How to handle Medifast setbacks?

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I've been on this plan since July 10th and have had (for me) exceptional results. But the truth is that I have not been using this plan in the "real world" because I wanted to have a lot of control over my weight loss. Haven't gone on a vacation, or done much socializing. Last weekend I had a barbecue with the right foods, but also prepared other types of foods for my guests. Eventually that evening, as I enjoyed the company of my friends, I drank some wine and had some of my own potato salad, and some bread with brie on it. (It was good!) The next day we went out in the boonies all day for my son's Paintball birthday party.

To cut to the chase, as of today, I have regained two pounds. I know what to do to get it off, of course. But I wonder if you others have experienced this kind of thing just as you are enjoying the benefits of becoming thinner, and particularly when you get away from the total control that is only possible when you don't venture away from home for most of your meals?..

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Plan, plan, plan. It is the only thing that will save you. If you know you will be around food that tempts you, bring your own Medifast food and eat that. Know in advance what will be at the barbecue or party, decide what you can eat on plan and then stick with it.

I actually get to eat very few meals at home. I just have to plan to bring my Medifast meals with me wherever I go, and time my L&G for those times when I can safely eat them out with people...

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Amazingly I do better when I am away from home. I have spent whole days out at the stables or on trail rides, I have gone on weekend long motorcycle rides with my husband, I have had BBQ's for/with friends and guess what? I have planned ahead and stuck to that plan better than when I am at home. I have packed an ice chest full of shakes made ahead and bottles of water and had fun fulfilling days out riding my horse, taking breaks as needed to have a Medifast meal. I have packed packets of Medifast shakes in a ziplock bag, packed that in our motorcycle bag and at pit stops bought a bottle of water, drank 1/2, carefully got that shake powder into the remaining, had my shake & hit the road. I have chosen my foods for the BBQs, or talked to the host ahead of time to see what they are serving, and taken along what I need to enjoy the company at the BBQ and have my Medifast too..

Because I have found that this advance planning works best for me, I have had days at home when I have actually fixed my Medifast meals ahead, put them in my lunch bag with an ice pack and steered clear of the kitchen. Is this maybe extreme? Yes - BUT - I had a successful day that day. Am I always successful? No - BUT - I know what I should do and get my plan in place the next time..

So, sauman - for a plan like Medifast to work - we have to think ahead, form a plan and then do the hardest part...stick to our plan. It takes practice, it takes do overs sometimes, and most of all it takes a LOT of hard work by US, because only we can make the decisions to do or not do. Hang in there, stick with it, and try, try again. Get this to work for you and you can come and go anywhere and still stick to your plan. Good luck!..

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Thanks so much for telling your experiences, everyone. You are doing it and I can do it, too. It's also really helpful to hear HOW you are doing it. But it sounds with some of you that being in the kitchen is the thing that derails you. That is not it with me. It is getting out of the routine I've set up and being out, about and socializing that seems to be the challenge.

I can't crush up ice cubes in the blender to make the shake palatable when I'm out. These are small things, but for some reason they can hang me up! I need to remember that I am not consuming meal replacements because they are fine cuisine, rather as a means to an end I very much desire...

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You are so right - fine cuisine they are not. LOL And I understand what you are saying about the microwave and blender. Can I share a few other tips I've used to "accomodate" the Medifast food to my days, locations, etc.?.

There is no microwave where I work, so I take my soups in a Thermos. Here's what I do to assure that the soup is still hot at lunchtime: I heat my soup on the stove (best way I found to get it very, very hot without microwave spillover). While it is heating I fill my small Thermos with hot water, put the cap on & warm it up. When soup is nice & hot I pour out the hot water, fill the Thermos & cap it..

Also - regarding the shakes - I have at times pre-blended my shakes the night before, froze them, and used them the next day as they thawed. Not exactly the same consistency as fresh blended, so you may want to try one at home first before packing up for a whole day.

Don't know if you use/like the Fruit Drinks, but I use them by mixing with Crystal Light Lemonade with 12-16 oz of water in water bottles, freeze overnight, and drink as they thaw. They are like a slushy this way. Also makes them very portable..

