How to have free communication on

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My question is: How to have free communication on

My 2nd question is: I have been hanging out, my word for dating (online dating with I guess, with a man for a couple of weeks now.  He knows I am seeing other people.  I know he is seeing other people. .

Last night at dinner, he discussed a woman he is dating (online dating with long distance.  He was going off about how he isn't sure what to do.  I guess he finds her boring.  It was just a strange conversation in general.  I finally told him based on how often they have seen each other and how often she contacts him, that she sounds quite serious and he needs to be nice to her.  Not really great advice, but what could I really say..

We then move on for drinks after.  He gets a few jack and cokes in him and begins to say things.  He goes off about how he likes me.  I have to know he likes me.  He again mentions the long distance girl, and how he is leaving her for me.  I kind of brush a lot of this off thinking it's the liquor..

Or, was all this his way of telling me things.  I'm not really good at interpreting...

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I think at the very base of his thought process is the desire to make himself seem more valuable to you. If he gave up another dating (online dating with prospect "for" you, he believes you will cherish him more...

Comment #1

Ok, I guess not a good time to ask..

I never know what is up with men.  He brought it up over dinner.  Why?  Then he brings it up again..

I don't talk to him about my dating (online dating with life.  Why is he bringing it up?..

Comment #2

It sort of seems this response was meant for the other poster but it is addressed to me... Not sure.

"I never know what is up with men.  He brought it up over dinner.  Why?  Then he brings it up again.".

He brought it up twice because it was something that was on his mind..

"I don't talk to him about my dating (online dating with life.  Why is he bringing it up?".

Why do you feel that just because you don't talk about something, he should automatically feel prohibited from doing it? He's not the same person as you..

Let me ask you this: Have you told him you don't want to talk about dating (online dating with other people?..

Comment #3

Considering that earlier that same evening he hadn't made up his mind yet about leaving the girl, I wouldn't assume he meant what he said about leaving her. If you want to know, you can always casually ask if he's decided what to do about her.Since it's only been a couple of weeks, I wouldn't take anything he said about liking you too seriously. At this point, it doesn't even really matter whether or not he meant it. Feelings that grow that quickly can disappear just as quickly. He likes you enough to want to continue seeing you. Beyond that, you shouldn't worry about it...

Comment #4

He's leaving her for you? the two of you barely know each other and are both dating (online dating with other people. What about the people you're dating (online dating with - I guess everything is on the casual side which is fine..


How do youfeel about him? Why is he finding a woman he barely sees boring?? How might he soon come to view you ? .


Comment #5

2 weeks.Jack and Cokes.I agree with the eyeroller, LOL. Quit wasting your time thinking about it. If he means anything in real life, then he will make a decision when he's sober, and HOPEFULLY won't be rushing into things cause that's a bad sign, too. I still pretty much discount a lot of what my BF says when he's had a few; I mean, I know he means it at the time, but if it's really important I say "you know what, let's talk about this when we're sober." Seriously. It's been 2 weeks, you'd been drinking, don't give it another thought, PLEASE, it's just a waste of energy (and I mean that in the kindest of possible ways). Just go with the flow and see what happens and try not to overanalyze every little thing.

***If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)***..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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