. To me, they taste just like egg beaters...

Comment #21

Fruit and nut bar is my favorite way to go for my breakfasts. Easy to eat on the drive into work...

Comment #22

If you want to use up the oatmeal try some of the recipes but one think I did was take some PB2 and throw it in before nuking it and of course, I always mix up everything and let it soak... so add the water, and pb2 to the oatmeal, let sit for a while and then nuke.... you can mix it up overnight too....and before eating add some splenda or truvia...

Comment #23

Ha ha ha...I'm also a newbie on day 6, and have just started fondly referring to my Oatmeal as my "nutritional paste". I KNOW my tastebuds have to be retrained, as they have been far too fond of sugar, fat, etc., in the recent past. The early results I am seeing makes it easy for me to be affectionate towards my nutrional paste. I do tend to have a shake for breakfast, and then oatmeal or a bar for mid-morning. My next order has more bars and shakes than oatmeal, but I'm not writing it off yet. Blueberry and Apple and Cinnamon are my leading favorites...

Comment #24

Sassy, I love your attitude about the oatmeal. I too think of the items I don't love as medicine. I am not fond of the strawberry shake..I just downed the last one and now for the rest of the day, I have a bar, a brownie and some fudge that I will make of the cappucino. Delightful...

Comment #25

I'm at the end of week three and at one time had posted how much I too hated the oatmeal. I've given it another shot (a few days ago...) and now I really enjoy it! I don't need to add anything to it at all. It's great! I do mostly shakes and bars the rest of the day, but I love the oatmeal in the AM...

Comment #26

I liked the maple and brown sugar oatmeal but had trouble with the eggs until I tried them with a bit of cheddar cheese yesterday. That really makes a difference in the flavor. By the way what is PB2 and where do you get it?..

Comment #27

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