I take a Thermos of hot water to work when I am having hot cocoa or chai latte. Works for on the road too..

There are so many things that everyone does. Everyone has their own little ways of adapting to their situation. Don't worry, you will find your ways too. Good luck!..

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I have gone hungry in some social circumstances. Better that to me than going off plan. I am not going to starve for not eating for a couple hours longer than normal. BUT now I keep a shake mix in my purse at all times, haven't been anywhere yet that I couldnt' get a cup of ice water to mix it with..


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I was having the same trouble as you. If I was home I was fine in my little cocoon..making my soups and shakes and oatmeal cookies....It is what I needed in the beginning to make me stick with it..

When I started to venture from home I ran into trouble. I thought I would be away for an hour...which then became 3 etc..etc..that set me up to eat off plan..

Now I get the RTD shakes. I pack 4 RTD shakes and a bar and lots of water and off I go. That way if I go out and get a flat tire or end up in jail or something unexpected happens I am always prepared for 24 hours.

I have gotten to the point where I can even drink the RTD shakes room temp but in the past I have frozen them and they stay that way for a long time (sometimes too long).

If I could just figure out what to do about the bathroom situation when I am out. I am always looking for a bathroom..

Good Luck!..

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I also ran into trouble the first few times I went out somewhere and <whoops!> things took longer than I thought, etc. Now I always take one extra meal than I think I need, just in case. Or I leave my lean & green for being out I know I can find a salad and grilled chicken practically anywhere. I, too, prepare almost all my meals the night before just for ease, but I have also been in situations like at a conference, where I only had all the cold-mix stuff (no microwave in the hotel room) and had to cart around shake packets and water with me. Thank goodness for the small shaker jar!..

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I'm in that situation right now. I'm pretty stressed out b/c I've been missing my bars for over a week and not sure when they're getting here. I have a test tomorrow and TOM is in the house. So week 3 has been a complete bust. I was doing really well. I was doing well in tempting situations.

They probably think I'm a total snob, but I didn't feel like divulging that info. I said I was on a special diet, and I could feel the collective eyeroll. But I fell apart this week so I have to do week 3 all over again...

Comment #8

So funny lucy about the bathroom situation I too scout them out in new situations LOL Water in Water OUT.

Someone told me Failing to Plan is planning to Fail.

So I try to be prepared and have some meals in my purse, glove compartment and work desk (OH NO DON"T LET THE BOSS SEE!) hahaha So I can handle what comes up..

You are doing great and sticking to the plan is the easiest and best way to succeed..


Comment #9

I agree you have to plan and not be embarrassed to carry your own food around. We went on a cruise and I actually bought my own breakfast and lunch with me. It's very easy to get tempted, if it wasn't none of us would be overweight in the first place. forget what has happened and go on. You know what to do and you will do it. Good luck..

You know I like to carry a bar around because when other people are having desserts and stuff I can take out my bar and feel like I'm having something special also...

Comment #10

Vie20000 took the words out of my mouth: "plan, plan, plan!".

Here are my survival strategies for venturing out of the comfort zone. And I've been on two vacations, numerous flights and hotel stays for work and have even had to eat from a prison vending machine (I'm a crime reporter) and still stayed on plan!.

I carry one of those soft coolers in my trunk. In it are: unopened bottles of Galeo's dressings; individual packets of Walden Farms dressing; Splenda packets; RTD shakes; Medifast bars; Medifast pudding packets; tupperware jars, plastic forks and spoons; and case of bottled water..

When I travel farther than work, I carry my "spice kit" which has coconut extract, Truelime and curry so I can make the Thai version of chicken-wild rice soup. It also has orange extract and capella drops to add to puddings..

I also try to be flexible good, not perfect... if I need to eat 2 bars a day I do it and just count the calories, because to me that's much better than losing it over potato salad and pannini... Or I'll stop at a McD's and get a salad with grilled chicken and use my own dressing..

