How to hide my profile?

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My question is: How to hide my profile?.

My 2nd question is: So I've had a FWB for awhile. I was interested in him long before the beginning of the benefits and decided to go for it. He told me at the beginning that he didn't want a relationship, so it was never a shock.  As for my question, I feel like things might be shifting a little bit lately. He did a "check in" with me for the first time in awhile a few weeks ago. I said everything was good, the only question in my head really was how long it was going to last and he basically said until one of us wants something different, either more or less. Over the last month he's really increased contact, we either email/text/see each other almost every day, 90% initiated by him.

Is all this affection/contact one of those things that women connect to some kind of emotion, but really mean nothing to men. I guess in short, I feel like something has changed lately and that I'm getting more/different attention from him. Is this potentially something, or really nothing?  I could just ask him, but feel like since he knows I was interested before that me asking him if he's interested now could be putting him on the spot I s there any way to bring this up easily? Is thee even any reason to bring this up?.

Thank you...

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Regardless of what this arrangement means to him or what he wants, what does it mean to you and what do you want? Does it mean more to you, do you want more from him?.

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Comment #1

It is your life and you should be in control of it...Put your big girl panties on and ask won't know unless you do, it does no good to speculate on what he is feeling now, never assume anything.Just because he might call more often or want to see you more, or is more affectionate doesn't mean he has changed his mind. He can do all that and still only want FWBBe prepared for either possibility, and I would advise, if his answer is still the same as before that you cut your losses now. Most women can't handle an actual FWB situation, their emotions get involved and they usually end up hurt in the end and wonder how they got there, when it was their own choice.Wouldn't you rather know than wonder? What if his feelings have changed, think of the time you would have missed by speculating about his actions...

Comment #2

Thank you for your replies. What do I want? More. I just hesitate to ask because I figure I put it out there (almost 9 months ago) and so it's kind of in his court. And unless he says something I can read all I want into the "signs", but does it really mean anything? In the meantime I don't really want to lose what I have either, it's fun, I enjoy spending time with him, and I like the "benefits". I would rather know if indeed he wants something more than wonder, but I guess I would rather keep what I have than lose it all... Weak I know...

Comment #3

If a man doesn't want to be exclusive with you nine months after getting to know you well and being intimate with you, he never will. It is better to get it out in the open now and know for sure, whether the answer is happy or sad for you, rather than keeping yourself in limbo and possibly wasting time that could be spent with a man who does want more of a commitment to you...

Comment #4

Yeah, in theory I know that is probably true, that I should just end it, just not sure I have the willpower to go through with it right now (but when will I... who knows)...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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