How to get Medifast pudding to dissolve?

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Does anyone else have a problem getting the puddings and hot drinks to dissolve? I can stir and shake all day but I still end up with chunks of undissolved powder. I don't have this problem with the soups and oatmeal...

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I don't eat the puddings. The hot drinks I mix just enough water to make a paste and stir that real well, then just add the hot water or hot coffee...

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I had the same issue with the powders and discovered that if you put the mixes for the hot drinks in the shaker and shake them up with water they dissolve much better. I'm not sure about the puddings. I didn't like them enough to order more. Hope this helps..

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Hot Drinks: give them a good shake with cold water in shaker jar or better yet, a blender bottle (with wire whisk ball). Then microwave them a minute and a half or so and you won't see any lumps..

Puddings - use a wire whisk and whisk real fast - until your arms are tired! you will see it get nice and smooth and thick in less than a minute...

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First: soak. Make sure you're soaking your shakes for at least an hour before you shake and drink. Otherwise if that's not an option, or for the puddings, I add a little water at a time to make a thick paste, working all the lumps out, then I add the rest and stir...

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Well I've learned this I dont have a problem with the puddings, I just usually shake them and freeze'm like a frosty from Wendy's LoL. The hot drinks yea I had a problem with them, but just the other day I think I got it down to a science, measure your h20 then pour the packet in and stir and stir mash'm if you have 2 but dont let it boil...just enuff 2 it gets hot enough for u...

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For hot drinks, I have learned that if I heat the water up first and then add the packet, the powder dissolves a lot better...

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I kept hearing about people using the single serving blenders. Since I am committed to being on Medifast through the beginning of the summer I thought it would be a wise investment..

Wow! What a difference. I just made the hot chocolate and it took just a few seconds and it is actually creamy. and clean up is easy, not like using my regular blender..

I am looking forward to trying it with the shakes with a little bit of ice..

All of the other suggestions are good, but I am sold on my Magic Bullet..


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I bought the best little handheld frother from ebay for under $10. It is GREAT in anything hot or cold. And it is small, so I can carry it in my purse..

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I just find that a good Ceramic mug (20oz) and a fork. Whip it for a min. Perfect every time. No lumps. I really think the mug allows for good access and then when I put in freezer - great cold transfer...

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Pour the water in first and then add the powder, and shake. It will blend easier than if the powder goes in first.

Any ideas for cleaning the bowls after soup/oatmeal? They don't come clean in the dishwasher and I am tired of hand-washing everything after a meal...

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Thanks, Teri! I do shakes in the blender; no lumps but the taste doesn't improve LOL. I like the hot cocoa, but end up spooning the lumps out and losing nutrition...

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I make both in the blender and they've been fine...

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