How to get back on Medifast?

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I am doing great and today out of no where I do my normal. I was going home for lunch and pulled into taco bell/ kfc. I had intentions of getting the popcorn chicken to make a salad with. Anyway I went to order and got the new extreme quesadillas. I dont know what possesed me, but it happened. I got home ate it and my popcorn chicken.

Should I skip my medifast for the rest of the day??? I will be exercising twice as much this evening and am already almost finished with my 2nd 32oz bottle water. I cant take it back but maybe I can get back on the wagon somewhere. PLEASE HELP!!!!!..

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I'd stay away from Taco Bell altogether. Isn't that popcorn chicken breaded? And fried? I don't think it's something that you should be using while on such a restricted plan..

All you can do it get back on the plan and give it another try...and stay away from the temptations!.


Comment #1

Don't skip the Medifast meals - you need the nutrition. You should pretend like it never happened and pick up right where you left off.

In fact, a recent study showed that people who are successful at maintaining lower weights long term have that skill pick up and keep going like nothing ever happened. Don't use one bad decision to do something else or try to "catch up" or "make up" for lost time it was a pothole in the road of life is all. The journey's a long one...

Comment #2

Oh I have been there too! Good for you for owning up to it, counting it, and planning from here. Don't beat yourself up OK just move on. I think you should just get right back on track with Medifast meals, drink lots of water, and DON'T LOOK BACK!!..

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It is a bump that will slow weight loss for a couple of days, and MIGHT kick ya out of ketosis, but just continuing the diet is the -right- thing to do....

We've all been there at some point...

Comment #4

You made a mistake. Just start over. Don't use this as an excuse to continue eating today and starting over tomorrow. Sometimes when I want "fast food" I go to Costco and buy their roasted chicken and take the breasts only, remove the skin and weigh the correct portion. It makes a great salad...usually two or more... and it tastes great.

Good luck at getting started again..........


Comment #5

Have your Medifast meals. Don't skip them. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on keepin' on, as they say. You can do it...

Comment #6

I agree with the others, just keep on going and don't look back. If you try to "make up for it" by over-exercising or starving yourself, you could knock your whole plan off track, especially if it makes you hungrier (which might happen if you get knocked out of ketosis).

Just get right back on the plan so your body doesn't suddenly get the super-munchies... the only change I would make is to up the water if you feel like it..

I've fallen off a couple times on this journey and as you see, I lived through it!..

Comment #7

Boy there must have been some sort of gremlin out there today. I also screwed up royally. Started off with black coffee and a cookie at the early morning meeting. Then went shopping for the pocketbook I promised myself "because I have been so good". The DH came with and suggested lunch at the "tea room" so a cob salad looked like the lesser of the evils and I skipped the scone. Then when we got home I did some weeding in the garden for half an hour followed by another half hour exercising in the pool.

Then the DH made dinner. Was "supposed to be" seared garlic shrimp. Well the old boy found a "new " recipe that included (get this) TWO STICKS OF BUTTER for two servings. This he showed me after dinner. I really thought I was going to get violent!!!! On his Well I had a good talking to myself and said life will go on and WE will not make this mistake again.

And tomorrow is another day. (It will include as much water and exercise I can give it). So you aren't alone and the world won't end. Next time a gremlin raises it's ugly head we will fight harder. This is why these boards are so wonderful, they are like a life line..


Comment #8

Just get back on track immediately and stay away from the fast food places -there is nothing that is helpful at a fast food place - popcorn chicken is breaded and not a good option - YOU CAN DO THIS..

Comment #9

I agree with what everyone else said, just keep on trucking on... you'll get there. Don't beat yourself up too much - but learn from what you did.... Taco Bell was one of my favorite places, NO MORE! I want to get this stuff off and keep it off. I already feel so much better with what I've lost so far. Hang in there - you CAN do it!.


Comment #10

There's nothing wrong with you. You made a choice ( although not the right one). Don't beat yourself up over it. Just get back on the horse ( so to speak) and you will be fine...

Comment #11

Tdl0975, Hi I was wondering how you were doing today. I got back on track and my new Medifast shipment just arrived. I am having a party sitting here with my ice water and a carmel nut bar. Hopefully neither of us will have a day like yesterday again! Hope you are doing well today, too.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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