How to get rid of plateau during Nutrisystem?

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Ok, I am looking for some help here..

I am in the middle of my second month..

My first month was awesome, I stuck to eating my plan all the time. I log every morsel that goes into my mouth..

I still do!.

Last month I lost 15 pounds! I was so excited! THis month... ONE!.


I still Log all my food, and drink all my water, and walk. Nothing is changed..

One week I chalked it up to the monthly visitor, but was diligent and determined that it will all move if I keep at it....

Still the scale doesn't move..

I had someone tell me to have a cheat day to rev up my metabolism, but I can't bring myself to going over 1200 calories!.

Any suggestions out there to bust up a plateau?..

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Your question was: How to get rid of plateau during Nutrisystem?.

Warm lemon water. Drink first thing in the morningCayenne Pepper pills. Ginger tea. Take a teaspoon of safflower oil before each meal..

These tips should help in addition to what the Nutrisystem counselor tells you...

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Talk to a counselor and go over what you have been eating with them. Your body is getting used to a routine. Switch dinner and lunch around; have your dessert during the day and a protien/fruit duirng the evening. Drink more water...

Comment #2


Record your program in more detail and we will troubleshoot it:.

1. weekly weighins (needed for trend analysis).

2. age/sex/hieght/build/weight.

3. last two days of food eaten (every detail).

4. last time you cheated (what eaten, when).

5. Exercise program..

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Maybe mix up your meals have dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner. Or look for non Scale related victories...

Comment #4

Change up your add-ins (fruits, veg and dairy/protein). Eat a wide variety of foods. Increase the intensity of your workouts...

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Add calories for a couple of days and stop walking for those days as well. GO out to eat, get some tomato sauce based pasta dish< skip the bread or have one piece without butter or oil, mix it up a little. relax and lighten up, you'll start losing again...

Comment #6

I'm one who really does not agree with the adding calories, eating off plan, stopping exercise, etc. That would never work for me.

I would go the opposite direction: More exercise, More on plan, Measure everything, Cut out all free foods, etc..

The lightening up got me to 230 pounds...following the plan keeps me at 125...

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I have read that the plateaus are due to a chemical imbalance from the diet. Do some research on Leptin Resistance at your local library. Dr. Leo Galland, M.D. did some very interesting research on this. You are eating healthy with Nutrisystem but there is still something lacking in the nutrition for your body chemistry.

You can do it by staying strong on Nutrisystem and with the exercise...

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You are supposed to be working, stop being a teenager...

Comment #9

What is considered a "plateau" and how long must you be at one weight before it's a plateau?..

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A plateau is not losing pounds OR inches for 6-8 weeks. Anything less is a "stall," per the Dietitian, and normal in any weightloss program.

I thought of a stall as my body catching up and the skin shrinking.

Not having any sagging skin now is my reward.....

Comment #11

So if you loose say, even 1/2 a pound or something in a week, that's still good right?..

Comment #12

You are all great! I really appreciate the welcome advice..

I called the counselor, and have since dropped one more pound. It is frustrating that now it takes 6 days to see a movement in the scale..

I NEVER eat off my Nutrisystem plan. Can't even bring myself to going over the 1200 calorie mark. I log what I will eat for that day and finagle the add ins to not exceed the 1200 calorie mark..

I am in this for the long run and am looking forward to loosing 50 more pounds.

...just wish it would be a bit faster than 1/4 pound every 2 days...

Comment #13

There was a time when I really related to your sentiment, BUT what I think I've found is that by it taking longer than I would have liked (like a year instead of a month ), it's given me a much greater opportunity to incorporate the changes I needed to make to maintain my success. And, I have to say that a pound here, a pound there, 0.2 pound all adds up and before you know it you'll have lost a significant amount of weight. It kind of sneaked up on me, maybe because I thought it was taking so long that I was too focused on the week's loss rather than the cumulative total. I think one day when I logged my weight it suddenly dawned on me that it was adding up...really adding up..

Just hang in there and stay on program and appreciate the little changes as the happen but don't forget to notice how they all add up. Good luck!!..

Comment #14

VIckie, Thanks for the note of response. My road is going to be a long one, and I need to appreciate the little steps as well as the big ones..



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I averaged 1.18 pounds per week to lose 105 pounds. Some weeks none, some weeks a tad more, some weeks less. But, by doing so, by losing at a "slow" pace by some estimates, I learned HOW to eat while I was losing in order to KNOW how to eat to maintain. I also, at 61 years old, have no sagging skin at all, anywhere. Slow loss, to me, is the best way. By far...

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Often times when I need motivation, I look for you and read your Nutrisystem story. I am amazed at your tenacity to maintain your weight. I have lost 26 lbs in 8 weeks, with 24 to go. I know I can lose because I have done so many times before, however maintaining has been the challenge. I will continue to look to you for inspiration...

Comment #17

I do not understand why you are regimenting yourself to a specific calorie limit. Unless you are eating the same things with the same caloric value, all you are doing is (1) stressing yourself out for no reason, and (2) having your body adjust to the calorie limit and not turn loose of any fat. Ar you actually depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs by focusing on a number?.

The Nutrisystem foods and add-ins are exactly what your system needs, and there will be caloric ranges from 1100-1300 per day depending on what you are having that day...

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I think what you are experiencing is normal or even above normal. Loosing 1-2 pounds a week is what it should be. Since this is not a fad diet and you're in it for the long run, accept that it will be a slow process and stay off the scale. Weighing yourself often / daily and looking for 1/4 lb. losses only drives you nuts. Weighing once a week is better and will make you less anxious...

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