Finally, I decided early on, I wasn't going to worry about what people think... at a work conference once with meals included, I dumped out the insides of a turkey sandwich and made a salad out of it... At first I was embarrassed throwing out the bread, but then everyone else was asking me "Where'd you get the salad? That looks good.".

Hope some of this helps... you can do it, just "be prepared!"..

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Wow, just read this thread to the end a day or two after I started it. Great ideas and strategies, great stuff! Makes me want to hear more. I hope people keep adding more "How I Did It" information. My weight has gone down 2 lbs. since I first wrote, by the way. It's surprising to me how challenging it has been. I've been hungry the way I sometimes was during Week 1...

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I've been very open about being on Medifast because that initial judgment or curiosity subsides. People just get used to it and the surprise and/or interest fades. So I bring all my meals to work and eat during meetings if I need to. I pretty much work 10 hours a day, and I agree with the rest of the folks - planning is key..

When I'm traveling, I log in here a day or two before I leave to create daily meal plans. Then I package each day individually in ziploc bags, and I print out the weekly meal plan. I put each day's meal plan in the ziploc with the packets or bars so I know what my L&G options are to stay within my ideal carb range. Sometimes my L&G has to change depending on circumstances, but I always know what substitutions I can make b/c of my planning..

On a daily basis when just going to the office, I make sure to have at least 4 meals with me. I keep a few shake packets in my drawer and purse to be sure if I have to work late or get hung up, I'm covered. I keep a shaker cup in the car, and I am never without my water. I follow a similar regimen as others have posted, I create my meal plan on MMF the night before then mix everything up ahead of time. I bought 5 thermoses, and I make the cold stuff the night before and the hot stuff before I leave the house. I bought a great thermos bag at Target that holds 4 thermoses and 2 nalgene bottles.

I pack this way on weekends, too, even if I think I'm not going to be gone for long. If I have a whim to go somewhere, I'm tied to the house. I'm packed and ready to roll for the day. If I'm right back home, my meals are made, and I can relax..

You'll find the right combination of things that work best for you! Good luck!..

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This weekend was my 1st real test of Medifast in the real world. I made an icy shake ahead of time and ate it at the restaurant while my friends had lunch. Then I ate my bar later in the day while we were on a sightseeing cruise. I was happy that I had planned ahead. It made all the difference. I find it harder to get in all my water when I am out and about mostly because I am worried about having access to a potty..


Week 1 - 10 lbs.

Week 2 - 5 lbs.

Week 3 - bought myself a fancy new scale.

Back 2 School Beauties challenge 20 lbs gone by Oct 1..

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I have been open about Medifast since the start and I think that has really helped. I take my soft cooler (with premade shakes and waters) with me every where. I wont leave the house without it.

I have been to a lot of social gatherings and have managed to stay on plan. The hardest part for me was not partaking in the drinking activities but I have been able to do it successfully for 5 months and it has definately been worth it..

Planning is key. Be prepared and never let yourself get hungry.

I eat every 2 hours whether I'm hungry or not (I usually am)..

If I happen to be at a place where I cant get my L&G or I want to have my L&G at another time then I just have some water and/or coffee and enjoy the company..

The meal is always over in no time and it no longer feels weird to just enjoy the company of others rather than feeling like I have to eat because everyone else is...

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On July 17th I left for a business trip, planning ahead took 'best bread bars" and hot drinks for meals. Had a problem with no refrigerator and some spoiled before the trip ended. So I to regular foods I went. Ordered Sandwiches or salads for lunch and as mentioned, no bread and for salads always dressing on the side. I dip the thongs of my fork into the dressing, get the flavor in every bite and use only a teaspoon or two for a large salad. Drank all my water.

During the 6 weeks off plan ( stayed on the water) I gained 2-3 pounds, which came off last week along with three more. Even when off the plan it takes, commitment and planning to maintain. I believe that after I achieve goal and use the tools in transition and maintenance, I will continue to be successful because of the lessons learned during the weight loss portion of the program..

I wish eveyone a great week!..

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