How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

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Super Food As most females know, yeast infections are not pleasant to deal with. Many women experience this problem at some point in their lives with varying severity.

The most common symptoms that are seen when one is suffering from a yeast infection are vaginal odour, vaginal discharge that has the resemblance of cottage cheese, irritability, acne, chronic rashes, pain while having intercourse, inching and burning sensations, increased PMS related pain, feelings of tiredness or fatigue, muscle aches and cramps and sometimes even memory problems.

What causes a yeast infection is an overabundance of the Candida Albicans fungi, which is present in the vagina only normally in smaller amounts.

When there is a change in the vaginal environment, a pH imbalance or particular types of clothing that are worn, problems may arise. Sometimes, even an increased intake of sugar in the diet can cause some women to start producing more of this fungus, which then leads to a yeast infection.

The most common way to get rid of a yeast infection is by using over-the-counter lotions or creams that are designed to kill this fungus and get your vaginal environment back to normal again. Frequently used products include Monistat 7, Vagistat and Fernstat, all of which are most often available at your local drugstore.

The next thing you'll want to do is start wearing more breathable, loose fitting clothing. This is because as stated above, clothing can sometimes create the problem in the first place so by ensuring there is enough circulating air around the vagina, you can prevent the accumulation of the fungus.

Since the fungus tends to grow best in anaerobic conditions, the looser the clothing the better off you will be.

Try as much as possible to wear clean cotton underwear and avoid tight clothing. If you really feel comfortable, you could even go without underwear while in the comfort of your own home.

The third thing you can do, more to prevent the yeast infection from starting to occur in the first place is to make sure to keep the area down there as clean and dry as possible along with avoiding using excessive dyes or scents.

This means staying away from fragrant body wash products or scented shaving creams. After you get out of the shower, make sure you are always using a fresh towel to dry off with.

Also keep in mind that yeast infections can be sexually transmitted by both men and women so if you or your partner currently have a yeast infection, it is essential that you refrain from sex until you are recovered and the infection is gone or alternatively use a condom but beware of spermicides or lubricants as these can both aggravate the condition.

Finally, be sure to call your doctor the first time you have the symptoms that are associated with a yeast infection. It is really essential that you ensure it is in fact a true yeast infection before taking any over the counter medicines because if you don't, they can cause a lot of problems as well.

Furthermore, many of the symptoms that come from a yeast infection are also symptoms that signify an STD so it is also important to rule out this possibility as far as your overall health is concerned.

Two additional tips to further prevent yeast infections from occurring once you have this one cleared up are to ensure you are wiping from front to back after going to the washroom and then changing out of any wet swimsuits or exercise clothes (after you have been sweating) as soon as possible.

So relax in knowing that if you have a yeast infection, it is normal. About three quarters of all women will experience one at some point and they are perfectly treatable so long as you recognize the symptoms and take smart actions to clear it up.

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