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My question is: How to get a VIP email on

My 2nd question is: I met a guy online we really seemed to hit it off ( three dates in four days) and have gotten together eight or nine times over the last month and talked almost everydayI thought things were going well but I have not heard from him since our last date using last TuesdayI called & left a message yesterday but got no response should I just let it go or contact him again?..

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I wouldn't contact him again.  You've already left a message...another one would be overkill. The ball is definitely in his court..

It's pretty common for men to just disappear without a word...I had a guy do so recently after nearly 3 months of steady dating (online dating with and similar things happen to friends and to people on these boards all the time, so don't think it's's not.  He most likely changed his mind about continuing to get to know you, but didn't have the courage to at least send you an email to let you know.  Who needs someone like that? .

If he does call, then you can decide if you want to continue to date using someone who would leave you hanging for a week without any communication..



Comment #1

I would not leave another message.  You've left one and not heard back.  He could be busy, but it's been a week.  There's really no point in even the "I'll assume you're not interested" message because I think you really can and should assume he's not interested at this point.  No point in elaborating it to him - if he can't give you the common courtesy of a phone call or email to let you know, you don't owe him any more than what you've already done. .

And Sheri is right, this happens all the time in online dating.  Sometimes it's a week, a month, 3 months... I dated a guy for NINE months from online dating (online dating with and he just vanished without a single word.  People are rude jerks sometimes but there's not much you can do about it.  Move on and if he should call with some excuse, then decide if it's worth it to continue seeing him..



Comment #2

I agree with the last post. Don't leave another message - A good rule to live by is if you're reaching out twice (or more) without hearing from him, it's too much. Let him get back to you. If he doesn't, that's a big hint you should take.I also strongly disagree with leaving a message that says "if you don't call back I'll assume you're not interested". Ok it sounds straightforward enough, but is it necessary? If he doesn't call back, you should already know he's not interested. And his reaction is not likely to be "oh wow she's serious, I really like her and I should call her back before she moves on" - It's more likely to be, "wow what a bitch, she can't even take a hint"(Just saying...

The other 50% is there for you to be able to judge whether or not he's as interested as you...

Comment #3

I only said that because I've done that before (by email) after almost 3 days of not hearing from someone, and got a frantic phone call 20 minutes later (we're still dating (online dating with and he's better about staying in contact now). But as I said, after a week I wouldn't even bother. At this point I don't think it would hurt anything. It's just unlikely to help as far as getting him to contact her. I like to send a message like that sometimes because for me it brings closure. It's more for me than for him...

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